Picture a magical Disney vacation at your home away from home, one that includes the perks of being a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member (Larger & more comfortable accommodations, the comforts of home, Top of the World Lounge, pool hopping, complimentary parking, etc.) as well as all the benefits you receive when staying on Disney property (Extra Magic Hours, Magical Express, Transportation between Disney theme parks, Disney Springs and all Walt Disney World Resorts & Hotels).

These magical Disney experiences don’t have to cost you a fortune. As a DVC member, Disney accommodations are offered to you at extremely discounted rates of around 70% off Disney’s rental rates. You’ll experience Disney vacations with huge savings, as well as the exclusive perks that come with DVC membership.

Typically, DVC members break even after only 5 to 7 vacations. And if you purchase your membership via DVC resale, you’ll hit the break-even point much sooner since your purchase price through DVC resale would be significantly lower than direct. In fact, buying your points through DVC resale costs around 30% to 50% less than when you buy direct.

Here are some other benefits for savings when buying a DVC resale contract:

  • Unlike a conventional stay at a hotel or resort, DVC members don’t pay a resort tax. In Orange County, Florida, this saves you 12.5%. Disney Vacation Club members automatically accrue savings that can be better used on other vacation activities.
  • As a DVC member, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your points are not subject to currency exchange. When you’re traveling outside of the US, through the RCI exchange network, you don’t have to consider currency fluctuations.
  • Members create a legacy of Disney vacation savings they can pass down to their family.  This “legacy factor” allows your future generations to experience all of the Disney Vacation Club perks and savings  for years to come.
  • What’s better than the instant savings you experience with DVC membership? Creating a hedge against inflation!  Disney hotel and resort rental prices tend to double every 10 years.  Today, deluxe resort prices are roughly $500 per night for a hotel room. 10 years from now, make that $1000 per night.  In 20 years, $2000 per night. At this rate, in 20 years, just 5 nights in a deluxe resort could be the same cost you pay for your DVC membership today.

DVC membership makes sense on so many levels, with exclusive benefits and great savings, but why should you purchase Resale?

Compare for yourself. The savings is substantial.  DVC Resale Experts will save you thousands compared to buying direct. The table below shows the comparison between current DVC resale prices versus direct.

Resort Resale (Based on 2019 / 2020 Avg. Resale Data) Direct* (Disney Vacation Development) Difference Per Point (Direct – Resale) Percentage Savings with Resale
Animal Kingdom $109 $186 $77 41%
Aulani $98 $193 $95 49%
Bay Lake Tower $143 $235 $92 39%
Beach Club $150 $235 $85 36%
Boardwalk $126 $200 $74 37%
Boulder Ridge $96 $186 $90 48%
Copper Creek $150 $220 $70 32%
Grand Californian $205 $280 $75 27%
Grand Floridian $165 $255 $90 35%
Hilton Head $72 $135 $63 47%
Old Key West $100 $165 $65 39%
Polynesian $146 $245 $99 40%
Riviera Resort** $130 $195 $65 33%
Saratoga Springs $107 $165 $58 35%
Vero Beach $62 $120 $58 48%

*Direct prices referenced are DVC’s published rates and do not account for DVC direct promotional discounts.

Disney Vacation Club Resale Restrictions

Disney Vacation Club resale contracts can save you thousands of dollars as opposed to buying direct, but some restrictions apply. Here at DVC Resale Experts, we find the use of points for the restricted options to be a very bad value, so resale members aren’t missing out on much at all.

Disney Cruises, Disney hotels (that are not DVC villas), Adventures by Disney tours, as well as the Concierge Collection are no longer available to DVC members, as Disney considers access to these offerings as “incidental benefits”, and has the right to withdraw them as the company sees fit, regardless of whether it’s a resale or direct purchase.

Potential DVC resale members should not be discouraged by these restrictions.  They’re not a good value at all. Due to the rates of points exchange for Disney properties outside of DVC resorts as well as other options, such as the Disney Cruises, members will actually pay more when using points rather than paying cash.  Therefore, this restriction of points usage for The Disney Collection does not negatively impact the DVC resale member. The financial benefits of buying resale far outweigh the restrictions.  For a detailed explanation of this, please reference DVC Resale Restrictions – Limited Membership Extras for New DVC Resale Members, but Resale is Still a Better Deal!

If you buy a DVC resale contract and already have DVC’s incidental benefits, also known as Disney Vacation Club Membership Extras, you will not lose any of these benefits. If you do not have these DVC Membership Extras already and buy resale, you are not eligible for certain benefits such as Member discounts on dining and shopping, Member-exclusive events and other offers. To find out more about these incidental benefits, please visit our blog post on the topic.

From January 19, 2019, onwards, only DVC members who buy direct will have access to all current and future DVC resorts when using their points. Members with resale contracts at any of the 14 DVC resorts opened prior to 2019 will only be able to exchange their Vacation Points for those 14 resorts, known as Disney Vacation Club’s classic resorts.  Members who’ve purchased DVC resale at any of the new resorts opened after 2019, such as Disney’s Riviera Resort or Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge, will only be able to use those points to book at their home resort. For more in-depth information about these DVC resale restrictions, please reference this blog post titled DVC’s 2019 Resale Restrictions and How it Affects You.

For questions and clarification regarding the benefits of buying DVC Resale and how restrictions may impact you, please reach out to one of the friendly guides at DVC Resale Experts by calling 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267), or email us at Info@DVCResaleExperts.com.