5 Tips: What to Do During Line Time- Without Your Phone!

5 Tips: What to Do During Line Time- Without Your Phone!

As DVC Members, saying we love Disney is an understatement, and we aren’t the only ones. We also know how many other people LOVE Disney, and wait times prove that! If you are waiting in line for an attraction without Lighting Lane or Genie + , with kiddos who have no real concept of time, 5 more minutes can feel like Infinity and Beyond. We’ve collected a little bag of tricks that will keep your little one entertained-without your phone and with memory makers included!

#1 Reading Books

Little books are great for time passers (especially if they include Disney characters to keep the magic going!) Make it part of your souvenir collections, Disney has just about every souvenir we can dream up, so take full advantage. Encourage your kids to pick out some Disney books in the parks or at Disney Springs that they are only allowed to read during line waits! This will make the books themselves special and will give a positive to waiting for a few extra minutes for your next Disney attraction.

#2 Old School Games

Even though they’ve been around for forever, kids still love them and so do we. At home between Target runs and soccer practice shuffles, we’ll admit we don’t play car games as much as we’d like. Bring out I Spy , 20 Questions, or Guess What Disney Character I Am. For bigger families, take turns with who gets to pick the next game, and even pack along some prizes. A ziplock bag filled with stickers or IOU’s saying ‘Mickey Bar Whenever You Want”, or “You Pick Lunch Today” takes two minutes to put together before you leave and can be real life savers from whines and cries from waiting. You might even get some neighboring line waiters to play along with you!

#3 Fuel Up and Hydrate

For those park days where you are trying to park hop and get the most of Disney Magic, line waits are perfect built in breaks to drink water and fuel up with a snack. If the wait is really long and outside, maybe this is when you decide to take your afternoon ice cream treat break, for the littles that take 25 minutes to eat a cone!

#4 Bring Special Small Toys

When you are packing for your trip, order a few of your kiddos favorite characters as small toys! You can even wrap them up and keep them in your diaper bag or backpack as a surprise during your first line wait. Include a fun note saying these are for Disney breaks only, to keep an element of surprise and magic to playing with them. 

#5 Recall Memories

Growing up, our favorite memories at Disney were making up silly dances in line, or talking about funny moments that had happened already on that trip. Use this time to check in with your family, ask what they want to do next and what they are really looking forward to! Even though the grandparents REALLY want that picture of your little one in front of the castle, send it once you get back on the monorail, and enjoy your family in the happiest place on earth!

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