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Disney Vacation Club resorts are found in the most magical places. These properties have features like whimsical architecture, beautifully themed pools and memorable amenities. Skyliner rides? Character meals? Fireworks from your resort? Let’s go! Disney Vacation Club ownership is a treasured prize for many Members. Those who shop resale can join in on the magic knowing they have even better rates available to them. With resale DVC, shop online by browsing current listings that are available any time. The market changes continuously and so do prices. Our tips and FAQs will help you get familiar with pricing, what to look for and navigating the market.    

Tips for Buying DVC, Shop Online When You Want

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the resale DVC market be unpredictable when it comes to pricing. If you’re just getting into the idea of buying DVC resale, monitoring resale DVC listings is a great way to get acquainted with potential rates.

If you’re ready to buy DVC resale, one way to get started is by getting in touch with one of the Experts. You can use the message box here on the site, send an email or call to get started. Not sure about what kind of offer to submit? Talk to one of the Experts for advice and a real time look at the market.

When you’ve found the perfect contract, you can submit an offer online in just a few clicks!

One of the highlights of resale DVC is that you can browse different contracts and see specific information about each of them.

Here are some things to look for when you shop for DVC contracts.

A floral arrangement featuring pink and white roses and green and white hydrangeas in the chic Grand Floridian resort lobby.
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa has a popular Disney Vacation Club home resort. This property is an example of a home resort with a higher per point price. Its location next to Magic Kingdom, classic theme and great restaurant selections and make it one many Members love.

DVC home resorts have different prices.

When you first start looking at DVC resale contracts, you’ll notice the pricing is quite different depending on the resort. Disney Vacation Club is priced per point. The more points you buy, the more you can stay at Disney resort hotels. The point charts for each resort determine what you can get with your points.

Some potential owners choose to shop by home resort because they have a favorite place to stay. Do you need to buy DVC where you want to stay? It depends how much you care about staying at a certain resort. Other shoppers are more economic and shop by home resort depending on price. 

The amount of points on a DVC resale contract changes the per point price.

Something you should know is that the amount of points you buy also changes the per point price. As with many things, typically the more you buy, the less you’ll pay per unit. A 200 point contract may have a better deal per point because of the point value. In opposition, a small contract may have a higher per point price. Prices vary by seller too.

It’s also good to know that DVC resale is often negotiable. This depends on the seller’s preference of course.

Disney Vacation Club contracts can have different amounts of points available.

With resale DVC, shop the points available that make sense for you. Here’s an example. Maybe you’re looking at a few different contracts. The home resort and point value could be the same but the price can differ because of the points available. This is different than a point value.

At any given time, DVC Members have three different years they could have points from. Banking and borrowing make this possible.

Points are put into your account on what is called a use year. This is the month you get your points basically. Now if you don’t plan to use those points before a certain date, you’ll need to bank, or save, them for another year.

The opposite of this is borrowing points. Maybe an owner wants to use their points from this year and next year together to book extra luxurious accommodations. It’s possible. 

This is why we may see a 100 point contract have 300 points available. Last year, this year and next year’s points may all be unused. If you buy a contract with all of the points available possible, you’ll be able to book more trips.

It’s also possible to buy a contract that has no points available. This isn’t always a bad thing. It just means you’ll have to wait a bit to book a trip with that contract. If you’ve already set your vacation plans for the current year that might be something you want.

A light shines bright in the otherwise near dark Polynesian resort marina.
Shop around at different DVC resorts to compare resale per point prices. Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows is another popular home resort in the Magic Kingdom area. DVC resorts come in all kinds of themes and price points. The new tower opening at the Polynesian will provide even more DVC options and value for Members.

Resale DVC: Shop Around Online for the Right Contract FAQs

How often are new DVC resale contracts listed?

New DVC resale contracts are listed all the time. The beauty of an online listing marketplace is that things can change any time. The digital world moves so fast today. When you want to shop DVC resale, it’s ready.

When should you shop DVC? Is there a certain day new resale contracts are listed?

DVC Resale Experts moves fast and lists contracts on the market quickly. There isn’t a certain day of the week or time of day that’s best. When you’re on the resale market for DVC, shop any time!

Know that you can let DVC Resale Experts know what you’re looking for and they can help you find it. This is especially helpful with hard to find resale DVC contracts. You can be notified when a particular home resort, point value, etc. becomes available by joining the DVC Resale Experts Buyer Wish List. 

How many DVC resale points should I shop for?

When you’re shopping for the perfect DVC contract, the point value is a major consideration. How many points you buy determines a lot about the kind of stays you can book. Want to stay during peak times? Interested in extended stays? Want to use your points to book large villas? All of these will have an impact on how many points you buy and how you resale DVC shop.

Get acquainted with the DVC point charts at the resort, or resorts, you’re considering. This will help you get an idea for a point value that will suit your needs. Remember banking and borrowing help as well. You can carry over unused points to the next year or use points early to make the number of points you have work best for you.

Can you buy DVC points in small quantities?

If budget is steering your purchase, starting out with a small contract might be a good choice. With resale DVC, shop the point values that make sense to you. You may not be on the market for a 150 or 100 point contract. Resale provides a wide range of options you can’t always get from Disney Vacation Club directly.

Can someone help me shop and find the right DVC resale contract?

Yes! As fun as it is to browse listings and shop DVC, you may need help finding the right contract. If you’re not seeing the contract you want, it may be a rare DVC resale market contract. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find. Certain contracts only come around so often. You may be looking for a point value that’s less common. Disney only sells contracts with point values of 100 points or more now. This means that the number of contracts under 100 points isn’t getting any bigger. Some resorts are more popular than others. Contracts at these home resorts may spend less time on the market. DVC Resale Experts has a buyer wish list to help serve clients best.

Shop Points with DVC Resale Experts

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team that specializes in resale DVC. Whether you’re adding on points, buying or selling Disney Vacation Club, the Experts can help you find the right price to place a bid with or list your contract for. Our independent, licensed real estate agents are former Disney Vacation Club Guides. They have decades of pixie dusted experience selling DVC and delight in providing excellent service to their clients. The Experts have seen it all and are happy to answer your questions throughout the process.

DVC resale prices can pleasantly surprise Members interested in selling DVC. See our resale DVC listings for a look at real time availability and pricing. Ready to sell DVC? Get in touch for a complimentary valuation of your specific contract today. There may be someone waiting on our Buyer Wish List for a contract just like yours.

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