What Do You Not Get By Buying DVC Resale vs. Direct

What Do You Not Get By Buying DVC Resale

What Do You Not Get By Buying DVC Resale vs. Direct

If you love the thought of staying at Deluxe tier Disney Resort hotels every year, Disney Vacation Club sounds like it could be a great fit for you. With DVC resale, it’s possible to save thousands on a contract. We’re discussing answers to the question, ‘what do you not get by buying DVC resale vs. direct?’ DVC Members who have a blue Membership Card are eligible for all of the perks and extras Disney Vacation Club comes with. As a new Member, you would need to purchase 150 points directly from Disney to qualify for a blue card. Resale DVC does not come with all of the blue card benefits. Still, no matter how you consider it, the savings you get with resale are unbeatable. However, it’s important to know all the details and be aware of exactly what you will and won’t be eligible for if you purchase DVC resale. Let’s dive in.

What Do You Not Get By Buying DVC Resale vs. Direct?


Disney is pricey and who doesn’t love a discount. Disney Vacation Club does have discounts but only for those who have the blue Membership Card. If you’re interested in DVC, it’s likely you’re a Disney fan and you may already be receiving discounts at Disney one way or another. Annual Passes and the Disney Chase Visa Card both come with discounts comparable to the DVC discounts.


Disney Vacation Club hosts Member Events like Moonlight Magic and Member Cruises. Those who purchase DVC through resale are unable to participate in these or other events. There are additional restrictions in regards to Disney Vacation Club Member Events, even for those who qualify to attend, like potentially needing to have a resort reservation at the time of the event. Also, these events sell out and do not accommodate all wishing to attend. 


There are a few exclusive Disney Vacation Club Member lounges. One in Epcot in the Imagination Pavilion and one one top of Bay Lake Tower. In order to be eligible to enjoy them, DVC Members must be eligible for all perks.

Assorted Booking Options

Members who buy DVC through resale are ineligible to use their points to book other offerings such as Adventures by Disney. Disney Cruise Line is also not an option to book with resale points but it very rarely ends up being a good spend of points when you do the math. There are additional booking restrictions with resale related to Disney’s Riviera Resort in particular. If you buy DVC resale with Riviera as your Home Resort you are not able to use those points to book at other resorts. Inversely, if you buy DVC resale anywhere but Riviera, you can not use your points to book at Riviera. There is still incredible flexibility in booking with all other Disney Vacation Club Resorts at this time. For example, if you purchase Old Key West through resale you can use those points to book at any other DVC resort built before Riviera. 

Visit Disney Vacation Club for a complete list of what is included with resale vs. direct.

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