DVC Resale Restrictions: Direct vs Resale Comparisons

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It’s easier than ever to perform research to help you make big decisions in life. While joining Disney Vacation Club, also known as DVC, is a fun decision, it’s still a big one! There is a lot of information out there but your personal preferences and wants should guide your DVC choices. The price tag is quite the spend but the value can make your dollar go further than booking rooms at Disney every year. Resale DVC brings another element to consider. Those new to the Disney timeshare have lots of questions. When comparing DVC vs resale DVC, there are a few main differences to consider. How much does DVC cost compared to resale DVC? How do they differ? What are the DVC resale restrictions? Can I use resale DVC the same as direct DVC? We’ve got lots of answers for you here.

DVC vs Resale: Prices, Benefits and Restrictions

What benefits are included with resale DVC?

Many of the best benefits of becoming an owner are included with resale DVC. Being part of the club can come with perks like Membership Extras when you purchase from Disney Vacation Club directly. These are not guaranteed but provide unique opportunities for eligible DVC Members.

Flexibility in booking is a big part of DVC. You may be familiar with another type of timeshare concept where you need to pick a time of year to vacation annually. With Disney Vacation Club’s point based system, you can book anytime based on availability.

The home resort booking advantage gives Members a chance to book four months earlier at their home resort property than other Members who own elsewhere. This gives you earlier access and a greater chance at your perfect trip dates. Members who are eligible to book at other resorts can do so seven months in advance.

Below is a thorough visual with more differences and similarities in resale and direct including DVC resale restrictions.

DVC Resale Restrictions: Direct vs Resale

Disney Vacation Club perks, benefits, operations and moreDirectResale
Free resort parking (all resorts have free guest parking again)YESYES
Free theme park parking (all resort guests park at the parks for free)YESYES
Special resort perks like additional park hoursYESYES
Disney Vacation Club DiscountsYESNO
Disney Vacation Club Exclusive Events (like Moonlight Magic)YESNO
Disney Vacation Club Exclusive Lounges and Spaces (Top of the World Lounge)YESNO
Home Resort Eleven Month Out Booking WindowYESYES
Able to book at other resortsYESResort specific answer, see below
Better price than renting hotel roomsYESEven better
The Polynesian at night with foliage lit by a tiki torch
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is one of the original fourteen DVC resorts and has less DVC resale restrictions.

How much is the Disney timeshare directly compared to resale?

This is the biggest difference when comparing DVC vs resale DVC. The price of resale makes it worth considering alone. DVC can be cost prohibitive for many. The ability to get a Disney Vacation Club Membership at a fraction of the cost can make ownership possible or take your dollar even further. Let’s say your budget is set. What gets you 100 points at DVC directly may get you much more with resale.

DVC direct prices usually go up annually without notice. DVC resale prices fluctuate all the time and vary greatly depending on the size of the contract. Variables adjust the market. For example, when DVC expands capacity at a resort, direct prices may go down until it sells out again. We saw this with The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. This kind of activity will have an effect on resale prices. 

Also, when there are more points on a contract, the price per point will be lower. This could look something like a 50 point contract selling for $130 per point and a 100 point contract at the same resort selling for $110 per point. Savings vary greatly so research your desired resort and point value or talk to an Expert to get information tailored to your wishes and help you find the best fit.

DVC vs Resale Estimated Pricing

ResortResale Average Price 2023Direct price 2023
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas$111$210
Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas$101$217
Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort$142$275
Disney’s Beach Club Villas$139$275
Disney’s BoardWalk Villas$121$240
Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge$100$215
Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge$147$250
The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel$254$310
The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort$160$230
Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort$68$165
Disney’s Old Key West Resort$89$205
Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows$147$250
Disney’s Riviera Resort$130$217
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort$102$205
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort$58$150
Resale can vary greatly depending on contract details.

 What are the booking restrictions with DVC vs resale DVC?

It’s important to know the difference in restrictions with the original fourteen DVC resorts compared to those built after them. Those properties include some of the most magical like Disney’s Beach Club Villas next to Epcot and both home resorts at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. While they were built first and some have much less time on their contracts than the newer resorts, many are still the most popular DVC resorts.

We know that when you are able to use your points is flexible and a highlight of ownership for many. There is no specific week of the year you need to choose to book your points stay. This is true for resale and direct buyers. However, where you can book is restricted based on your home resort if you buy resale.

DVC resale owners at the original fourteen resorts can use their points to book at any of the other fourteen based on what’s available. They are able to book seven months out at other resorts, just like direct buyers. It’s just that their resort selection may be more limited as a DVC resale buyer. Those who own DVC resale at the original DVC resorts can book pretty interchangeably with a wide selection. They just can’t book at certain resorts that are newer than the first fourteen resorts.

Outdoor hall to enter Disney's Riviera Resort with a sign that says the resort name
Disney’s Riviera Resort is a newer property with more strict DVC resale restrictions.

Newer DVC Resorts with Resale Restrictions

There are a few resorts with stricter DVC resale restrictions related to booking. At this time, we can assume any resorts built after these will fall under these rules and restrictions as well. An exception is when Disney Vacation Club adds on capacity at a home resort. If it’s one of the original fourteen home resorts that’s expanded, it will still fall under the more flexible rules of those properties. Any of the resorts starting with Riviera, which opened in 2019, and beyond have more specific DVC resale restrictions related to booking. So far, those resorts include:

Disney’s Riviera Resort

The Villas at Disneyland Hotel

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

As a DVC resale Member you can only book at these resorts if they are your home resort. If you own DVC resale at any of these resorts, you can only use your points to book there. For some this may not matter. Especially if you own at more than one resort. However, if having the option to book at different resorts matters to you, it’s probably best to buy at one of the earlier home resorts. 

Are resale DVC contracts shorter than when you buy directly from Disney?

To understand the answer to this question we need to first explain how the length of a DVC contract is determined. DVC contracts are commonly thought to be fifty years in length. While this can be true, most Memberships are shorter than fifty years. In order to have a Membership for fifty years, someone would need to purchase around when a new home resort debuts. Buying a resale contract works the same as buying direct when it comes to how much time you get on a contract. 

Disney’s Old Key West Resort has two different contract lengths because DVC gave owners the option to add on fifteen years at one point. Aside from that, all contracts at a given resort have the same amount of time left. For example, whether you buy resale or direct, your contract at the Polynesian expires January 31, 2066. 

No DVC Discounts or Events with Resale

When you buy DVC resale, you don’t get access to special Member events. DVC events sometimes have a separate fee or room booking requirements. They also sell out so not all Members who want to go, get to go.

Resale DVC Members do not receive DVC discounts. If DVC discounts are important to you, there may be another option. You can be eligible for similar discounts when you have a Disney annual pass or a Disney Chase Visa card. These discounts can’t be stacked so you won’t miss out that way by buying resale.

Direct vs Resale DVC: How long does it take to get your points?

For existing members buying direct, points could be in your account within days. For new members, it could be a few days more. The difference compared to resale is that it’s much faster through direct. When you buy direct you don’t have to wait for the Right of First Refusal process or anything like that. There isn’t additional time required to process the contract. You definitely pay for that difference though. It’s best to plan ahead and consider how much you can save with resale. If you wait just a month or two and go through the resale process, you can save tens of thousands of dollars on DVC!

Talk to an Expert about DVC Resale Restrictions

Do you have more questions about DVC resale restrictions? DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team that specializes in resale DVC. Whether you’re adding on points, buying or selling Disney Vacation Club, the Experts can help you find the right price to place a bid with or list your contract for. Our independent, licensed real estate agents are former Disney Vacation Club Guides. They have decades of pixie dusted experience selling DVC and delight in providing excellent service to their clients. The Experts have seen it all and are happy to answer your questions throughout the process. See our resale DVC listings for a look at real time availability and pricing.


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