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Trouble in CyberSpace

Trouble in CyberSpace

Trouble in CyberSpace

Another one of the many reasons we love being DVC members is all the magical park perks that your DVC family is entitled to. A simple flash of your DVC Membership card and your discounts start appearing as quickly as Cinderella’s ball gown dress transformation in our 1950’s favorite fairytale. (Fun fact: that scene was Walt’s favorite piece of animation.) However, for some DVC Members the access to their DVC discounts has felt more like a chore than going to a ball. The DVC Membership card went digital this year, and there are still some glitches in cyberspace. 

All blue card carrying membership’s cards expired the last day of the year in 2021, encouraging DVC Members to download their digital membership card. The digital card either displays a “DVC Y” for members that qualify for direct benefits or a “DVC ND” for non-eligible members. This lets Disney cast members know at checkout if that DVC member qualifies for instant benefits. The main glitch right now is, the digital cards are not being accurately represented for each member. Many DVC members have filed complaints stating that their app is displaying “DVC ND” when it should read “DVC Y.” Without the physical card to prove that these members do qualify, and with no way to resolve the current technological issue…it’s leaving cast members and DVC members more lost than that glass slipper left behind at the ball.

Disney has yet to put out a formal statement as to whether they are actively trying to resolve this issue, but there is something you can do for your next DVC Vacation to prevent any direct discount issues.

For those grandfathered-in DVC members and resale members with blue cards without prior restrictions, printing a physical card from your online portal may be your fairy Godmother for your next DVC vacation. A printed copy of your DVC card is valid for 30 days from the time of printing, meaning you’d have to print a new copy every 30 days. At least until this issue is settled. Bringing a physical printed out copy will guarantee that cast members know what discounts and perks you are entitled to at check out. Making your souvenir purchasing and dining experiences as easy as saying, bippity boppity boo! 

Make sure you are receiving all the DVC benefits you qualify for by checking your digital card before your next DVC Vacation. And remember printing out a physical copy is the best way to ensure you and your DVC family receive all the magic that comes with being a DVC member!

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