Do I Need a Disney Vacation Planner Near Me?

Do I Need a Disney Vacation Planner Near Me?

Whether it’s Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida or Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, Disney vacations have many details to consider. Planning a Disney vacation these days is especially tedious considering the need to make park pass reservations and Disney Genie have come into play along with booking a hotel, buying tickets and making dining reservations. Can you just show up to a Disney Park without planning and still have a good time? It’s a complicated answer. People used to be able to buy a ticket and play if they were passing through town. Since the 2020 closure and reopening, people must also have a reservation so access is no longer guaranteed without planning in advance. The level to which you want to plan can have a big impact on the quality of your visit. 

Do I Need a Disney Vacation Planner Near Me?

If you think about it, your Disney Vacation Planner isn’t really like your accountant or bank where you’ll need to pop in to take care of something. While having a Disney Vacation Planner located near you may seem important, in actuality all of your communication will likely take place via phone, text, email or video call. A planner can meet you where you are digitally and provide the complimentary service without ever meeting in person. 

Do I Need a Disney Vacation Planner?

A Disney vacation planner can help you save money on your trip, make the most of your time and include the offerings that are the best fit for you and your travel party. So much changes at Disney Parks and resorts every year. There are new attractions that open, not to miss entertainment and so many delicious dining options. Menus are updated and line procedures change, too. Virtual queues, anyone? Travel planners can help with all of these little details and make the best recommendations for your trip. Even if you don’t want a jam packed itinerary and would rather wander and have unexpected magical moments, an Authorized Disney Travel Planner can guide you to the right park to visit at the right time for lower waits or more entertainment options. Plus, Disney travel planners are paid via commission from Disney so there is no additional cost to you.

Searching For a Disney Vacation Planner Near Me

Here are a few quick tips for finding a Disney vacation planner near you if that’s important to you. A quick search engine search with a term like “Disney vacation planner Miami” should help. Of course, insert your city or state. Also, social media has plenty of Disney vacation planners using platforms to reach new customers. It’s possible to find one in your area if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Lastly, if you just absolutely must meet with a travel planner in person, look up a travel agency in your area and ask them if they are an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. These individuals go through training and learn from specific materials provided by the company to earn that title. 

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