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Three Reasons Not to Buy DVC by Resale

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When you’re thinking about joining Disney Vacation Club, resale DVC can make the opportunity much more affordable. However, there are a few reasons not to buy DVC by resale. Whether resale DVC is right for you or not depends on a few things. How you want to use your time when visiting Disney is something to think about. Your vacation preferences and wishes for how you like to travel can help you determine if resale is a good option for you.

DVC Resale: Why Not to Buy

1. You can’t stay at all of the home resorts when you buy DVC by resale.

If you want to be able to book at any DVC resort with your points, DVC resale is not for you. This is because DVC resale has restrictions with booking.

The original 14 DVC resorts have some flexibility. If you buy at one of those properties, you can book at any of the others in that category using your resale points.

However you can only use DVC resale points to book at Disney’s Riviera Resort if you purchase at Riviera, making it your home resort. If you purchase at one of the first fourteen DVC resorts, you cannot use your resale points to book at Riviera. We expect this type of standard operating procedure to apply to all resorts built after Riviera as well.

The one exception is when a resort has an expansion that is part of the home resort that is already there. For example, over at Disney’s Polynesian Village resort, a beautiful new DVC tower is coming to life. This is an expansion of the current DVC home resort there. That is one of the original 14 DVC home resorts. This means it is possible to buy DVC resale points somewhere like Boulder Ridge and still use your points in the new DVC tower at the Polynesian based on availability.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

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One of the reasons you may not want to buy DVC by resale is if you want to be able to stay at every Disney Vacation Club home resort. Starting with Disney’s Riviera Resort, pictured above, things changed and resale points can not be used to book there unless it is your home resort. Also, if you buy resale at Riviera, you can not use your points to book at any other home resort. This is not the case when you buy directly from Disney Vacation Club. However, if you buy at one of the original fourteen DVC resorts you can use resale points to book at the rest of those resorts. This gives you quite a variety of places to choose from including some of the most popular DVC resorts.

2. Do not buy DVC by resale if you want to attend DVC events.

Another reason you may not want to buy DVC resale is because of the special Membership events. If you think you might want to go to DVC events like Moonlight Magic, resale is not the place to start for you. The reason being, you can only attend events like Moonlight Magic or Disney Cruise Line Member sailings if you qualify for Membership Extras. Membership Extras are only for DVC owners who have purchased 150 points, or more, from Disney Vacation Club directly.

Those are the current standards and that could change in the future. You are able to buy a minimum of 100 points from Disney but that alone will not qualify you for Membership Extras. As long as you have your 150 direct points, or qualify already, you can add on with resale to both save money on points and be eligible for special perks. Many people have a combination of direct and resale points.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort map art with a bamboo frame.
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is a classic Disney World hotel in a great location next to Magic Kingdom. Guests can take a boat to Magic Kingdom Park right from this resort. The DVC offering at the Polynesian opened with Two Bedroom Bungalows that sleep up to eight and Deluxe Studios that sleep up to five. With the addition of the new DVC tower, guests of Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows have more options when it comes to accommodations.

3. If you don’t go to Disney destinations that often, DVC resale might not be for you.

If you only visit Disney destinations every few years, and don’t want to change that, it may be a reason not to buy DVC resale or at all. You can use the banking or borrowing method to use points early or delay using your points. That only stretches out so far though. Visiting annually or every other year makes DVC worth it.

Remember You Can Sell DVC Anytime.

One of the nicest things about DVC is that you can sell it if you no longer want it. This takes a lot of pressure off of making decisions regarding Disney Vacation Club. Some decisions are fun. Which home resort should I buy at? Some DVC decisions are a little more practical. How many DVC points should I buy? This really depends on how often you want to go, where you want to stay and what your budget is.

Even if you feel confident in your decisions now, it’s ok if things change. 

If you decide you want to sell, it’s possible. Perhaps you bought DVC resale at one time thinking that visiting Top of the World Lounge was not important to you. Maybe years have passed, the kids have grown up, and you’re thinking you might like to have more relaxed visits to Disney World.

DVC Resale Experts is happy to help owners, and potential owners, buy and sell DVC.

The resale value of Disney Vacation Club makes it different than other timeshares. You can use your DVC contract for a year or a few years, and if you change your mind about something, sell it.

With the amount of savings resale can provide, it can be a really impactful financial decision to go that direction. Disney advertises that you can “save on your future vacations” with DVC. Resale DVC makes it an even more cost effective choice to join.

Why Buy Through Disney Vacation Club and Not Resale

In short, buying DVC by resale may not be for you. You want to visit Member exclusive spaces like lounges or have the option to stay at all of the resorts? You can confidently pass on DVC resale. Buying direct is the right choice for those interested in DVC with Membership Extras.

If at any point things change, resale DVC can provide the most economic route. If you plan to buy more than 150 points, there’s always the option to buy what is needed for Membership Extras through Disney directly and to buy additional points through resale. Owning multiple contracts is simplified by purchasing contracts with the same Use Year.

Have specific questions about direct DVC vs. buying DVC resale? Talk to an Expert today for answer specific to your needs.

DVC Resale Experts Can Help

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker. You can count on our team that specializes in resale DVC. Whether you want to buy or sell DVC by resale, the Experts can help. Our independent, licensed real estate agents are former Disney Vacation Club Guides. They have decades of pixie dusted experience selling DVC and delight in providing excellent service to their clients. Need to find the right price to place a bid with? Not sure what to list your contract for? The Experts have seen it all and are happy to answer your questions throughout the process.

DVC resale prices can pleasantly surprise Members interested in selling DVC. See our resale DVC listings listings for a look at real time availability and pricing. Ready to sell DVC? Get in touch for a complimentary valuation of your specific contract today. There may be someone waiting on our Buyer Wish List for a contract just like yours.

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