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Disney ROFR DVC Stats for July 2022

Disney ROFR DVC Stats for July 2022

It’s time to round up the Disney ROFR DVC stats for the previous month and chat about what we see. This statistics discussed here are based on DVC Resale Experts’ own sales and data. So welcome, or welcome back! Let’s see how things turned out in July of 2022. 

First off, a reminder of what ROFR stands for and means. ROFR stands for the Right of First Refusal. The Disney Vacation Club contracts say Disney has the Right of First Refusal, or the first opportunity, to buy a contract back when a Member chooses to sell DVC Membership. This takes place during part of the closing process when a Member is selling a DVC contract. When a seller accepts an offer, Disney is then able to buy the contract back at the agreed upon rate instead of letting the new buyer take over the Membership.

The Right of First Refusal process is not as important for someone selling DVC points. Sellers make the same amount from the sale either way because Disney buys the contract at the rate the seller agreed to sell it for. However, if someone is buying resale DVC and Disney chooses to buy back the contract during the Right of First Refusal process, the sale does not move forward for the buyer. In this scenario, DVC Resale Experts is always happy to assist the buyer in finding the next contract that suits their vacation needs.

With these monthly Disney ROFR DVC Stats, we hope to serve potential resale buyers. It’s helpful to understand recent price trends to place a competitive offer. There’s no guarantee a resale transaction will go through but looking at the high prices Disney Vacation Club has paid recently and pricing accordingly does help lower the chances of ROFR buybacks. Some resorts are more affected than others at different times. Knowing if the home resort you’re interested in is currently favored by Disney for buybacks is helpful as well. And so, here is a recap of July 2022 buybacks and the highest prices Disney paid for those contracts.

Disney ROFR DVC Stats for July 2022

In July of 2022, Disney chose to use ROFR to buy back about 30% of DVC Resale Expert sales. Out of the 37 ROFR responses received, 26 contracts passed and 11 were bought back by DVC. 

The properties affected by ROFR DVC interception in July of 2022 were: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. These are mostly the same properties with ROFR buybacks in June of 2022. Bay Lake and Copper Creek have not been bought back in the ROFR process as consistently as the others mentioned in this list during the current calendar year.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas had one buyback in July and at a high of $132.00 per point.

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort had two buybacks in July and at a high of $165.00 per point.

Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge had one buyback in July and at a high of $163.00 per point.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort had two buybacks in July and at a high of $122.00 per point.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort had five buybacks in July of 2022 and at a high of $135.00. 

Resorts that were not bought back by DVC during this time, either because no contracts were sold or Disney Vacation Club chose to not buy any back, were: Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa, Disney’s Beach Club Villas, Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, Disney’s Riviera Resort and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

Note that ROFR numbers for the month don’t always match perfectly with the numbers in our other monthly series on the DVC average resale price. The closing process often takes more than thirty days from start to finish. Because of this, details of a contract may be accounted for in different months in our two regular series. 

Thoughts on Disney ROFR DVC Stats

High ROFR buyback prices are down slightly at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. The decreases line up consistently with the fluctuations we see over time. Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge jumped up quite a bit from the last buyback there in April. It was $13 higher this July. Bay Lake Tower’s ROFR high price was also $165 for the last buyback in March.

Remember per point prices vary based on the amount of points on the contract. Those with higher point values typically sell for a little less per point while contracts with less points sell for a bit more per point. If you’re interested in buying a contract at a home resort that seems to be a current popular buyback for Disney, like Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, talk to an Expert about pricing for success. DVC Resale Experts aims to help potential buyers come to the right number so they are pleased with the value but also have a successful sale. Following buyback trends and high prices paid by Disney Vacation Club continually gives us insight into submitting strong offers and having contracts go through to completion for resale buyers.

Count On DVC Resale Experts

DVC Resale Experts is an independent, licensed real estate broker with a team specializing in resale DVC. Our licensed real estate agents are former Disney Vacation Club Guides so you can expect pixie dusted service. Decades of experience for them means helpful insight for you. You can count on the Experts to answer all of your questions throughout the process. Get in touch today or see our resale DVC listings for a look at what’s currently available. Don’t see what you’re wishing for? Join the DVC Resale Experts Buyer Wish List to be contacted when a contract that suits your vacation needs magically appears on the resale market.

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