How Much Do I Really Save with Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club - How much do I really save?

How Much Do I Really Save with Disney Vacation Club?

How Much Do I Really Save with Disney Vacation Club?

DVC Members enjoy many benefits, and the greatest of those is the fact that the total number of points available at each Disney Vacation Club Resort can never increase.  This is how DVC Membership gives you a hedge against inflation at Disney Vacation Club Resorts, providing members with tremendous savings.  The reason I don’t say “inflation proof” is that DVC Members pay annual dues that do go up over time, however the impact from this in the overall cost of owning Disney Vacation Club is miniscule compared to the actual room costs.

You may be wondering what I mean by “hedge against inflation.”  Let’s look at one of Disney’s first deluxe resorts, the Contemporary, for a great example of this.  Back in 1971 when the Magic Kingdom opened, guests were paying $29 per night for a room in the tower at the Contemporary.  Today, those same rooms go for more than $700 per night.  That’s an inflation rate of about 6.7% annually.  If we look 20 years into the future using this same inflation rate at Disney, this same room at the Contemporary will cost over $2560 per night.  Now, we don’t have a crystal ball, but the one thing that seems nearly as certain as death and taxes, is price increases at Disney, but DVC Members don’t have to worry about these rising room rates.  

If you buy your DVC Membership at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort through DVC Resale Experts today with 150 points, over the life of your membership you’d potentially save over $700,000!  With 150 points, you could stay in a Theme Park View Deluxe Studio for 7 nights through the Adventure or Choice seasons, almost the entire 5 month period from September through December, every year for the next 39 years.  During this same period in 2020, a 7 night stay in a Contemporary tower room would cost $5314 plus the 12.5% resort sales tax, giving a total cost of $5978.  If you’re good at finding great deals and save 20% every time you vacation at Disney, you’re paying $4783.  At the 6.7% inflation rate we’ve seen historically over the last 49 years, and continue to stay for the next 39 years (when your Bay Lake Tower deed expires), the cost would be more than $820,000!  

Let’s look at how much you’d save as a DVC Member.  If you buy 150 points at Bay Lake Tower through DVC Resale Experts for $144 per point, or $21,600, and pay the dues of $6.58, and assume they’ll go up 4% per year, your total over the next 39 years would be about $111,000, saving you over $700,000. 

Now you can see why you hear so many DVC Members raving about Disney Vacation Club!

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