7 Reasons Why We Love Aulani: A Disney Resort & Spa!

7 Reasons

Not only is Hawaii the home to some of our favorite Disney characters: Lilo, Stitch, Moana and Maui, but it’s also home to one of our all time favorite Disney Resorts: Aulani. Aulani: A Disney Resort & Spa offers a one of a kind tropical Hawaiian experience that should definitely be on your family’s Disney Vacation Bucket List. And we are here to give just a few reasons why you should book your Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride today.

1.) Premium Character Experiences

Aulani offers the hard to find character meet and greets! Not only are there characters that are unique to this resort, there are also experiences to go along with it. Moana would much rather be on the island of Hawaii than the peninsula of Florida, she’s an island girl. During your Aulani stay not only will you be able to meet Moana, your family will have the chance to sign up to play interactive Hawaiian games with her. You can also find your favorite Disney characters during a Pool Party at the Waikolohe Pool, or at Aunty’s Beach House where your family will be immersed in Hawaiian culture.

2.) Laniwai Spa

Laniwai meaning “freshwater heaven” is just that AND Disney’s first spa created exclusively with Disney guests in mind. This spa full of massages and herbal body remedies was imagined to help you take relaxation to a whole new world. This is probably the first time relax and Disney Vacation are used in the same sentence. Laniwai is a full service spa, salon, and fitness center which includes an outdoor hydrotherapy garden, Kula Wai (which we will talk about more later.) The spa has nothing but gold star reviews and is most famous for its signature massage, Limiloni. Limiloni is an old Hawaiian massage that offers a technique passed down from healing elders over many generations. The massage is meant to help rid the body of fatigue, tension, and restore positive energy while rejuvenating the heart and mind. We recommend reserving one at the start of your vacation. 

3.) Kula Wai: Outdoor Hydrotherapy Garden

Kula Wai is the only outdoor hydrotherapy garden in O’ahu, and it’s located right in the Aulani Resort. With booking reservations you and your family can enjoy private vitality baths, soaking pools, waterfall rain showers and the healing magic of hydrotherapy. Kula Wai’s hydrotherapy is the use of water temperature changes to reset your mind and immune system while increasing your body’s circulation. This is an old Hawaiian remedy for a boosted immune system and mind and heart health. 

4.) Painted Sky: HI Style Studio

The pampering isn’t just for the adults, Painted Sky: Hawaiian Style Studio was dreamed up for Disney kids ages 3-12. Painted Sky is a spa…the way a kid would want it. The kid inspired spa will make sure your little island goer is Luau ready. Some of the most popular packages are below:

Aloha Minnie Luau

Prices starting at $130 (plus tax)

• Hairstyling

• Organic Shimmer Makeup

• Aloha Minnie Dress

• Plumeria Clip

Luau Bound

Prices starting at $130 (plus tax)

• Hairstyling

• Organic Shimmer Makeup

• Aloha Woven Dress

• Plumeria Clip


Prices starting at $120 (plus tax)

• Hairstyling

• Polynesian Temporary Tattoo

• Light up Fish Hook

• Aulani Resort Aloha Shirt


Hawaii Girl Swim

Prices starting at $130 (plus tax)

• Hairstyling

• Organic Shimmer Makeup

• 5 piece swim set

Moana Swim

Prices starting at $145 (plus tax)

• Hairstyling

• Organic Shimmer Makeup

• Moana Swimsuit

• UV Necklace

• UV Bracelet

Mermaid Swim Package

Prices starting at $175 (plus tax)

• Hairstyling

• Organic Shimmer Makeup

• Mermaid Tail

• Mermaid Swimsuit (1piece)

5.) BEST Beaches and Pools

If getting some pool time is a high priority on your Hawaiian vacation, Aulani’s pools and beaches will have you on island time faster than you can say, “Aloha.” The resort offers 6 pools and a private beach to soak up on family time and sunshine. The Waikolohe Pool is the place to be if you are feeling like a social butterfly and want to spend time making memories with other resort guests. Waikolohe Pool offers water slides and activities for all ages, and is filled with lazy rivers, tubing adventures, and more.

6.)The Menehune Adventure Trail

The Menehune Adventure Trail is included in your Aulani resort package. What is it? A high-tech family scavenger hunt adventure. Previous island guests say this adventure is an amazing way to see the magical intricacies of the resort, and is best to do at the beginning of your vacation so you can really know your lay of the (is)land. You’ll have to sign out a special tablet at the Pau Hana Community Center to get started on this adventure which is recommended for night. The sunset views make for a breathtaking adventure. 

7.) KA WA’A,  Hawaiian Luau

You cannot go to Aulani, or Hawaii for that matter, without experiencing a traditional Hawaiian Luau. This Luau is an enchanting three hour storytelling journey full of dancing, cultural music, and songs located on the Hālāwai Lawn. The night’s schedule is currently as follows:

*Lū’au introduction and welcome show.

*Three-course plated bento dinner featuring fresh local produce, island fish and many other Hawaiian favorites.

*Lū’au performance—a breath taking performance that brings the history of Hawaii to life. 

Current Pricing for KA WA’A is as follows but is subject to change.

Preferred Seating: Price beginning May 2022 – $199 Adults/$119 Kids  (ages 3- 9). Children under 3 are free. 

General Seating: Price beginning May 2022 – $170 Adults/$99 Kids (ages 3-9) Children under 3 are free 

These are just some of our favorite highlights about Aulani: Disney’s Resort and Spa, and is only the tip of the volcano of the magic that waits you and your loved ones. This resort was designed and inspired to bring your family together, and we will assure you, it will do just that. And to quote one of our favorite Hawaiian characters, Lilo,  “O’hana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

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