Top DVC Resale Myths Cleared Up

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Top DVC Resale Myths Cleared Up

Top DVC Resale Myths Cleared Up

The biggest myth that I hear constantly has arisen from DVC’s latest resale restrictions on January 19, 2019.  Many believe that if they buy DVC resale contracts, they can only use their points to book reservations at their Home Resort.  This is only true if you purchase a DVC Resale contract at Riviera.  If you purchase a contract at any of the other 14 resorts that currently exist, you can use your DVC Points to book at any of the other 14 DVC Resorts that opened prior to 2019.

Another common myth surrounds Home Resort Priority.  When you purchase a DVC Resale contract, yes, you still get the 11 month Home Resort Priority window at your Home Resort.

More misinformation exists around the ability to use your DVC Resale Points to book resorts in the RCI World Collection.  You can definitely use points from your DVC Resale contract to book any of the more than 4000 RCI resorts around the world.  

We also hear that there are restrictions when using DVC Resale Points to book the World Collection, however this is also untrue.  There are no restrictions around using your resale points to book World Collection resorts.  This is important, since th eWorld Collection offers an incredible savings at many of the RCI resorts around the world.  Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that the Disney Collection, consisting of Disney Cruises, Adventures By Disney, and Disney Hotels are restricted and cannot be booked with DVC Resale Points.  Those aren’t even a good value though.  There is a huge disparity in value when using points for RCI compared to Disney Cruises, Adventures By Disney and Disney Hotels.  For more on that, please read our blog post on DVC Cruise Economics.

Below are a few examples showing you the value of each collection by detailing how much (in dollars) a point is worth when used in each collection.  This is only an example, but gives you an idea of the vast differences in value.

Value Ranking Collection Vacation Dollars Points Value (Dollars Per Point)
1 Disney Vacation Club 1 Night, Animal Kingdom Savannah View, Magic Season $667 per Night 19 per Night $35.11
2 World Collection 1 Week at Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia, 1 Bedroom, Ocean View $3479 per Week 150 per Week $23.19
3 * Rental Income Per Point with DVC Rental Store Use Cash from Point Rental to Book Vacation $16.00
4 Disney Collection Adventures By Disney, 7 Night Italy, 8/11/20 $6429 per Person 710 per Person $9.05
5 Disney Collection Disney Cruise Line 4 Night Disney Dream, Veranda Stateroom, 5/20/20  $3983 for 2 Adults 446 for 2 Adults $8.93
6 Concierge Collection 1 Night Hyatt Regency Maui, Ocean View, 7/28/20 $524 per Night 116 per Night $4.52

* Although renting DVC Points isn’t a collection, it’s a great option that provides a much greater value for you to use your points to experience some of the collections, such as the Concierge Collection, Disney Cruises and Adventures By Disney.

As you would expect, Disney Vacation Club is the best value for a DVC Member’s points at more than $35 per point.  Keep in mind that when you buy DVC on the resale market, your cost per point can be less than $10.  (For a quick refresher on how to calculate what you actually pay in total per DVC point, please click here.) The World Collection also offers an incredible value for using your DVC Points, at more than $23 per point.  (In the example above, I used one RCI resort, however if you’d like to view every one of the more than 4000 RCI resorts you can book with your DVC Membership, please visit  

The most important point to keep in mind when comparing the above information is that if you are receiving less than $16 in value from your DVC Points, you’re better off renting them and using the cash to book your vacation.  Using your DVC Points for the Disney Collection and Concierge Collection is simply throwing money down the drain.

For a detailed explanation of how Disney Vacation Club works economically, please visit DVC Resale vs. Direct – Financial Savings.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at
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