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It seems like people are always on their phones these days. That little pocket computer can do so much now. Over the last few years, Disney has taken notice and evolved to make your phone an important part of your vacation. You can use the My Disney Experience app on your smart device to make advance dining reservations, explore show times, book Lightning Lane access, sign up for a virtual queue, see wait times, let Disney Genie plan your day and much more. The app doesn’t do everything but it sure does a lot. Even for services you can’t use the app for, you may need to use your phone. In order to book a spa appointment, for example, you’ll need to visit the website for that. The need to use your phone or device goes even further because, at some point, you’ll probably want to post a photo or video on your trip. For all of this you’ll need good service. Who doesn’t love strong wifi? Here’s a quick breakdown on DVC wifi and when you’ll need it the most.

DVC Wifi Tips

Does DVC have free Wifi?

First off, here’s the question we all want to know the answer to. Yes, DVC wifi is free! In fact, Walt Disney World Resort says guests can expect, ‘complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access (Wi-Fi) in the majority of public spaces.’ So, all Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests can expect to have free wifi on their stay.

Even those visiting the parks, resorts or restaurants for the day can access free wifi. Outside of your hotel room, specific spaces Disney offers free wifi in are Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney Springs and Disney’s BoardWalk. Remember if you’re not close to one of these spots, in a restaurant or close to another building with a wifi router transmitting a signal, you may not be able to get on the wifi. The signals can only be projected so far. If you have working cell service that might not matter. However, you don’t want to be caught out on a run with a slow internet connection when it matters most! Let’s talk about when that might be.

When DVC Wifi Matters

There are two scenarios where wifi is particularly important on your Disney World trip. The first is when connectivity through your mobile provider is poor. Guests can get along just fine using their mobile provider most of the time. During peak times like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, however, it can be impossible to get a signal. Having options to switch between, like your cell service and wifi, can help you stay connected when you need to access the My Disney Experience app.

The second being when something needs to be done on your phone right away. Good wifi really matters when it’s crunch time. When tasks are time sensitive, you don’t want to miss out because your connection is too slow. These days, signing up for a virtual queue for a popular attraction needs to be done in the blink of an eye. Test the speed of your phone beforehand and peruse the steps you’ll need to take. Using wifi might be what makes it possible for you to join a virtual queue and ride something. For official information, see Disney World internet access.

Quick Disney wifi troubleshooting

If your search has brought you here because you’re on a Disney vacation right now and can’t get wifi, let’s talk. There’s a possibility the wifi is down but that’s an extremely rare occurrence. You are more likely to find the My Disney Experience app down. If you’re having trouble connecting to the Disney wifi, some of these basic ideas might help. First of all, check to see if your device is open to accepting wifi. You might be totally tired after traveling and forget you have your wifi is turned off. Next, visit your available networks. This looks a little different on each phone or device. You may need to tap on the Disney wifi directly to get on it. Perhaps your phone picked up another wifi connection on accident.

One step that has gotten me in the past is the need to visit safari, or your phone’s web browser, before being officially connected. Some free and public wifi connections require you to agree to terms and services before actually using them. So your phone might show it’s connected but you may still need to head on to the web to complete this step. In cases like this, your web browser usually auto populates the website related to the wifi connection. Typically there is a place for you to enter information or select that you agree to the terms and conditions of using the wifi before you are fully granted access.

Tips for charging devices at Disney World

Free wifi is great but you will need a computer or device with a charged battery to use it. Disney knows how important it is to have a charged phone or tablet. So much of your trip itinerary is managed on one of these devices. Because of that, Disney recognizes the importance of providing availability for charging your phone and such. There are some charging stations around Walt Disney World to help you stay connected. At the parks, you can ask a cast member for the nearest area you can find a usable outlet. In Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, there are themed tree stumps with outlets in them for guest use. These are in the seating area near the Tangled inspired restrooms. Spaces to unwind, like the DVC Member lounge at Epcot, will probably be good places to charge too. 

Can you charge your phone anywhere at Disney?

Basically, if you see an outlet in guest areas around the parks or resorts, it should be fine to use it. Using common sense practices will get you by when you need to charge your phone at Disney World. For example, if your cord will extend across a pathway or the outlet requires you to be in a pathway with your device, look for another one. If you have to leave your phone seemingly unattended to use an outlet, that outlet isn’t the one for you. Your best case scenario will be situations like looking for a seat at a quick service restaurant with outlets at or near your table. You might be surprised where you can find an outlet! Take a peek around the walls at shin level for an opportunity to plug in.

Charging stations, Fuel Rod and stay connected on the go around the parks

In some circumstances, you may also come across a phone charging locker at Disney. For example, in a temporary lounge for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. These lockers have a connection inside and are locked to protect your device.

Fuel Rod is a rentable portable charger found in kiosks around Walt Disney World Resort. This portable battery allows you to plug your phone into it to charge instead of in an outlet. Fuel Rod is $30 plus tax and comes charged and ready to charge. You used to be able to use the kiosks to swap out a used one for another charged one. Now there is a fee for this service.

If you are the plan ahead type, rechargeable portable batteries are super easy to find online or at stores that carry electronics. Shopping on Amazon or another site that has consumer reviews front and center will help you pick a good one. Things to look out for are how long it takes to charge the battery itself and how heavy it is. Also, consider the capacity. Some batteries will charge more than others and charge devices faster than others. Many reviews will share how many charges they get out of a battery.

You may see something like 10000mAh in the description. A higher “mAh” means the battery has more capacity and will charge more devices or bigger devices like iPads. The bigger the battery capacity, the longer it will take to charge. You should plan to charge most portable chargers overnight to get them full and ready for a long park day. Also check the type of connection before purchasing as different devices have different cords to connect for charging. Having your phone charged keeps on you on the Disney Parks or in resort room or DVC wifi when you need it!

Does Hawaiian DVC Resort Aulani have free wifi?

You might find yourself vacationing far from the parks on a DVC trip. Yes, the Hawaiian Disney Vacation Club Resort does have free wifi for guests. There may not be as much to do on your phone at Aulani as there is at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Wifi is like the key to the kingdom at the parks as it gives you access to Disney Genie+, restaurant reservations and more. While there may not be as much to plan on your phone on an Aulani trip, wifi still comes in handy. Looking up resort information online like store and activity hours and restaurant menus is still important and you may need wifi to connect. Also, social media posts live from a sunset at Aulani’s beach at Ko Olina Lagoon? Sounds like a fun way to share the magic! Though your friends back in the continental states may see it the next day because of the time difference. There is more than just DVC wifi here. Guests will find wifi in their rooms and in common areas too.

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