Your Hassle-Free Way to Sell Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

Selling your ownership interest in Disney Vacation Club (DVC) much easier than you might expect. Not only is the selling process hassle-free when you leave it to DVC Resale Experts, your DVC sale will reap you higher resale value than other brands in the timeshare resale market. If you’ve been a DVC member for several years, you may even be able to sell for more than you originally paid. When you sell with DVC Resale Experts, you’re in great hands, as our team members are all former Disney Vacation Club Guides, and our owner, Theresa Seitz, has been a DVC Member since 2004.

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What’s Your DVC Contract Worth?

Calculate the Estimated Value of Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

Before you list your DVC Contract, surely you want to know the estimated value of your Disney Vacation Club membership.  We can help you with that. All you need to do is to input your home resort details, the Use Year of your contract, the number of points you own, and the current point availability. We’ll take care of the calculations and provide you with an approximate value of your DVC membership.

Alternatively, if you’d rather talk to one of our friendly team members at DVC Resale Experts, please contact us today.

Current Point Availability Status.

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Different Ways to Sell Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

Whether you’re interested in listing your Disney Vacation Club contract to reach the largest pool of buyers in order to receive the highest possible selling price, or you need to sell your DVC membership right away, DVC Resale Experts will ensure that the process is as simple, efficient, and stress-free as it should be.

Whichever option is right for you and your family, with our years of experience and extensive knowledge in both the DVC Market and as real-estate professionals, you can rest assured that you are leaving your DVC contract in the hands of experts committed to giving you the best DVC resale experience.

Two Flexible Options to Sell Your DVC Membership

  • Send Us a DVC Contract Listing request
    If you know you’re ready to sell your DVC membership, please fill in the form below with your basic DVC contract details and your contact information. We’ll begin working for you immediately. This opens up your DVC contract for the consideration of all buyers in the resale market, and helps you achieve the highest possible sales price.
  • Request an Instant Sale Offer
    If an immediate sale is what you need, we have you covered. While you will not get as much as the price that we would recommend listing it for in the resale market, this option guarantees you the peace of mind of knowing that you can sell your contract directly to us without waiting to receive offers. Click on Instant Sale for more details.

Timeframe for Disney Vacation Club Contracts to Sell

Almost all Disney Vacation Club resale contract listings sell in about one month, and if it does not, DVC Resale Experts will advise on the next best steps, which sometimes involve a recommendation of a price adjustment on your listing. Of course, that call is always yours to make.

Once an offer is made and terms have been agreed-upon between you and the buyer, our team will draft a contract, which will be submitted to Disney for processing once both parties have signed.

It takes between 60 and 90 days before Disney finalizes the contract and makes the points transfer. This process includes Disney’s Right of First Refusal (RoFR) review, the time needed for the title company to receive the estoppel from Disney and issue closing documents, and lastly, signatures on all documents and the transfer of funds to finalize this transaction.

Disney Vacation Club Resale Process and Timeline

A step-by-step guide to your Disney Vacation Club Membership resale process with DVC Resale Experts.

Choose from two flexible selling options: 1) List your DVC contract, or 2) Sell it instantly. Unsure of which is the ideal method for you? Talk to us at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at

We work with you to list your DVC contract or quote you a price for your instant sale.

You, the seller, accept an offer once terms have been agreed upon with the buyer.

The contract is submitted for Right of First Refusal (ROFR) review with Disney. The ROFR process is where Disney is able to decide if they want to purchase your resale contract with the price and terms that you and the buyer agreed upon, and can take up to 30 days.

Disney will decide whether to purchase your contract or waive their ROFR. A waived contract equals a successful resale between the seller and the original buyer. Conversely, if Disney purchases the resale contract, then Disney becomes the buyer. Either way, you have a sale.

If Disney waives the contract, an estoppel is sent to the title company, which will then issue the closing documents. On the other hand, if Disney becomes the buyer of your resale contract, Disney will prepare the closing documents.

The sale of your DVC contract is closed, the deeded real estate interest is recorded with the county and Disney finalizes the point transfer.

Congratulations! You’re paid on your DVC sale!

Questions about selling your DVC contract? We’re here to help! Contact one of our helpful Guides at DVC Resale Experts by calling 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at


Choosing the Right Disney Vacation Club Resale Brokerage

How does a Disney Vacation Club Resale Broker like us benefit you, the seller, and why is it necessary? The Walt Disney Company does not have its own resale department, and attempting to sell your DVC contract on your own may put you into  risky legal situations.

Picking a broker—the right one—will ensure you are well-protected as a seller. We work with attorneys to draw up your contract, ensuring you have professional liability insurance, in case conflicts and disagreements between you and your buyer must be dealt with legally. Due to the complexity of Disney Vacation Club, Disney requires all DVC Guides to be licensed real estate agents, and complete six weeks of training prior to interacting with Guests and Members.  All DVC Resale Experts team members are former DVC Guides, ensuring that our professionals, trained by Disney, are equipped with the tools and knowledge to assist you from start to finish.

Must-Have Qualities of a Disney Vacation Club Resale Broker

DVC Resale Experts’ professionals possess the qualities that a Disney Vacation Club Resale Broker should have. Here’s a checklist you can refer to:

  • LicensedYour DVC Resale Broker should have a real-estate license, ideally issued by the state of Florida, as most DVC resale contracts being sold are based in Florida.

    All DVC Resale Experts agents are licensed Real Estate Agents as well as former Disney Vacation Club Guides.

  • Proven Track Record of SuccessWhen listing with a DVC Resale Broker, ask about their experience. You want someone with a proven successful background, specializing in Disney Vacation Club.

    DVC Resale Experts has sold over $$$

  • SEO-Friendly WebsiteTo increase the discovery chances of your DVC resale listing, consider opting for a real-estate broker that ranks high on Google searches. Not only will the broker’s high online visibility boost the exposure of your resale listing, it’ll also demonstrate the broker’s digital marketing capabilities when it comes to advertising your listing, after all, most buyers are searching for sellers online.

    About one third of those searching the internet go with the first company in the search results, so it’s important that DVC Resale Experts in in the #1 position, giving you the highest chance of reaching those buyers.

  • Strong Social Media StrategyYour DVC resale broker’s social media strategy is also key. Potential buyers tend to express their interest for and ask questions about DVC resale on platforms such as Facebook, so having an expert with knowledge and experience connecting and interacting with potential buyers on social media is also crucial.

    DVC Resale Experts has a strong presence on multiple social media venues, as well as a dominant marketing campaign, with a reach of more than 250,000 parties with an interest in DVC.

  • First-Hand DVC ExperienceOn top of having a proven track record working on DVC resale contracts and connecting effectively with potential buyers, all DVC Resale Experts agents have gone through Disney Vacation Club training with Disney itself in their exclusive counselor sales programs, the most elite training globally. As former DVC Guides, these are experts who would understand the DVC program and its specialized offerings from start to finish, and thus, able to provide the best experience and most educated guidance for you and your buyer.

    With our Direct DVC Experience, the professionals at DVC Resale Experts will provide you with the most in-depth knowledge, superior customer service, and best guidance. After all, we were trained by Disney, and we’re also DVC Members.

Selling With DVC Resale ExpertsOur passion is helping families create memories, and achieve their vacation and travel goals. There’s nothing more magical than the memories we experienced growing up from our Disney vacations with our parents, grandparents, and all our loved ones. While working directly with DVC as Guides, we became experts in aspects of the membership that can only be attained by working directly for Disney Vacation Club.  We saw that DVC wasn’t set up to help members with all areas of buying and selling and we wanted to deliver an even higher level of service than we could offer working for Disney. We can now not only help members when buying, but also when members want to sell their contract, or even simply switch home resorts.  Put our direct knowledge and expertise from Disney Vacation Club to work for you!

For more information about why selling your DVC contract with DVC Resale Experts, please see Why Sell with DVC Resale Experts.

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