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Want to Plan Disney Vacations for a Living? Here’s How to Become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

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Disney vacations are magical, and there’s nothing quite like seeing families and friends experience the joy of Disney’s theme parks and resorts. If you love everything Disney and have a knack for planning, becoming an authorized Disney vacation planner might be your dream job.

As an authorized Disney vacation planner or Disney travel agent, you can plan magical vacations for clients, including booking resort stays, park tickets, dining reservations, and more.

You’ll also have access to exclusive tools and resources to help you plan the perfect Disney vacation for your clients.

So if you’re ready to turn your love for Disney and planning into a career, keep reading to learn more about how to become a Disney travel planner.

The Requirements To Become An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

If you’ve ever been to a Disney theme park, you know just how magical and enchanting the experience can be. From thrilling rides to delicious snacks and world-class entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

If you want to help others plan their magical Disney vacations, becoming an authorized Disney vacation planner may be your perfect career. But before you can start planning the perfect trip, there are certain requirements you’ll need to meet. Let’s look at what it takes to become a Disney travel agent.

Disney Travel Company Requirements

To become a Disney travel agent, you must first be affiliated with a Disney Travel Company. This could be a travel agency specializing in Disney vacations, or you could start your own Disney travel agency and apply to become a travel agent.

Regardless of your chosen route, you must demonstrate that you have experience in the travel industry and the credentials to operate a travel agency.

Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Program Requirements

Once affiliated with a Disney Travel Company, you must meet the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Program requirements. This program is designed to ensure that all Authorized Disney Vacation Planners have the knowledge of Disney needed to plan and book vacations for their clients.

The program includes several components: completing online training courses, attending webinars and workshops, and passing a final exam. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you have experience booking Disney vacations and have met certain sales goals.

Steps To Becoming An Authorized Disney Travel Agent

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Now that you understand the requirements let’s dive into the steps you’ll need to take to make your dream a reality.

Step 1: Complete the Application Process

The first step in becoming an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner is to complete the application process. This involves applying to become affiliated with a Disney Travel Company.

You’ll need to provide details about your experience in the travel industry, your qualifications to operate a travel agency, and any relevant certifications or licenses you hold.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Complete the Training Program

The next step is to complete the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Program training – you can access this on their website. This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to plan and book Disney vacations for your clients. You’ll learn about the Disney theme parks and resorts and the various vacation packages and experiences available to guests.

The training program includes online courses, webinars, and workshops. You’ll need to complete all required coursework and demonstrate a solid understanding of the material.

Step 3: Pass the Disney College of Knowledge

After you’ve completed the training program, you’ll need to pass the Disney College of Knowledge. This is a comprehensive exam that tests your knowledge of all things Disney. You’ll need to demonstrate a deep understanding of the various Disney parks, resorts, and vacation packages and the policies and procedures for booking and managing client vacations.

Don’t worry, though – with the knowledge you’ve gained through the training program, you’ll be well-prepared to ace the exam.

Step 4: Complete the Sales Component

Completing the sales component is the final step in becoming an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. This involves demonstrating that you have the sales skills necessary to succeed as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. You’ll need to meet certain sales goals and demonstrate that you can effectively communicate with clients and provide excellent customer service.

By completing the sales component, you’ll not only become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner but also be well on your way to building a successful career in the travel industry.

Bonus: Tips For Success As An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

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Once you’ve completed the steps to become an authorized planner, your journey doesn’t end there. To succeed in this career, you must go above and beyond for your clients and continually improve your skills and knowledge.

Here are some bonus tips for success as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner:

Build Your Network

One of the keys to success as a Disney travel planner is building a strong network of clients and industry contacts. Attend industry events and conferences, join travel-related organizations, and always be on the lookout for new opportunities to connect with potential clients. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so make sure your clients are happy and willing to refer you to other people.

Stay Up-to-Date on Disney News and Trends

Disney is constantly evolving and introducing new attractions, experiences, and policies. As an Authorized Disney Planner, staying current on all the latest news and trends is important. This will allow you to provide your clients with the most accurate and relevant information and offer them unique and exciting vacation experiences.

Personalize Your Service

No two clients are exactly alike, and as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, it’s important to recognize and embrace this fact. Take the time to get to know your clients, their interests, and their preferences, and tailor your recommendations and service accordingly. This personalized approach will not only help you stand out from the competition, but it will also lead to happier and more satisfied clients.

Be Passionate About Disney

Finally, to succeed as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, you must be passionate about everything Disney does. Your clients will look to you for guidance and recommendations, so you must have deep knowledge and love of Disney. Embrace your inner Disney fan and let your passion shine through in all your client interactions.


In conclusion, becoming an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner is a dream career for many Disney enthusiasts, and with dedication and hard work, it can become a reality. By following the outlined steps, meeting the requirements, and incorporating the tips for success, you can provide exceptional service and create magical experiences for your clients.

So why not leap and turn your passion for Disney into a career allowing you to make dreams come true? The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are truly priceless.


What is an authorized Disney vacation planner?

An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner is a travel agent who has completed the training and certification process required by the Disney Travel Company. They know Disney destinations and can provide customized vacation planning services to their clients.

How long does the whole process take to become one?

The time it takes to become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner can vary depending on factors such as the time it takes to complete the training program and the availability of training sessions. However, on average, the process can take several months to a year.

Can I become an authorized Disney vacation planner if I don't have any travel planning experience?

While having travel planning experience can be helpful, becoming an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner is not always required. The most important thing is to have a passion for Disney and a desire to provide exceptional service to your clients. With the proper training and certification, anyone can become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

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