What Is Disney Vacation Club (DVC)

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is The Walt Disney Company’s truly magical way to own an incredible alternative to a costly vacation home and experience Disney vacations year after year.

Since it was launched in 1991 by Michael Eisner, then-chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, DVC has grown and evolved into Disney’s attractive vacation ownership club, with highly sought-after properties and exclusive, themed resorts.

Whether it’s to step back in time to experience the spirit of the great American frontier at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, or to embark on a wild African adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, or to go on a spectacular island getaway at Aulani in Oahu, Hawaii, DVC’s expansive portfolio of unique resorts will give you the vacation of your dreams.

Being a part of Disney Vacation Club means having access to Disney’s properties via the purchase of a real estate interest that’s represented by Vacation Points. DVC members are allotted these Vacation Points annually, which can then be used to make reservations at DVC resorts of their choosing, so that every Disney vacation can be as flexible, personalized, and magical as it should be, whenever you want.

DVC memberships and the number of Vacation Points you receive each year can be customized however you wish, to suit different budgets and vacation preferences. Points can also be purchased at a later time as an add-on if needed, or rented from another member. Conversely, members can also sell their membership or rent out their points any time they wish. Looking to rent out your points or possibly to rent another member’s points?  Visit our friends at DVC Rental Store.

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Membership Cost

With the ways a Disney Vacation Club membership can be personalized, it offers unprecedented value and significant savings for booking a wide variety of Disney resorts and accommodations. We break down the membership costs below:

  1. First, there is the one-time purchase price, which varies from one DVC home resort to another. For an overview, please refer to this list of available DVC properties.
  2. Annual dues will vary depending on the home resort of your choosing. These costs are necessary to maintain the properties and are never allowed to be charged as a means for profit. For more information, please refer to the DVC annual dues page
  3. The one-time closing costs will typically average between $375 and $825 (around $5-$6 per point), and is charged based on the purchase price as well as home resort. If a financing option is used for the DVC membership, there will be additional fees, and will range from $200 to $275.
  4. A great benefit of DVC membership is its point-exchange opportunities, which will allow usage of Vacation Points at non-DVC properties. A $95 exchange fee applies per booking.

Historically, DVC Resale members have seen the break-even point of their investment in three to five years…much faster than those that buy DVC direct. For more details, please see the key economic benefits of DVC Resale.

Disneys Riviera Resort view from top floor

Deeded Real Estate Interest

Every Disney Vacation Club membership is premised on a deeded real estate interest, with a property of choice designated as the member’s home resort, where the member will have a priority window when making reservations, up to 11 months in advance. On the other hand, members can make reservations at other DVC resorts 7 months in advance.

This priority window for your home resort becomes a lot more valuable if the resort of your choosing is highly coveted, and you have first dibs on your selected accommodation before other members do.

A DVC membership is valid up to 50 years. Deed expiration dates will vary from one resort to another.  DVC resort deeds range in expiration date from 2042 to 2070.


The greatest highlight of Disney Vacation Club membership is in its flexibility. Book a stay for your friends or family, rent it out, sell your membership, or will it to your next generation. The possibilities are endless—as magical as a Disney experience should be.

Vacation Points will be allotted to members every year on a fixed date, known as a Use Year. Use your points however you like. Finish them before the year ends? Borrow from next year’s allotment. Want to save your unused points for the next year? That’s possible too, by banking your points. If done wisely, you can also save your unused annual points for the next year, as well as borrow points, all at the same time, and utilize 3 years worth of points for one reservation.

How Much Can You Sell DVC Points For?
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Imagine going on a Disney vacation anytime during the year. That’s what you can do with your points as a DVC member. Each year is split into seasons, with low-season bookings requiring less points and high-season bookings requiring more. The same goes for accommodation sizes. Smaller villas will require less points to book and larger villas will require more, depending on the nature of your trip and your needs. These villas make up a big part of your Disney vacation, and their sizes speak of one of the greatest benefits of being a DVC member. With the smallest studio already being 20 to 30% larger than a regular hotel room, and sleeping four to five guests, booking these villas as a DVC member brings great value and comfort during a Disney vacation. Additionally, a one-bedroom villa fits four to five guests, a two-bedroom villa accommodates up to ten guests, and a three bedroom grand villa, which can be as large as 2,800 square feet, houses up to twelve guests. As a DVC member, you decide the kind of stay you want, any time during the year, with points you were allotted, as well as those you have rented.

The beauty of DVC is in how it allows you to expand your horizons, travel in ways that best fit your vacation style, and the flexibility it offers all throughout the year. Experience a magical Disney vacation any time during the year. Check in to a DVC resort any time of the week, even during a weeknight since it would cost less points to book. You can even reserve multiple villas in one go. The benefits of DVC membership don’t stop there. Venture outside of Disney properties and take full advantage of your points by exchanging them through RCI (Resort Condominium International) for more than 4,000 exceptional villas and vacation homes all around the world.  For more specifics on the best value when using your points, visit our page on the economics of a DVC resale membership.

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