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How Do I Sell DVC Points?

Bay Lake's blue waters with the Contemporary resort on the left and Bay Lake Tower on the right under a blue, cloudless sky How do I sell DVC points?

People decide to sell DVC points for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes Members decide the money would be better spent elsewhere. For others, it’s that they want a different DVC contract. Maybe with more or less points or with another property as their home resort. Of course, some people’s vacation preferences change and they choose to travel other places. No matter the reason, you’re not stuck with a DVC Membership. It’s absolutely possible to sell DVC points and easier with the help of a real estate professional to consult. Some contracts are even in high demand with potential buyers waiting on our Buyer Wish List.

Sell DVC: How to Sell Your Disney Vacation Club Points

It’s easy to sell DVC points. DVC Resale Experts provides a complimentary valuation of your contract. To get started you’ll provide basic contact information including you name, email address and phone number. Then you will need to provide minimal information about your contract. Things like your home resort, Use Year, and the amount of points on the contract, also called the point value. You also need to provide current point availability status for the year prior, current year and next year.

When they have the necessary information, the team will get to work right away. Your listing will be created and added to our resale DVC listings. If there is a potential buyer waiting for a contract with your Membership’s specific details, an Expert will contact them. Once you accept an offer, generally it takes about ten to twelve weeks to sell DVC points. Another place with additional information is our guide to selling DVC.

Can you sell DVC points through Disney?

Disney Vacation Club does not have a resale department. It’s possible to call Disney Vacation Club for information about your account. However, cast members are not able to offer you a valuation of your contract. Instead, DVC shares on their website that Members interested in selling should find a licensed real estate broker that has familiarity with and is able to sell DVC points. It is sometimes possible to sell your points back to Disney Vacation Club. This is typically for much less than you would make on the DVC resale market. It’s not actually resale because Disney buys points back to repackage them as new contracts and sells them for the full price.

What does it cost to sell Disney Vacation Club points?

It doesn’t cost any money to have your contract listed when you want to sell DVC. After talking to your real estate professional and filling out the necessary paperwork, listing your DVC points for sale is the first big step. Like many real estate transactions, DVC resales are commission based. DVC Resale Experts sometimes offers an 8.5% commission special. That means after you’ve agreed upon your price to sell, 8.5% of that goes to your agent. Ask your Expert the current commission rate at the time. DVC Resale Experts has an outlined system designed to maximize efficiency and honor your time.

You can consult with your professional about pricing and ask questions you have along the way. When you sell DVC, you can expect your Expert to provide forms needed, list your contract, connect potentially interested parties, communicate with the buyer including negotiations and more. From first contact to closing on the contract, the process of selling DVC is simplified with a licensed real estate professional.

Are there fees when you sell DVC?

Many wonder if there are other fees when you want to sell DVC points. There can be room for negotiation with pricing but it’s standard for the seller to pay the commission and Disney’s $150 estoppel fee. This is a mandatory fee with every sale required by Disney. In real estate transactions, in short, estoppel fees are a type of administrative fee. We have more detailed information about this in our post: Does the buyer or seller pay DVC resale closing costs?

Can you make money selling DVC?

People sometimes associate selling a timeshare with taking a loss. That’s not really the case when you sell DVC. In fact, far from it. Direct Disney Vacation Club prices rise nearly every year. When you’re buying from Disney directly, Disney Vacation Club prices are usually much higher than resale. However, DVC resale prices are directly affected by direct prices. When Disney raises their prices, we usually see resale prices go up as well. This is why early purchasers of Disney Vacation Club might find themselves making a lot of money when they sell DVC.

For example, when the original Disney Vacation Club resort launched more than thirty years ago, the price was around $50 per point. Disney sells Disney’s Old Key West Resort, the current name for that property, for $205 in 2023. That’s more than four times as much as it originally sold for! On the DVC resale market, points at Disney’s Old Key West Resort could sell for around $100 depending on how many points are on the contract. That means that an original buyer that sells at this point can have vacationed for more than thirty years with their contract and still get a return.

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How much is my DVC contract worth?

When you want to sell your DVC contract, how much it’s worth is a big consideration. This can help if you’re still trying to decide if you should sell or not. When selling DVC, how much your DVC contract is worth depends on different factors like your home resort, point value and points available. Contracts with higher point values usually sell for less per point. Smaller contracts may be listed for more per point than the average listed below. Your Expert can share recent sales comparable to your contract to help you price successfully.

Ready to Sell DVC? Disney Vacation Club Pricing Info Chart

Take a look at this data below like the price each Disney Vacation Club home resort had per point when it opened compared to now. The DVC average resale prices shared below are based on DVC Resale Experts own sales during the stated time period. These numbers are from contracts with many different point values. Please note the amount of points on a contract plays a major role in the per point price. Your per point listing price might be quite different.

Disney Vacation Club ResortsResort OpeningDirect Original PriceDirect 2023 PriceDVC resale average price early 2023
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas2007$104$210$117
Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas2012$114$217$100
Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort2010$112$275$141
Disney’s Beach Club Villas2002$72$275$140
Disney’s BoardWalk Villas1996$62.75$240$123
Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge2000$65$215$100
Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge2018$176$250$152
The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel2010$112$320$247
The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort2014$145$217$160
Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort1996$62.75$165$65
Disney’s Old Key West Resort1991$51$205$100
Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows2016$165$250$147
Disney’s Riviera Resort2020$188$217$133
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort2004$89$205$101
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort1995$60.50$150$65

How do I sell DVC for the most?

Talking with an Expert about pricing is valuable when you want to sell DVC. The DVC average resale prices above are examples based on a variety of different contracts with different point values. One thing you can do to make the most of selling DVC is present the most points possible. If you are trying to decide if you should use your points to book one last trip or not, maybe don’t. Having additional points available increases the value of the contract.

How do I sell DVC points the fastest?

You can speed up the DVC resale process by familiarizing yourself with our anticipated timeline and steps involved. See a full sample timeline with all of the steps laid out in our post How Long Does it Take to Sell Disney Vacation Club? Some things are out of your control when you sell DVC. For example, how long it takes the buyer or Disney to complete paperwork. When you work with an Expert, you can relax knowing someone is keeping an eye on things throughout the process.

Knowing the parts of the process you play an active role in and when those are coming up can help you be the most efficient. Another way to ensure the sale process runs smoothly in regards to time is to carefully fill out all paperwork. Little details being off can call for having to redo certain steps. 

DVC Resale Experts Can Help You Sell DVC Points

As a licensed real estate broker that specializes in resale, DVC Resale Experts can help you sell DVC points. You can expect helpful tips from our licensed real estate agents who were once Disney Vacation Club Guides. With decades of experience selling DVC points comes valuable insight. Having someone who can answer your questions from contract to close makes the process easy and relaxed. Get in touch today and take the first step.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at
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