DVC Annual Dues

What Are the Annual Dues for Each DVC Resort and How Much Do They Increase Over Time?

For the answers to those questions, please see the chart below.  In the first column, you’ll find Disney Vacation Club’s (DVC) 2021 annual dues for each of the 15 DVC Resorts. In the second column you’ll see the 2020 annual dues.  In the third column you’ll see the percentage change between 2020 and 2021.  Lastly, in the fourth column, you’ll see the CAGR, or average yearly percentage change in each resort’s annual dues since that resort opened.

Why Does DVC Have Annual Dues?

DVC’s annual dues are necessary to pay the operating costs, such as front desk Cast Member salaries & benefits, property maintenance, theme park transportation, costs to renovate the villas over the years, and the property taxes. As a DVC member, you own a portion of your home resort, and the annual dues are based on the amount of points you purchase.

Given the inflationary nature of our economy, one should expect dues to rise approximately 3-5% per year. Cast Member salaries and benefits make up about 75% of the operational costs covered by the dues, while insurance, property taxes and fuel also make up a large part of the cost, all of which continually rise. Now, a 3-5% increase year after year may be significant, the increase in rates for paying cash to stay at Disney resorts greatly outpaces the rate of increase in dues.

To give you an example of what you’ll pay in annual dues as a DVC Member, let’s say you own 100 points at Saratoga Springs as well as 100 points at Copper Creek. For your Saratoga Springs contract, you would calculate 100 points x $7.11 = $711.  For your Copper Creek contract, calculate 100 points x $7.59 = $759.  The total annual dues bill for your 200 point membership would be $1,470.

Annual dues can be paid in monthly installments by citizens of the United States.  If you’re not a United States citizen, you still have the option to pay monthly if you have a bank account on United States soil.

Member Tip

Some members like to say “My dues are free!” The Disney Visa rewards credit card is a member hack to offset your annual dues. The Disney Visa allows you to earn rewards dollars on purchases, and you can redeem those rewards dollars at Disney for your DVC annual dues, theme park tickets, merchandise and more.

Resort 2021 Annual Dues 2020 Annual Dues Increase 2020 to 2021 Inception to Date CAGR*
Animal Kingdom $8.07 $7.67 5.27% 4.07%
Aulani** $8.35 $8.33 0.27% 3.84%
Bay Lake Tower $6.90 $6.58 4.91% 5.40%
Beach Club $7.44 $7.06 5.29% 3.64%
Boardwalk $7.81 $7.37 6.07% 3.03%
Boulder Ridge $8.11 $7.78 4.18% 3.91%
Copper Creek $7.59 $7.45 1.92% 0.88%
Grand Californian $6.99 $6.60 5.97% 5.16%
Grand Floridian $6.81 $6.56 3.81% 2.91%
Hilton Head $9.97 $9.10 9.58% 4.70%
Old Key West $8.36 $7.84 6.65% 4.09%
Polynesian $7.05 $6.79 3.87% 2.67%
Riviera Resort $8.38 $8.31 0.90% 0.45%
Saratoga Springs $7.11 $6.77 5.11% 3.75%
Vero Beach*** $11.23 $10.13 10.91% 4.23%

*Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is the year over year growth rate of the dues over a multiple-year period.

**Aulani Contracts that originated pre-July 6th, 2011 have dues in 2021 of $6.28/pt.

***Vero Contracts that originated pre-January 1st, 1996 have dues in 2021 of $8.86/pt.


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