DVC Resale Experts Buying and Selling DVC Points Q+A Series: Lauri

Lauri Kilwein DVC Resale Experts

In this question and answer series we are getting to know the DVC Resale Experts team and hearing advice on a range of topics from buying Disney Vacation Club resale to selling DVC points. Lauri is a sales associate at DVC Resale Experts with a decorated career in magical timeshare ownership. As a former Disney Vacation Club Guide, Lauri traveled the world Disney style on Disney Cruise Line helping guests make their membership dreams come true. She brings her knowledge, passion, and love of DVC to the team.

Q: What’s your favorite kind of Disney vacation?

A: My favorite kind of Disney vacation is the Disney Cruise! I love that there is something for everyone, no matter the age or expectation. The crew and staff are second to none, and I feel truly taken care of; no need to worry about anything. We have taken 17 of us aboard for a family vacation-from 9 months old to 70 years old-and everyone had a fabulous time enjoying the ship and activities.

Q: Favorite Disney Park food?

A: My favorite Disney park food is Dole Whip! It’s the perfect treat. As my 5 year old daughter says, it’s the best way to end a great day at the Magic Kingdom!

Q: How long have you been selling DVC timeshare?

A: I have been selling DVC timeshare since 2005, when I started my DVC career with Disney directly. It’s been a joy to have such an amazing product to represent. I’ve been able to help thousands of families over the last 16 years, and that is truly a reward in itself. I’ve loved being a member for those years, too!

Q: What’s the best option for someone who wants to sell DVC points as fast as possible?

A: The best option for someone who wants to sell their DVC points quickly is to get a valuation on the contract’s current worth and then price to sell. We are always interested in what’s best for the sellers and their motivation for selling. We have different recommendations based on their timelines and goals for net proceeds based on the current range in market values. 

Q: Any tips for someone interested in buying resale dvc points?

A: My best tips for anyone interested in buying resale DVC points is to decide what they are looking for and what’s important to them. They need to know the huge cost savings in purchasing through the resale marketplace and the differences in usage of buying direct versus through resale. They should know the basics of how DVC works and decide on how many points will fit their family’s budget and vacation dreams. We can always help a family walk through their options together and find what is best for them. 

Q: How important is your Disney Vacation Club use year?

A: For families who travel at different times throughout the year, use year may not be as important as for a family who tends to travel at one particular time. If traveling at one time of year, a family should keep in mind two things: banking windows and cancellation policies. The best use year for a family traveling at the same time of year each year is the one right before they typically travel. If open to it, the few months precedes their travel could also be workable use year options. 

Q: What’s the first step for members who are weighing their options and want to learn more about how to sell dvc membership? 

A: The first step to find out how to sell a DVC membership is to reach out to us with a valuation form on our website. We will do a full market analysis to determine the current value of your contract and walk you through the steps in selling, which truly are simple and easy.  You can learn more about Lauri, her Disney Vacation Club career and expertise and other members of the team here on the About Us page. Check back for more questions and answers with the DVC Resale Experts team for insight into becoming a member through buying DVC resale or getting informed on selling DVC points. Members of the team are available via different communication methods like phone, email or live chat so please contact DVC Resale Experts for answers to your personal questions.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at Info@DVCResaleExperts.com.
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