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Is it Hard to Sell DVC Points?

Is it Hard to Sell DVC Points?

At one time, being a Disney Vacation Club owner may have been an exciting goal. Members love DVC but life happens and things change. Whatever the cause may be, it is absolutely possible to sell your DVC contract. Timeshares sometimes have a reputation for being hard to leave but that’s not the case at all with DVC. Members are able to sell their Memberships for any reason. Someone will be delighted to buy the contract too! So is it hard to sell DVC points? When you want to sell a DVC Membership, there are two parts to consider. We’ll go over both below and offer some tips along the way.

Is it Hard to Sell DVC Points?

Listing a Membership to Sell DVC Points is Easy

Hiring a licensed real estate broker will help you speed up the resale DVC process. There isn’t a Disney Vacation Club resale department so resale directly through Disney is not an option. DVC is very limited in their ability to help you with resale at all. There is, however, an entire professional industry that exists outside of Disney for those who want to sell DVC points or buy resale. 

The paperwork part is nothing to worry about at all. So much has changed with secure, digital communication! With a professional to guide you, you’ll be right on track and will have someone to answer your questions as you go. Though it is a kind of a real estate transaction when you sell DVC points, these transactions differ in complexity when compared to traditional real estate sales. There, of course, aren’t any showings to be had and no property inspections take place. Selling DVC points is much simpler than selling a home. Many buyers already know what they want and are just waiting to find the listing with the right home resort and point value. 

How Long it Takes to Sell DVC Points Can Vary

DVC Resale Experts has a Buyer Wish List that benefits resale buyers and sellers. When a potential buyer is interested in a particular kind of contract that’s not available at the time, they are able to join our Buyer Wish List. It’s possible there is someone on our list waiting for a contract like yours. 

Once a seller has accepted an offer, it generally takes about ten to twelve weeks to sell DVC points. This time includes the overall closing process. Responding swiftly and filling out information carefully will ensure your contract sells as quickly as possible. For a more detailed breakdown of this timeline including tips for each part of the closing process and when your Expert can offer the most helpful insight, see our post How Long Does it Take to Sell DVC?

DVC Resale Experts

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker that specializes in resale DVC. The Experts are always ready to sell DVC points and provide pixie dusted service. As former Disney Vacation Club Guides, our team gained valuable experience over the years helping many families make their DVC dreams come true. Now, as independent licensed real estate agents, the Experts continue to sell DVC points to happy customers who love Disney vacations. For more information on selling your DVC Membership, see Sell DVC Resale Your How To Guide.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at
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