What Kind of Groceries Can You Buy at Your DVC Resort?

DVC Groceries

Disney Vacation Club stays can provide more flexibility when it comes to meal planning. Disney restaurants and meals are a highlight of every trip but it’s always nice to have options. From kitchenettes to full kitchens and dining rooms, DVC accommodations give you the chance to vacation your way. If you want to have three sit down dining reservations every day, be my guest. Maybe all quick service, all the time is the way you get the most into your day. Some vacationers might like to make a few meals back at their room and with your own kitchen, that’s totally a possibility. You can easily have groceries delivered through many different outlets but what kind of groceries can you buy at your DVC resort? Even if you stock your fridge with a grocery delivery, it’s good to know what’s available at your hotel in case you forget an item or run out of something. Whether you like to have a grab and go breakfast on hand, stock your room with snacks or save a little on dinner by making your own, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Disney Vacation Club sundries shops.


What Kind of Groceries Can You Buy at Your DVC Resort? 

Each Disney Vacation Club home resort has a store that sells useful little things you might need on your trip. This is typically separate from the main merchandise and other retail locations you might find at the property but the stores may be combined. For example, at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge the store Wilderness Lodge Mercantile is the main shopping space but also has an area in the back with handy items like groceries, snacks and sunscreen. At Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, the store that carries grocery food items is Sandy Cove Gifts and Sundries. Hours for this retail location are typically 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The Disney website says at this location guests can find hotel logo souvenirs, sundries, snacks, postcards, luggage and more. At Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, guests can find these kinds of items in Fantasia Market. This is a small store on the fourth floor underneath the monorail. Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows guests have the Moana Mercantile on the second floor of the lobby to shop for groceries. Check the My Disney Experience App for the retail locations at your Disney Vacation Club Resort.


At DVC resorts, there are plenty of snacks to be found. You will usually find many of the options also available in the parks like the bags that have Chip and Dale on them with pretzels, nut mixes and other savory bites. Then there’s always candy: specific Disney branded sweets and chocolates and such you would usually find at a gas station. Snacks are a plenty with regular grocery store options like Ritz crackers, Nabisco saltine crackers, full size bags of Ruffles, Lays and others chips and Hostess baked goods. In these spots you can also come across other Disney co-branded items like 50th anniversary Coca-Cola bottles or whatever is current at the time of your visit.

The groceries overall seem to be the same, or nearly the same, at every resort. Breakfast options are easy to find with items like boxes of Entenmann’s donuts, cereal and milk, and Thomas english muffins and bagels. There are typically all kinds of breads. Arnold brand seems to be the one you’ll find and in options like whole, wheat, white and Italian. Surprisingly, these shops also sell refrigerated items like meats, dairy and cheeses. You can really put a meal together from the options available like eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese. There are frozen options, too, like pizzas, and many more lunch and dinner items. Ore Ida tater tots, Bird’s Eye frozen broccoli, Uncrustables, spaghetti, pasta sauce and instant Kraft macaroni and cheese can be on the menu in your Disney Vacation Club villa. Fresh fruits and vegetables are around but you won’t find a large selection to choose from. Usually apples and bananas are the fruits of choice. Then in the refrigerated section you can find pre-made veggie trays with popular snacks like carrots and celery.


In the past, Disney was better at accommodating different allergies and dietary preferences. Since the parks have reopened, there aren’t quite as many allergy friendly options. Some brands have disappeared from the parks and resorts completely. It’s not clear if Disney will bring back additional plant based options, gluten free picks and other selections helpful for those with food sensitivities. If you’re dairy free, vegan or avoiding any common food allergens, you may need to bring your own snacks or dine out for the best options. However, there are some non-dairy milks and gluten free sweets to choose from.

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