Financing Options for DVC Resale

There are several financing options to make buying DVC resale fit your budget.  For more details on these lenders and their financing options, please see below:

Length of Term 1 to 10 Years 1 to 7 Years 1 to 10 Years
Down Payment Required Typically 5% to 30% (dependent on contract) 10% 10% to 30%
Interest Rate 8.9% to 15.9% (depending on down payment and length of term) 9.9% to 15.9% (depending on credit score) 9.9% to 13.9% (depending on down payment and length of term)
Credit Check Optional Yes Yes
Service Fee No No $5 per month
DVC Properties Financed All Florida based DVC properties All DVC Properties All Non-Florida based DVC properties
Pre-Payment Penalty No No No
Loan Minimum $4,000 None $4,000
Loan Origination Fee $199 $0 $139
Loan Origination Fee Yes Yes Yes