3 Teens & Tweens Tips for Your DVC Vacation

3 Teens & Tweens Tips for Your DVC Vacation

Like many DVC Members, you may have become a DVC member when your little ones were still being pushed down Main Street USA in a stroller. Now, your little Andys are no longer wanting to bring their Woody and Buzz toys to the parks, or wait in line for an hour for a Character Meet and Greet. And that’s okay! You are a DVC member, which means you get to experience Disney with your family at all phases, stages, and ages. And Disney knows that, and works hourly to make sure that EVERYONE at Disney is experiencing Disney Magic. We’ve taken advice from DVC Members with tweens and teens to gather some helpful tips for your next DVC Vacation.

Tip #1: Involve them in the Planning

When they were little your biggest issue was planning a character dining reservation around their nap time, now they want to help plan, and they want a say! Disney is not just for kids, but having every minute and activity of your day planned out is. Ask them what they are excited to do and make it a priority for them! Especially if there are younger ones still in your tribe, make sure to mix older adventures earlier in your day, so they know it’s their vacation too.

Tip #2: Park Timing

You became a DVC Member to get the most magic and time out of your Disney Vacations, and not being at the park entrance 30 minutes before it opens feels like a waste of the day. Well, on average teens and tweens need on average 9 to 9.5 hours of sleep at night due to their rapid growth, physically and hormonally. You want to vacation with Ariel…not Ursula. Lack of sleep and bringing tired cranky teens on your vacation can make you want to explode like the fireworks during Enchantment. We aren’t saying sleep the day away, but make sure your tweens have some down time. A day to relax at your resort , Typhoon Lagoon, or Disney Springs can make all the difference in the world between having a Belle or Beast in your family photos.

Tip #3: It’s okay that it’s not the same vacation!

Woody said it best, “I can’t stop Andy from growing up, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Your tween might not be all about the matching Disney shirts, or ten thousand family photos, and that’s okay. They will be one day when they are DVC Members themselves and take their kids to Disney. Just because they don’t want to ride the teacups three times in a row doesn’t mean there isn’t other stuff they want to do. There is so much catered around teens at Disney, get excited about what they are excited about. Hint: you’re already great at this! You’ve belted “Let It Go,” more than Elsa herself, so run back to Star Wars: Galaxy Edge with them, sign up to ride Avatar: Flight of Passage early, and buy that Disney souvenir they want, but will never use once they leave the resort. News Flash: they didn’t exactly wear the Mickey Ears you bought them every single day when they were four either.

Disney really is a magical family vacation for all ages. Remember, your trip won’t be the same as when they were younger, and Disney wants to make sure it isn’t! Disney works tirelessly to create new magical experiences for your family, so you won’t have the same DVC vacation twice. This is the perfect recipe to have the same Disney Magic and new Disney memories!

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