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5 Tips on How to Stay Cool at Disney

5 Tips on How to Stay Cool at Disney

5 Tips on How to Stay Cool at Disney

Florida is sunny and warm year round, and DVC members know that there’s nothing more memorable (and hotter) than summer DVC Vacations. Between that Florida heat and Disney Magic, there are warm feelings all around. And while there are many cool perks to being a DVC member, having instant Elsa cooling powers is not one of them. (Maybe next year…) Here are some new DVC member hacks to keep your family cool this summer!

Drink Tons of Water

This should go without saying, but we know what it’s like for our bodies to be begging for water and our minds say, “I think I need an iced coffee.” Pretend you are Nemo or Ariel and drink up, friend. Dehydration can lead to fainting, dizziness and migraines, which do not mix well with Disney Magic. We recommend drinking a full bottle of water before you get to the parks, and setting a timer to rehydrate every hour. Most restaurants will give free ice water in cups that you can use to fill up water bottles throughout the day, so you and your bank account won’t get dehydrated.

Eat Lunch in the AC

Dinner reservations are always a DVC favorite, but try incorporating lunch reservations. Lunch pricing can be less costly at some restaurants in the parks and it’s a great chance to get out of the sun and cool down in the AC, fueling up your family for the second half of the day! 

Wear Breathable Clothes

Thin, light-colored, fast drying, breathable clothing is your best friend on park days. Although denim is very stylish, DVC members say jean shorts on a hot July day are not the smartest fashion choice. Denim doesn’t dry as quickly as most active wear, and quick drying clothes are what you want during a Florida summer day or after Splash Mountain! 

Hats and Sunglasses

Luckily, there are so many indoor attractions in Disney that getting out of the sun is fairly easy. But, for those strolls and outdoor waits, keep some shade over your head and sunglasses over your eyes. There are Mickey Ear Hats, so you stay in full Disney mode and have full sun coverage. 

Ice Cream Treats 

We did a whole blog on the best park ice creams here, (insert link to 22 Summer 2022 Ice Cream treats) and a refreshing ice cream or cold fruity Dole Whip hits the spot on hot summer days. Ice Cream breaks also help to add a little sugar and energy to your day and take a break from the hot sun!

Don’t forget to wear your SPF and reapply several times throughout the day, you want your face hurt from smiling- not from SUNBURN!

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