Why should I choose to buy and become a DVC Member through DVC Resale Experts?

DVC Resale Experts is the prem-EAR DVC resale company based in Windermere, FL – steps from Walt Disney World Property.  

With over 26 years experience with the Walt Disney Company and over $200 million in sales, helping families create memories and achieve their travel dreams, DVC Resale Experts is the premier choice in assisting you with your DVC Resale needs.  Not only do we have knowledge of the DVC market, current trends, and the latest happenings at WDW, we have extensive direct DVC experience and a proven track record of helping our buyers experience Disney magic year after year, while saving thousands of dollars.

At DVC Resale Experts, there are no hidden costs, such as admin, transfer, or transaction fees. 

Our passion is helping families create memories, and achieve their vacation and travel goals. There’s nothing more magical than the memories we experienced growing up from our Disney vacations with our parents, grandparents, and all our loved ones. While working directly with DVC as Guides, we became experts in aspects of the membership that can only be attained by working directly for Disney Vacation Club.  We saw that DVC wasn’t set up to help members with all areas of buying and selling and we wanted to deliver an even higher level of service than we could offer working for Disney. We can now not only help members when buying, but also when members want to sell their contract, or even simply switch home resorts.  We’ll put our direct knowledge and expertise from Disney Vacation Club to work for you!

Our knowledge and experience working directly for DVC is your competitive advantage!

Please contact us for more information on DVC, our team, and all aspects of DVC Resale.

Are DVC Resale Members and DVC direct Members treated the same?

Yes, as a DVC Member that purchased Resale, you’ll be treated exactly the same by Disney Vacation Club Member Services, as well as all resort staff.  You’ll even be assigned a DVC Sales Guide.  Your points will even work the same for most aspects of membership.  If your Home Resort is one of DVC’s original 14 Resorts, you’ll have access to use your points at any of those 14 resorts.  You’ll also have full access to the World Collection Resorts through RCI.  You won’t be able to use your points at the new resorts, such as Riviera or Reflections.  If your Home Resort is one of the new resorts, such as Riviera, then that is the only resort at which you can use your points.  You’ll also not be able to use your points for the Disney Collection, which includes Disney Hotels, Adventures by Disney, the Concierge Collection, or Disney Cruises.  These aren’t an economical use for your points anyway.  For more on that, please read Saving with DVC Resale vs Direct – The Economics.

It’s important for anyone to know that Disney refers to these options as “incidental benefits” and they reserve the right to discontinue these perks to Members at any time, regardless of buying direct or through Resale.

Another important factor to note is that if you only have points through Resale and purchased after 9/17/2019 you won’t receive some Member Extras such as discounts on shopping, dining, the Epcot Member lounge, and other offers.  For details on these Member benefits, please read Fewer “Membership Extras” for New DVC Resale Members, but Resale is Still a Better Deal!.

What’s the right number of DVC points for me?

Every family travels differently, so your vacation lifestyle will determine the right number of points for you. To determine how many DVC points you should buy, consider how often you travel, how many nights do you stay each time, what size of villa will you need, what resorts do you prefer, and do you have a preference in your view from your room? When working with DVC Resale Experts to buy resale, it’s much more affordable to buy as many points as you want since the cost is thousands of dollars less than buying direct through Disney.

Through our training and expertise gained while working directly at Disney Vacation Club, we helped new members evaluate the right number of points to buy on a daily basis and we’re here to help you. Contact us here at DVC Resale Experts and we’ll help you determine the number of points that will help you get the most out of your DVC membership. You can also use our DVC Point Calculator.

What are the room sizes at DVC resorts?

Tower Studio:

This new space is the first of its kind at Walt Disney World Resort, offered only at Riviera, and is perfectly designed for two.  The unique rooms were created with both efficiency and luxury in mind.  There’s a pull-down queen-size bed that cleverly tucks away to reveal a lounge-worthy space.  Rooms also feature a cozy couch, abundant bathroom space, and a perfectly quaint kitchenette.

Deluxe Studio:

Deluxe studios are similar to a hotel room, however around 20-30% larger.  All deluxe studios sleep at least 4 adults, and many sleep up to 5.  They feature one queen-size bed and one queen-size sleeper sofa or pull down queen-size Murphy style bed, flat-panel TV, DVD player, a kitchenette (with microwave oven, under-counter refrigerator, coffee maker, and wet bar) and a private balcony.

One-Bedroom Villa:

DVC’s one-bedroom villas feature a private master suite with a king-size bed and a whirlpool or bubble-jet tub, a living room with queen-size sleeper sofa or pull-down queen-size Murphy bed and some with a pull-out sleeper chair, flat-panel TV, DVD player, fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer and a private balcony. One-bedroom

Two-Bedroom Villa:

Two-bedroom villas at DVC come in two variations.  A two-bedroom lockoff consists of a one-bedroom villa with connecting door to a deluxe studio.  A dedicated two-bedroom villa is the same layout as a one-bedroom villa, but with a second bedroom with two queen-size beds. This second dedicated bedroom will have table & chairs, a flat-panel television, a private balcony, and a full bathroom. All two-bedroom villas sleep up to 8 and many sleep 9. There are also some two-bedroom lockoffs that can sleep up to 10.

Three-Bedroom Grand Villa:

Disney Vacation Club’s three-bedroom grand villas are like having your very own luxurious vacation home at Disney! Every one of these villas has three bedrooms and three full baths. They range from 2,100 to 2,800 square feet, so they’re larger than many of our member’s houses. Some even have an extra billiard room or media room for those times when you just want to relax at the resort for the day. After all, anyone who’s been to Walt Disney World know’s what it’s like to need a vacation from your vacation. The spacious master suite features a king-size bed, master bath with a bubble-jet or whirlpool tub, and a separate walk in shower. The large living rooms all boast a pull-out queen-size sleeper sofa or a pull-down queen-size Murphy bed, and the two secondary bedrooms each have two queen-size beds. Many of these villas offer special lighting features, while all have a very large dining room for entertaining your entire family or a group of friends. They have fully equipped kitchens with breakfast bars, and a washer & dryer in the unit. Some three-bedroom grand villas are two-story units, such as those in Bay Lake Tower, overlooking the Magic Kingdom for a spectacular view of the fireworks every night, or at Animal Kingdom for stunning savannah views. These special villas that sleep 12 are truly like having your own home away from home at Disney.

Speciality Accommodations:

Disney Vacation Club has 3 very special types of accommodations you may want to explore. They  Please click on each of them below to view details on these exclusive options, perfect for your special occasions.

  • Polynesian Over the Water Bungalows
  • Copper Creek Cascade Cabins
  • Saratoga Springs Treehouse Villas

What does Home Resort Priority mean and why does it matter?

Home Resort Priority gives you a 4 month advanced booking window at your home resort. To clarify, your home resort is the DVC resort you own your points, where your deed is held. You have an 11 month booking window at your home resort, and a 7 month booking window at all other resorts. This means you can book a reservation either 11 or 7 months out from your check-in date.

If you own at multiple DVC resorts, you have multiple home resorts. You only have home resort priority for the number of points you own at that resort. You can bank and borrow points to have an 11 month booking window for up to 3 years worth of points at your home resort.  

Your home resort does not impact your World Collection booking window through RCI. With RCI, you can book reservations as far out as 2 years in advance.

Most members want their home resort priority to be where they enjoy staying the most. If you don’t really have a preference in resorts and are more flexible with where you’ll stay, or you typically book less than 7 months or less from your check-in date, home resort priority, home resort priority may not be as critical for you.

Some resorts are smaller, have a more preferable location, or are in higher demand, which can impact availability within the 7 month booking window, causing availability issues if it is not your home resort. 

To discuss your specific needs and get our advice on which home resort may be more beneficial to you, please contact our helpful professionals at DVC Resale Experts.

If there is no availability for a reservation, does DVC have a waitlist?

Yes, DVC has a waitlist, which can be a useful tool when availability is limited. Whether you’re not able to book the resort you prefer, or simply the room size, you can use your online DVC membership portal or call member services to place yourself on 2 different waitlist options. The waitlist is not guaranteed to come through, however we find it works out more often than not.

What are the annual dues for each resort? Do they ever go up?

What Are the Annual Dues for Each DVC Resort and How Much Do They Increase Over Time? 

For the answers to those questions, please see the chart below.  In the first column, you’ll find Disney Vacation Club’s (DVC) 2020 annual dues for each of the 15 DVC Resorts. In the second column you’ll see the percentage change between 2019 and 2020.  Lastly, in the third column, you’ll see the percentage change in each resort’s annual dues since that resort opened.

DVC’s annual dues are necessary to pay the costs of property maintenance, costs to renovate the villas over the years, and the property taxes. As a DVC member, you’re own a portion of your home resort, and the annual dues are based on the amount of points you purchase.  To give you an example, let’s say you own 100 points at Saratoga Springs as well as 100 points at Copper Creek. For your Saratoga Springs contract, you would calculate 100 points x $6.77 = $677.  For your Copper Creek contract, calculate 100 points x $7.45 = $745.  The total annual dues bill for your 200 point membership would be $1,422.

Annual dues can be paid in monthly installments by citizens of the United States.  If you’re not a United States citizen, you still have the option to pay monthly if you have a bank account on United States soil.

Member Tip

Some members like to say “My dues are free!” The Disney Visa rewards credit card is a member hack to offset your annual dues. The Disney Visa allows you to earn rewards dollars on purchases, and you can redeem those rewards dollars at Disney for your DVC annual dues, theme park tickets, merchandise and more.

Resort 2020 Annual Dues Growth 2019 to 2020 Inception to Date CAGR*
Animal Kingdom $7.67 3.1% 3.9%
Aulani** $8.33 6.0% 4.2%
Bay Lake Tower $6.58 2.8% 5.4%
Beach Club $7.06 1.8% 3.6%
Boardwalk $7.37 2.7% 2.9%
Boulder Ridge $7.78 6.3% 4.3%
Copper Creek $7.45 0.3% 0.2%
Grand Californian $6.60 5.3% 5.0%
Grand Floridian $6.56 2.8% 2.8%
Hilton Head $9.10 6.3% 7.0%
Polynesian $6.79 0.4% 2.5%
Riviera Resort $8.31 0.0% 0.0%
Vero Beach*** $10.13 6.9% 4.5%

When do the deeds expire at each DVC resort?

Every Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort has a deed expiration date that is 50 years from that resort’s construction date. Below is a helpful table for you to know the deed expiration date for each DVC resort.  One exception you’ll see is Old Key West, which was DVC’s original resort, built in 1991, however featuring two expiration dates of either 2042 or 2057. In 2007, Disney Vacation Club gave members at Old Key West the opportunity to extend their deed for an additional 15 years for the price of $15 per point, which later increased to $25 per point.

What is a DVC Use Year?

Your DVC Use Year is the date that your points are deposited into your membership account each year. The points are always deposited into your account on the 1st of the month for your Use Year. There are 8 Use Years at DVC. They are February, March, April, June, August, September, October, and December. If you need to bank points, your deadline is 4 months prior to your Use Year. Alternatively, if it helps you to remember it more easily the other way, your deadline is 8 months after your Use Year.  For a more detailed explanation of Use Year, please read What Does Disney Vacation Club “Use Year” Mean?

What does Banking and Borrowing mean?

Banking and Borrowing adds a great deal of flexibility to your DVC membership. If you have leftover points one year, or maybe you didn’t use your points at all, so you can bank those points to use next year. If you need more points for a larger villa or a longer stay, you can borrow points from next year. You have the flexibility to travel on up to 3 years of points at one time. There is no cost for banking and borrowing your points. 

If you need to bank points, your deadline is 4 months prior to your Use Year. Alternatively, if it helps you to remember it more easily the other way, your deadline is 8 months after your Use Year. The below chart will outline the banking deadline for every Use Year.

Use Year Last Day to Bank Points
February September 30
March October 31
April November 30
June January 31
August March 31
September April 30
October May 31
December July 31

How soon after I buy a DVC membership can I book my first reservation?

Since Disney will not give out your Membership number over the phone, you must wait for them to mail you a letter that contains this information. Here’s what the process looks like. 

Once the closing is finalized, Disney will take about 2 weeks to set up your new membership. At that time they’ll send you the letter with your Member number. Once that letter is received, you can log-in online or call Member Services to make a reservation.

When I buy a DVC contract, how long does the closing take?

The process,from the time the Seller accepts your contract until the closing is finalized, takes about 60-90 days. This 60-90 day timeframe is due in large part to Disney Vacation Club’s Right of First Refusal (ROFR) process. The ROFR provides Disney the option to take over as the buyer and purchase the contract at the price and terms you agreed upon with the Seller. Disney may take up to 30 days to evaluate the contract and choose to exercise this right. In most cases, DVC does not exercise ROFR and you are able to finalize the purchase. 

Once Disney waives ROFR, they send an estoppel letter to the title company to the closing documents can be prepared and signed by the Seller, and you, the Buyer. Once the fully signed documents are returned, along with your funds, the contract is closed. At this point, Disney is notified of the title transfer to you. Disney then transfers the membership in their system which takes about 2 weeks, and the letter is mailed to you with your Member number.

How long will it take DVC to provide me with a Member number?

This takes about 3 weeks after your contract has closed. DVC will send your Disney Vacation Club Member number in the mail. Unfortunately they won’t provide this to you over the phone. As soon as you have your DVC Membership number you can make your first reservation either through your online member portal or by calling member services.

Can I have different use years if I own more than 1 DVC contract?

Yes. If you have different use years, you’ll have a DVC member card for each one. With multiple use years, you can still use your points all together, however you must transfer your points into one account to do so.

Is it true that I have to buy at least 100 points?

No. The minimum number of points you can purchase in a DVC contract is 25.

When I buy DVC resale, what are the costs I should expect?

When you buy your DVC resale contract with DVC Resale Experts, you have only 3 costs. These are your purchase price, the closing costs, and your annual dues. There are no hidden costs or additional fees.

What are the closing costs when buying DVC resale?

If you’re getting financing, for the average DVC resale contract your closing costs will range from about $300 to under $1000 for purchases ranging from $3000 to about $45,000. If you’re paying cash, this will be a little less. We’ll be happy to give you a more accurate figure for the contract you’d like to buy.

I see the list prices for the DVC resale contracts. Are these negotiable?

A Disney Vacation Club contract is deeded real estate, and just like any real estate transaction, some sellers are negotiable while others are not. We’re happy to present an offer that’s lower than the asking price for you. Please keep in mind that the lower your offer, the higher the chance that Disney will exercise their Right of First Refusal (ROFR). The experienced professionals at DVC Resale Experts all have direct experience working for Disney Vacation Club as Guides, so we have the knowledge it takes to help you navigate ROFR and ensure you have the best chance of avoiding Disney buying the contract on which you’ve made an offer. We’ll advise you every step of the way and help you formulate the offer you’d like us to present to the seller.

What does Right of First Refusal (ROFR) mean?

ROFR, or Right of First Refusal is a contractual right that gives the holder, Disney, the option to purchase the DVC contract at the same price and terms the buyer and seller have agreed upon. If Disney Vacation Club exercises this right, they become the buyer and the third party buyer, you, would need to find another contract to purchase. If DVC does not exercise this right, you and the seller proceed to closing.

DVC usually takes up to 30 days to evaluate the contract, however this timeframe can be shorter or longer, depending upon the number of contracts DVC has to review. 

Disney may choose to buy the contract themselves, and once they do so, you will not have an opportunity to raise your offer to a level that gives you the chance to move forward and be the buyer. If you don’t want to risk Disney exercising their ROFR and buy the contract, your offer must be high enough to avoid this possibility.

Can I get financing to buy DVC resale?

Yes, and it’s even possible to finance with no credit check! Buying DVC resale has many financing options to provide the flexibility you need. DVC Resale Experts recommends primarily 3 resale lenders that offer competitive terms for financing your DVC resale contract. These are Vacation Club Loans, Timeshare Lending, and Monera Financial. Monera Financial is the main lender for all contracts at a DVC Resort based in Florida, and they don’t require a credit check. Loans for DVC Resorts not based in Florida are offered by Timeshare Lending, and Vacation Club Loans offers financing on every DVC Resort. For more information on financing a DVC Resale purchase, please click here.

Can I buy from home or do I have to come to Florida to buy DVC resale?

You do not have to come to Florida for your closing, in fact, almost every closing with DVC Resale Experts is done as a “mail out”, meaning via email and FedEx.