7 Must Packs for a Disney Day with Kids!

7 Must Packs for a Disney Day with Kids!

For those of you that have little ones that you can’t wait to share the magic with,-we have you covered when it comes to your packing needs. You don’t need to bring as much as you think, especially if your little one likes to spend more time on their feet. Disney and your DVC Resort will sell many of these items, but for your convenience, you probably already have them, so save time and money and pack these from your home. 


If you have small ones at running around, I don’t need to pitch to you the product of wipes. They are wonderful and so versatile- a must pack for your trip. Accidents happen, so make sure to purchase a few travel size packages to keep at your DVC resort and restock your backpack as needed.This leads us to…

Change of Clothes

For the incidents that are too much of a job for wipes, bring a change of clothes. Something light weight, easy to change into and carry. Cotton outfits for little ones are fast drying and comfortable for long park days. You would not be the first parent to try to dry a shirt under a park restroom hand dryer. 

Your Family’s First-Aid

Of course, Disney parks offer first-aid supplies, but keeping a few extra band-aids on hand will keep you from losing your spot in line on Space Mountain. (Those first day park blisters are a friend to no one.) Also, in that small ziplock bag, put in your family’s most used first-aid items: from Pepto tablets to Tylenol, don’t let anything get in the way of your Disney memories. Remember, you don’t need to bring all 196 tablets of Ibuprofen, probably three tablets will do for the day. They will hardly take up any room, and might be a life saver!

Condense Your Purse & Wallet

Before you start packing, completely clear out your diaper bag, purse, or backpack. Everyone loves Disney, but your Target receipt from last summer doesn’t need to come to Epcot with you. While you are condensing, switch to a smaller/slimmer wallet. You really only need your ID, credit/debit cards, and cash. The library card from the local library can stay at home…oh, and make sure to return those books before your trip!

Refillable Water Bottle

I love the 6 dollar Dasani waters at Disney as much as the next person, but taking a small refillable water bottle on your trip might help you save the bank, your back, and from dehydration. Most restaurants will give you free water or ice refills and there are fountains all over the park to refill. 


With growing little ones, when hunger strikes, you might not make it through a five minute snack check out line before your little one performs a fireworks show of their own. You need snacks on hand. So many children’s snacks in the food aisle even have Disney characters on the packages to stay with the theme of your DVC vacation. Do not pack anything that can leak or spill! Applesauces and veggie/fruit pouches can stay in the fridge at your DVC resort, they don’t need to run down your back mid park day. 


Travel sized sunscreens are always a year round must in Florida and California. This is true especially if you are coming from a state with less year round sunshine. Apply it throughout the day to avoid ordering Aloe Vera to your DVC room at night. 

You are a Disney Vacation Club member, and one of the reasons we become members is to enjoy the best of Disney with our favorite people. Do not let a little blister, headache, or hangry toddler meltdown get in the way of you making memories! 

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at Info@DVCResaleExperts.com.
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Nicole is a native Floridian who attended the University of Central Florida and decided to call the land of theme parks home. She’s been sharing magical tips, tricks and Orlando travel and tourism favorites online for over a decade.

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