How To Sell DVC Membership

How Do I Sell DVC Points?

How Do I Sell DVC Points?

How Do I Sell DVC Points?

​​People decide to sell DVC points for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes Members decide the money would be better spent elsewhere. For others, it’s that they want a different DVC contract with more or less points or another property as their home resort. Of course, some people’s vacation preferences change and they choose to travel other places. No matter the reason, you’re not stuck with a DVC Membership. It’s absolutely possible to sell DVC points with the help of a real estate professional. Some contracts are even in high demand with potential buyers waiting on our Buyer Wish List.

How Do I Sell DVC Points?

It’s easy to sell DVC points. DVC Resale Experts provides a complimentary valuation of your contract. Then to get started you’ll then need minimal information about your contract. This includes your resort, Use Year, points on the contract, current point availability status for the year prior, current year and next year and your contact information including name, email and phone. The team will get to work right away. Your listing will be created and added to our resale DVC listings. If there’s a potential buyer waiting for a contract with your Membership’s specific details they will also be contacted.

Once you accept an offer, generally it takes about ten to twelve weeks to sell DVC points. You can see a full timeline with all of the steps laid out in our post How Long Does it Take to Sell DVC? One way to ensure the sale is most efficient in regards to time is to carefully fill out all paperwork. Little details being off can call for having to redo certain steps. 

Another great place to look for information, or to start filling out your listing information, is our guide to selling DVC points: Sell DVC Resale Your How To Guide.

Can you sell DVC points through Disney?

Disney Vacation Club does not have a resale department. It’s possible to call Disney Vacation Club for information about your account but they are not able to offer you a valuation of your contract. Instead, DVC shares on their website that Members interested in selling should find a licensed real estate broker that has familiarity with and is able to sell DVC points. It is possible to sell your points back to Disney Vacation Club but typically for much less than you would make on the DVC resale market. It’s not actually resale because Disney buys points back to repackage them as new contracts and sells them for the full price.

DVC Resale Experts Can Help You Sell DVC Points

As a licensed real estate broker that specializes in resale, DVC Resale Experts can help you sell DVC points. You can expect helpful tips from our licensed real estate agents who were once Disney Vacation Club Guides. With decades of experience selling DVC points comes valuable insight. Having someone who can answer your questions from contract to close makes the process easy and relaxed. Get in touch today to get started.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at
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