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Can You Get Groceries Delivered to a Disney Vacation Club Resort?

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Can You Get Groceries Delivered to a Disney Vacation Club Resort?

Whether you have a particular eater in the family, cater to an allergy or dietary preference, want to save some money, or just like to have your Old Key West room fridge stocked, having some of your own food at your Disney Vacation Club resort is the answer. A popular question among those planning to visit Walt Disney World is, ‘can I get groceries delivered to my resort?’ It’s a question the planDisney panel answers in different forms regularly. In November of 2021, a planDisney panelist once again confirmed you can get groceries delivered to a Disney Vacation Club Resort but also offered some additional insight. You can get groceries and Amazon packages delivered right to your Disney Vacation Club resort, making DVC stays easier and more comfortable.

It’s recommended to include your room number in the delivery address. If you don’t have it yet, use your reservation number. This will help bell services safely store your packages for you. For cold items, bell services even has a refrigerator to keep them cool until they’re picked up. If you’d like your groceries delivered to the room there is a $6 fee. Otherwise you can pick up your delivery from bell services free of charge.

We’ll take a look at some nearby stores and services that will deliver groceries to a Walt Disney World Disney Vacation Club Resort hotel but first here are some tips and things to consider. Note that there are usually small delivery fees, spending minimums and driver tips to include. For some services there are specials or discounts for first time users. Remember the information shared here may change over time. Check close to when your trip is approaching for the most up to date information. Another tip: Look over your cart before checking out to make sure all items are able to be delivered together and not arriving separately. Sometimes retailers are only able to ship items that may be out of stock instead of delivering them. If you’re not careful some packages can arrive on a different date. Retailers try to make it appear like it’s part of the same delivery order. It might not be a big deal if you’re ordering from home but on a vacation you don’t have as much time to wait and you might be gone before that delayed sunscreen even makes it to Saratoga Springs.

Instacart Grocery Delivery Disney World

Instacart has the advantage of allowing you to order groceries from different stores in the same order. There are a fair amount of eligible stores in the Orlando area. There are quite a few extras to pay for with Instacart, like service fees and it seems individual item prices are raised, but the advantage here is getting the exact items you want from different retailers.

Walmart Grocery Delivery Disney World

Walmart has a vast array of groceries and household items at the lowest prices, making it a great option for a Disney World grocery delivery. Important to know: There is a lot to choose from but not everything sold at Walmart is offered for pickup or delivery. However, you can get all basic kinds of food, cleaning supplies, and more items that will enhance your Disney stay at great prices here.

Target Grocery Delivery Disney World

Target offers a wide variety of grocery and household items for delivery and often has same day delivery available. There is a new Target at Flamingo Crossings just outside the Western Way Walt Disney World entrance gate behind Coronado Springs resort. This Target also has one of the new Disney sections inside.

Kroger Grocery Delivery Disney World

This next one is kind of a surprise because, in 2021, there isn’t even a Kroger in town. If you’re from up north or another region that has a Kroger it’s likely you’re a fan. People rave about Kroger. If it’s new to you, here are a few reasons people love this grocery chain. Kroger has their own brand in a lot of products, a wide selection of organics at great prices and is celebrated for fabulous service. Sounds like another brand we know and love! While there isn’t a Kroger store for hours, Kroger does have a fulfillment center and grocery delivery service in Orlando and Disney World is an eligible location.

Amazon Delivery Disney World

Amazon sells everything you can imagine these days. How convenient that you can have essentials like a phone charger or ponchos shipped to your Disney Vacation Club Resort with same day delivery. At this time, Amazon has a few different services when it comes to getting groceries delivered. Each of these have separate carts and need separate purchases on the site. Let’s start with regular old Amazon dot com. There is an exciting assortment of pantry items and dry goods available including snacks, breakfast items, bottled water and other beverages and different foods you may want to stock your Bay Lake Tower room with.

Amazon Fresh is another option that offers more chilled and fresh foods. This is a great choice if you wanted to shop on Amazon for a cookout at the DVC grills one night. On Amazon Fresh you can get every kind of food you would at the grocery store including produce, meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, frozen foods and beer, wine and spirits. There is also a selection of household items that might be handy for in room entertaining like hand soaps, cleaners, paper plates and napkins.

Whole Foods Market is another Amazon grocery delivery offering. This one is great for people who like to buy organic foods, eat gluten free, plant based, non-dairy, etc. as Whole Foods tends to have more of a natural and health food variety of choices. Plus you can find lots of fun and specialty items like fancy cheeses, wines and appetizers. Whole Foods Market also has sales and specials like a regular grocery store online.

If you’re able, there is a grocery pick up at Walmart and Target for no additional fee or charge.

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