Disney Vacation Club Point Charts 2024

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The Disney timeshare uses a flexible, point based system. This makes the annual point chart for each resort an important planning tool. Point charts help Members determine how many vacation points they will need to use to visit at different resorts and during different time periods throughout the year. These detailed visuals are updated annually based on anticipated peaks times. The Disney Vacation Club point charts for 2024 are below. Whether you’re a long time Member or considering buying your first contract, these are valuable and helpful in planning. See all the details here in our Disney Vacation Club point charts 2024 roundup.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa | Disney Vacation Club Point Charts 2024

Disney Vacation Club Point Charts for 2024

The thing you should know about Disney Vacation Club point charts is that many have similar travel periods but some do not. Disney World resort hotels fall into the same seasonal travel patterns because they are in the same location. However, The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas and the two beach resorts, Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, have different peak times for visits.

In 2024, you’ll find some slight changes to the travel periods and the vacation points needed to book stays during those times. At Walt Disney World resorts, September 1st through 30th remains the lowest cost travel period. This seems to be a mainstay as summer travel winds down and school starts again. The second lower point travel period for Disney World resorts is the same as the year prior with the month of January and the first half of May on deck.

As always, the week of Christmas costs the most points of the whole year. This is a steadily busy time year after year. However, the other peak time on the point chart in 2024 is different than in 2023. This is surely because spring break crowds are anticipated to hit their high at different times each year. The 2024 DVC point chart for Disney World resorts shows the last week of March, the 24th through the 31st, to be the peak spring break week.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas 2024 Point Chart

Animal Kingdom Villas are home to both Jambo House and Kidani Village units. Though separately named and in two different areas of the property, both fall under the one DVC home resort at this hotel. Savanna view rooms are a highlight for Members. When your day starts with a giraffe viewing, anything is possible.

Animal Kingdom 2024 Pt chart

Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas 2024 Point Chart

Hawaiian magic with Mickey and the gang sounds magical right? Imagine a trip to Hawaii but with Disney level service. Members love Aulani’s incredible outdoor, water play complex. You’ll also find unique treats at the property like Mickey shave ice.

Aulani 2024 Pt chart

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort 2024 Point Chart

You can stay right next to Magic Kingdom in this special spot. Hop on a monorail and you’re just one stop away from Magic Kingdom and one transfer from Epcot. You’ll love the firework view options.

Bay Lake Tower 2024 Pt chart

Disney’s Beach Club Villas 2024 Point Chart

Get ready for the best pool day ever at Stormalong Bay. Disney’s Beach Club villas have a fabulous location just steps away from Epcot. Beach Club is a popular favorite among Disney guests because of its location, relaxing theme and great restaurants.

Beach Club 2024 Pt chart

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas 2024 Point Chart

The BoardWalk resort enchants guests with classic decor and its own dining and entertainment area. BoardWalk has a quick walk to Epcot. You can also take a boat there or to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Boardwalk 2024 Pt chart

Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge 2024 Point Chart

Relaxing and nature filled trips start at Wilderness Lodge. Boulder Ridge Villas has a separate building just off of the lobby. The inviting and cozy interior is treasured by Members. The lobby of this particular building also has a special room dedicated to Walt Disney’s love of trains.

Boulder Ridge 2024 Pt chart

Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge 2024 Point Chart

Fans of the wilderness can enjoy a more modern take on the outdoors at Copper Creek Villas and Cabins. This DVC home resort was added to Wilderness Lodge in 2017. The cabins sit right on the water of Bay Lake with serene views. The villas are conveniently located in the main lobby building and have a fresh yet earthy, inspired aesthetic.

Copper Creek 2024 Pt chart

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel 2024 Point Chart

You’ll love having your own private entrance to Disney California Adventure Park as a guest of this hotel. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel wow guests from the start with an incredible lobby featuring a craftsman style interior.

Grand Californian 2024 Pt chart

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort 2024 Point Chart

Luxury on the Seven Seas Lagoon starts here. Nestled in its prime location next to Magic Kingdom, the Grand Floridian has beautiful firework views. Dining is exquisite at the Grand with options like Citricos and Victoria and Albert’s.

Grand Floridian 2024 Pt chart

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort 2024 Point Chart

This South Carolina resort offers a quiet trip to the coastal town of Hilton Head Island. Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort has a point chart that reflects popular travel periods unique to this location by the beach.

Hilton Head 2024 Pt chart

Disney’s Old Key West Resort 2024 Point Chart

The DVC point chart Old Key West has is the oldest out there. It’s the original Disney Vacation Club resort after all! Points go a long way at this palm tree dotted resort.

Old Key West 2024 Pt chart

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows 2024 Point Chart

Right across the water from Magic Kingdom sits a tropical kind of magic. The Polynesian is one of the original Walt Disney World Resort hotels and continues to charm guests with its full vacation vibe all these years later.

Polynesian 2024 Pt chart

Disney’s Riviera Resort 2024 Point Chart

Elevated nights await at this luxe and modern resort inspired by Walt Disney’s European travels. The Riviera has its own Disney Skyliner station and is just one stop away from Epcot.

Riviera 2024 Pt chart

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort 2024 Point Chart

Enjoy the beautiful grounds of Saratoga Springs with its pretty ponds and pastel buildings. Just a short walk to Disney Springs opens up endless shopping and dining fun.

Saratoga Springs 2024 Pt chart

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort 2024 Point Chart

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is just about two hours from Walt Disney World by car, in a beachfront location on the Atlantic Ocean.

Vero Beach 2024 Pt Chart

How DVC Points Work

Every year, a Disney Vacation Club Member is allotted the number of points on their contract. Let’s say a Member has a 125 point contract. Each year they will be given new points on their use year. Every contract has a use year. This is the month of the year new points arrive. So, for example, if you have a June use year, your 125 points will show up every June. Your use year doesn’t affect your booking advantage at your home resort. Members can book seven months out at other resorts but eleven months out at their home resort.

You can also bank or borrow your points. Banking points basically means you are strategically choosing to save them and not use them during a certain time period. Maybe so you can combine them with additional points from another use year. Borrowing is like dipping into a future year’s points, possibly so you can use more at one time. Banking and borrowing can change your whole planning strategy when thinking about point charts and your next DVC resort hotel stay. Looking at a point chart will help you determine how many points you will need to book your next vacation based on your wishes.

Disney Vacation Club Point Charts 2024: Understanding How to Best Use This Information

There are a few different factors that determine how many points you might need to book a stay. First, your resort plays a large role. Stays at certain resorts cost more points than others. Location and when a resort was built can make a difference at resorts. Then there’s the type of accommodations you need. A studio will always cost much less than a three bedroom villa. Aside from the size of your villa, there are also different views to choose from. A theme park view will always add some points. Lastly, the time of year and days of the week you plan to visit can drastically change the cost of a trip. Disney uses dynamic pricing for tickets depending on anticipated peak times. Point charts are also based on a similar model.

Point charts don’t change throughout the year. They are set annually. However, they can, and do, change from year to year.

Why Do Disney Vacation Club Point Charts Change

Disney Vacation Club point charts mostly change to keep up with shifting popular travel periods. The number of points overall at each resort doesn’t change. While your home resort point chart may adjust a bit for different time periods throughout the year, you won’t be priced out of your resort. Members don’t need to purchase additional points as time goes on. Though you may want to if you care to stay at different times throughout the year, in larger villas or on longer or more trips!

DVC Resale Experts Can Help

Point charts are just one part of understanding a DVC Membership. When it comes to purchasing a high price item like a Disney Vacation Club Membership, it’s reassuring to have a professional assist you. DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team that specializes in resale DVC contracts. Our professionals have decades of experience selling DVC. The Experts once worked for the mouse as Disney Vacation Club Guides. Now, as independent, licensed real estate agents, they provide pixie dusted service and helpful insight to clients buying and selling DVC. See our current resale DVC listings for a look at pricing and availability. Have questions? Our team will be happy to help you find the right fit. Don’t see the contract you’re wishing for? Join the DVC Resale Experts Buyer Wish List and you’ll be contacted when one magically appears on the market!

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