DVC Instant Sale

Need to sell now?  DVC Resale Experts can help you sell your Disney Vacation Club contract instantly if needed.  We’ll provide you with an offer immediately on your DVC contract and close as quickly as possible for you.  While this offer won’t be as high as you could get by having DVC Resale Experts list and market your contract for sale, we offer this option for members that want to sell a DVC contract right away rather than take the time to have it on the market.  Simply fill out the contact form below, or call us at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) and we’ll provide you with both an instant sale offer as well as an estimate for the price we’d recommend if you were to list your DVC contract with us to market and sell.  (Keep in mind that most DVC Resale Experts’ listings are sold within a month.)  Prior to your DVC contract being sold, we’ll need to request a point activity statement from Disney Vacation Club.


Seller responsibilities with DVC instant sale:

Current year’s annual dues for any points used

Once offer is accepted, cancel any existing reservations on the contract

Closing costs

DVC Resale Experts’ commission of 8.5% of sales price

$20 right of first refusal fee and $150 estoppel fee to Disney Vacation Club

FIRPTA for non-US residents

HARPTA if selling Aulani and you are a non-Hawaiian resident

    Current Point Availability Status.

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      Theresa Seitz - DVC Resale Experts