DVC Resale How Long to Accept Offer

How Long to Accept Offer

What’s exciting about DVC Resale is while a Membership may no longer be a good fit for someone, another person gets exactly what they’re looking for. The seller gets a great return and the buyer gets a great price. Whether you’re a DVC resale buyer eager to know when you’ll find out if your offer was accepted or a seller curious how much time you have to think about it, welcome. DVC Resale Experts works to make the resale DVC process as smooth as possible for both parties involved. In our blog post how long does is take to sell DVC we outline the entire process, talk timeline and help sellers know their part in each step so they can be prepared. We also have a how long does is take to buy DVC resale post outlining the role of the seller and their responsibilities. Knowing what to expect makes the experience easy for everyone.

DVC Resale: How Long to Accept Offer

According to our anticipated timeline, the offer part is estimated to occur during weeks three through seven of the resale process. Around this time, most sellers can anticipate receiving buyer offers, potentially placing a counter offer, declining an offer and/or accepting an offer. This is a great time in the process to consult with your Expert. They will often have expertise to offer and assist you regarding offers and numbers.

For the specifics, we turn to an Expert. DVC Resale Experts owner Chris sees how long it takes sellers to accept an offer and for buyers to accept a counteroffer all the time. Chris shared this insight:

‘Most of the time we have an answer/response for the buyer within a couple of hours. Typically we have a response the same day. There are some sellers that could be traveling or otherwise unavailable right away, so at least by the next day. We usually know if someone will need longer to respond, or maybe it’s a couple and they want to discuss together that night, and we’ll let the buyer know if we anticipate it taking a little longer than normal.’ 

As with any real estate transaction, the offer is the meat and potatoes of the process. This is when you’ll negotiate the terms and come to a magical meeting place. Typically the sellers pay the commission and Disney’s $150 estoppel fee. Buyers usually pay the closing costs and dues on available points for the current year. However, closing costs and dues are negotiable and this is the moment to work it out.

Choose DVC Resale Experts 

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker that has a team of professionals dedicated to all things resale Disney Vacation Club. As current real estate agents and former Disney Vacation Club Guides, the Experts confidently guide you through the process, contract and details and while providing pixie dusted service. Get in touch today for a complimentary valuation of your Disney Vacation Club points or visit our current resale DVC listings to see what’s for sale at this time.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at Info@DVCResaleExperts.com.
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