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How to Sell Disney Vacation Club Frequently Asked Questions

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There are quite a few frequently asked questions from those interested in how to sell Disney Vacation Club points. The average Member doesn’t know how to sell Disney Vacation Club points on their own. Why should they? This is a process licensed real estate professionals have perfected. You don’t have to know how to sell Disney Vacation Club. You just need to have an expert to answer your questions and guide you through the process. That’s exactly what the Experts do, and more. From DVC resale listings to closing the contract, knowing you have someone to keep it all moving along can be a great relief.

With the help of a professional, you can sell DVC points without a hassle. If you don’t want your DVC, resell it! There are still questions you might want to know the answers to before getting started. Can I sell Disney Vacation Club on my own? How much can I make selling my DVC points? Can I sell my Disney Vacation Club if I have a trip booked? Read on for answers to these common questions.

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Is it time to sell Disney Vacation Club? The Experts are ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Sell Disney Vacation Club Membership

Can I sell my Disney Vacation Club on my own?

Anyone selling Disney Vacation Club Membership needs to know all of the parts in the process. Similar to selling a home or other real estate, selling DVC points has particular steps that must be done in a certain order. There are papers that must be signed, some must be notarized, others don’t need to be. There are a lot of little details that go into selling DVC. You can sell Disney Vacation Club on your own but it’s not recommended.

If you want to sell your Disney Vacation Club contract, finding a buyer can be much easier with a DVC resale company. Even Disney says, “You may independently find a licensed real estate broker,” regarding assisting with the selling of a Membership.

Does Disney Vacation Club buy contracts back?

Disney Vacation Club does not have a resale department. The company will provide information about your contract needed to sell but they will not sell it for you.

In your research, you might be wondering, can you sell DVC back to Disney? The short answer is no, you can not sell DVC back to Disney the same way you sell resale. Disney does sometimes buy DVC points back from its Members. The amount they are willing to pay is most likely far from what you want to get for your contract. There is no negotiating with Disney Vacation Club if they are willing to buy your points. They set the price and that’s that. If you are interested in selling Disney Vacation Club points and getting the best return, selling DVC back to Disney is not your best option. 

Note that in DVC resale, there is a part of the closing process where Disney has the Right of First Refusal. This means they can buy a contract back at the agreed upon price instead of letting a sale go through for a buyer. This is different than reselling and not something sellers have control over or a say in.

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How much can I make if I sell DVC points?

So your carriage has turned into a pumpkin. If you just see dollar signs when you look at your timeshare, this part is for you. How much you can make from selling DVC varies greatly per individual contract. This is because DVC resale per point prices depend on the home resort on the contract and other specific details. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort sell for more than Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. Of course the amount of points you own also greatly impacts how much you can expect to sell a contract for.

When you purchased a contract also plays an important role in how much you can make from the sale. Those who bought early on are much likely to make more from their vacation investment. The Disney timeshare is not really an investment but if you bought points at a resort that has gone up over time, you can definitely make money back from selling DVC.

The fastest way to get an idea of what you might be able to make from selling DVC points, is to take a look at our resale DVC listings. Here you’ll find actual prices contracts are going for. Listings marked with Sale Pending in the far right column have been recently put under contract and show what buyers have been willing to pay. If you don’t see a contract like yours, or you’d prefer a complimentary valuation of your particular contract, get in touch with DVC Resale Experts.

Note that those selling DVC pay a commission and are responsible for Disney’s estoppel fee.

What if I want to sell DVC points and buy a different DVC contract?

Let’s say you want to sell Disney Vacation Club points because you want a different point value. That’s reasonable. If over time you’ve come to discover your 100 point contract just isn’t enough and you’d prefer a bigger point value, we have resale DVC listings to consider. Maybe there’s a different resort you’d rather call home. Whatever the case, the DVC Resale Experts can help you buy and sell DVC.

The Experts will be happy to sell Disney points to you at a rate you’ll love. With DVC resale, sellers and buyers can walk away happy. The most magical timeshare has gone up in cost over time. As per point prices increase at Disney, resale prices rise too. Resale DVC still provides excellent per point prices when compared to costs directly from Disney. 

See more here: How do I sell my DVC Membership?

Do I still have to pay dues when I sell my DVC timeshare?

When selling DVC Membership, you are completely letting go of that contract. The name on the contract is changed and after it’s sold, all associated fees are the responsibility of the new owner. That means when you sell DVC Membership you no longer have to pay dues.

However, when you are in the process of selling DVC timeshare, you will need to keep up with your payments. That means paying your annual dues if they are due and continuing to pay your loan payments if you have one.

You can dig into more information in Sell DVC Resale – Your How To Guide

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Early Members can sell Disney Vacation Club points at Disney’s Old West Resort for a surprising price compared to what they paid.

Can I sell my Disney Vacation Club if I have a trip booked?

Transparency is key with any important transaction like selling DVC timeshare. If you’re wondering how to sell Disney Vacation Club points with an upcoming vacation on the calendar, we can help. We understand you might have one last trip booked on your points. This is something we see regularly and here’s how it works. When you sell DVC timeshare, one of the first things you’ll do is present basic information about the contract. You’ll want to tell your Expert about your upcoming trip if you haven’t already.

The value of resale DVC points depends not only on the annual point value but also on the number of points available. If you have a trip booked when you list your contract, this affects the number of points available on your contract.

The one thing to know is that you will have to wait until your trip is over to complete the sale.

Having to wait a bit longer may or may not deter someone from buying your DVC resale contract. Either way, it’s important to be clear about the buyer potentially having to wait a little longer. There’s always a chance your contract meets the specific needs of a potential buyer who has been looking. It’s also possible that there isn’t a rush for someone to buy a contract. No matter the case, providing all information upfront, like if you have a points trip booked, makes the process as smooth as possible.

I want to sell my DVC points but I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate..

You’re not alone on this. You can sell DVC points even if you don’t have a lot of free time. An Expert will be happy to work with your schedule and chat with you in the way that’s most convenient for you. You can talk to DVC Resale Experts via phone call, text, email or website chat box. The Experts provide each client with a checklist that includes a basic outline of what you will need to do and when.

Efficiency plays a role in great service. It’s important to make the most of your time. Our professionals know how to sell Disney Vacation Club and make it as easy as possible for you.

We also have this break down of an estimated selling timeline: How long does it take to sell DVC?

Want to sell DVC points but have more questions?

Would you rather just talk to a person? It’s so nice when that’s an option! The Experts would love to chat with you about how to sell DVC points. When you want to buy and sell DVC and have questions, we’ve got answers.

DVC Resale Experts Buy and Sell DVC

You can count on our team of professionals who are former Disney Vacation Club Guides. DVC Resale Experts knows how to sell DVC points and provide pixie dusted service throughout the process. Selling DVC membership doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you know it’s the right choice for you or even if you’re just curious about the value of your contract, just take the next step. If you have specific questions about how to sell DVC membership, get in touch today for personalized answers and insight.

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