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5 Reasons to Sell DVC Points Now

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Why do people sell DVC points? Major life changes can bring about the want or need for selling Disney Vacation Club points. It may be family adjustments, career switches, moving to a new location or a general starting over point in life. Any of these shifts may present the choice to sell Disney points as the best personal move. These things can happen unexpectedly and guide members to move on. Sometimes other feelings or events may bring members to decide to sell. Here are some reasons why now might be the best time to sell DVC timeshare.

You can sell DVC points if your vacation of choice has changed.

You made many, magical memories at Walt Disney World that you will always remember. Those vacations will hold a special place in your heart. You appreciate pictures of younger you smiling happily in front of Cinderella Castle when they pop up on social media. Now, years have passed and maybe the kids have kids of their own. Perhaps Europe has become your favorite vacation go-to or exploring different cruise lines sounds like your next adventure. It doesn’t have to be a sad moment to part with something you once wanted. It’s ok to change your mind! As a consumer, flexibility has great value. And if you change your mind again, Disney Vacation Club will still be there. There is someone out there looking for resale DVC points like yours. Like Marie Kondo advises, you can acknowledge that something has served its purpose for you and let it go with gratitude. And, like Flynn Rider tells Rapunzel, you get to go find a new dream.

All signs point to sell DVC contract because you just want to invest elsewhere.

This is totally understandable. Perhaps at some point being a Disney Vacation Club owner was a thrilling goal you had. If you feel like that dream has been fulfilled and you’d like to put money elsewhere, now is a great time. DVC Resale Experts knows how to sell DVC membership and make the process a smooth transition so you can move on to your new priorities. You don’t have to let a big financial choice you made once be something you carry forever if it no longer aligns with your financial interests.

Resale DVC points because it’s a seller’s market.

Just like the other markets, demand for DVC points can fluctuate. In the conditions of a seller’s market, there are more buyers than sellers and inventory can be low. More listings are needed to satisfy high buyer demand. This kind of environment makes it a good time to sell DVC contract. A seller’s market means things can move quickly. The process overall isn’t very time consuming so it doesn’t take a long time to sell DVC membership. Most listings are selling in less than 30 days! If it’s something you have considered for a while, know that making the first move in a seller’s market can give you the best outcome. If you need to sell as quickly as possible, think about a DVC instant sale.

Your Use Year doesn’t match up with your time off or the season you like to visit anymore.

Buying into Disney Vacation Club can be really exciting. You do all the research, pick the perfect resort, the right amount of points and a Use Year that looks to be a great fit. Sometimes life throws a curveball and schedules change. It’s also possible you made a purchase that was the best match out of the inventory available at the time. Maybe your current Use Year seemed great in theory. Then you discover Christmas time fireworks on Main Street, U.S.A just make your heart absolutely sing! There’s just one problem. Your booking deadline was a great fit at first but now you’re not always able to get the trip dates you want at your resort of choice. If planning your vacations just doesn’t seem to work out, selling DVC timeshare can be helpful if you want to start over knowing what you know now.

You can sell Disney Vacation Club points if you want to change your home resort.

If you bought a Disney Vacation Club membership over a decade ago, at least five vacation club properties have been added since then. New DVC resorts and additions consistently continue to pop up over time, providing different options for regular Disney vacationers. The Carolwood Pacific Room in the lobby of the Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is a rustic dream. However, you might be absolutely enchanted with the fast commute Disney’s Skyliner provides guests from the Riviera Resort to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Maybe another resort is calling out to you like Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Also, if you have certain seasons in which you prefer to visit or inflexible travel dates, that home resort booking window might play an important role in vacation planning. When making reservations, your home resort priority window gives you an advantage with the ability to book 11 months out. If you find yourself consistently booking at a DVC resort other than your home resort, being able to plan only 7 months in advance might not get you what you were hoping for. In either of these cases, selling DVC membership and buying another one that’s a better fit may be a better suited option.If you see yourself in any of these selling DVC membership scenarios you’re in the right place. How do I sell my DVC points? What do I need to sell my DVC membership? How involved is it to sell my DVC timeshare? Don’t let what you don’t know about how to sell DVC points stop you from taking the next step. You’ll find detailed resources here like the How to Sell DVC Resale Guide and can see what customers are saying in these seller reviews. Let DVC Resale Experts provide you with top notch service while selling DVC points. If you’re wondering how to sell Disney Vacation Club points, the team can provide the information you need to know by phone or email.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at

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