How To Sell DVC Membership

Can You Buy DVC Resale From Disney?

Can You Buy DVC Resale From Disney?

Can You Buy DVC Resale From Disney?

There’s no doubt Disney Vacation Club contracts can be pretty pricey. Resale DVC makes becoming a Member or adding on points much more affordable. Resale refers to buying a contract from a Member. So what happens when a Member defaults or sells their contract back to Disney? Can you buy DVC resale from Disney? Let’s dive into the details.

Can You Buy DVC Resale From Disney?

The short answer is no. You can not buy DVC resale from Disney. Yes, Disney Vacation Club does buy contracts back from Members who want to sell DVC points from time to time. Of course, this is for much less than if a Member sold their contract on the resale market. Disney, however, does not sell these kinds of contracts as resale. They are instead wrapped with a bow and packaged into a new contract at full price. Yes, you read that right. It’s a business, after all, so it makes sense. It would be nice if Disney sold resale contracts for less. The per point pricing for each resort is very consistent though. 

Each resort has a standard per point price. They don’t negotiate or budge on those prices. The only way you can pay less for Disney Vacation Club when buying directly from Disney is if there’s a special. DVC incentivises buying at resorts they are actively selling with specials. This refers to resorts that aren’t yet sold out. Currently that’s Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa, Disney’s Riviera Resort and, with the addition of some new DVC rooms, The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

Resale DVC is especially helpful for those who want to get the best buy on their contract. Some things aren’t included with resale like the DVC discounts and Member events. In order to qualify for those and other perks, a new Member would need to purchase 150 points directly from Disney Vacation Club. Those extras aren’t a big deal for everyone. If your priority is getting Deluxe Disney hotel stays for a great rate, DVC is great for that and resale gives you an even better deal.

If you already have a contract and qualify for the perks, buying additional contracts on the resale market won’t change your status. It will save you money though! Compare Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas prices at $200 per point when buying direct or about $133 per point on the resale market. Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, nestled next to Magic Kingdom, is priced at $245 per point when buying direct or around $159 per point on the resale market. You can keep up with prices by following our monthly DVC resale average price series.

DVC Resale Experts

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