What is Owner’s Locker and why do I wish I knew about it sooner?

Owner's Locker

As Disney Vacation Club members, we love Disney Magic, family bonding, and memories. But, we also know that even though DVC makes it the most easy breezy vacation planning ever… packing and organizing your household to get to the most magical place on the earth, is not the most magical thing on earth.

The week before a Disney trip is filled with anticipation and “Don’t pack that, it won’t fit in the carry-on!”, “We’ll buy a new one when we get there”, and “I wish we could take this” conversations. (or let’s be real arguments and crying fits. ) That WAS the case until (drumroll)


Owner’s Locker is a company that will hold all of your favorite Orlando must-haves, (that you only use in Orlando)  in a climate controlled warehouse until the next time you put on those Mickey Ears. Mickey Ears for the family that you always lose? Put em’ in the locker? That Kate Spade Minnie Mouse purse that you HAD to have, but will only use on vacation? Put it in the locker. The inner tubes, goggles, extra swimsuits, air mattress, the espresso maker, a crock pot to make some easy “after park” dinners, the extra sunscreen, the water bottles, the full size toiletries that you bought that TSA says are a hazard? All in the locker. Did we mention, that as well as store, they also bring your belongings to your resort the day you check in, and pick it up on the day you check out? Owner’s locker describes it as “magic” and that’s a word that is near and dear to our hearts. 

Not only is Owner’s Locker more convenient, it’s also more cost effective than the prices most airlines charge to add on luggage for everyone in your family. How does it work?

First, go to ownerslocker.com and make an account. There are three packages to choose from: 

Value Plan $8.50Storage in climate controlled warehouse.Roundtrip visits $27.50 on first locker. $13.75 on each additional locker
Moderate Plan $10.50ONE FREE ROUNDTRIP LOCKER.Storage in climate controlled warehouse.Roundtrip visits $27.50 on first locker. $13.75 on each additional locker. 
Deluxe Plan$19.00UNLIMITED FREE roundtrips and storage in a climate controlled warehouse.
per month 

Once you make an account, you can schedule your drop off and pick up day. It’s that easy. Your least favorite part of vacationing, just got easier. And with less stress, there’s more room for Disney Magic. 

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Disney Blogger Nicole and Disney CEO Bob Iger

Sparkly Nicole

Nicole is a native Floridian who attended the University of Central Florida and decided to call the land of theme parks home. She’s been sharing magical tips, tricks and Orlando travel and tourism favorites online for over a decade.

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