Can You See Fireworks From The Grand Floridian?

The Grand Floridian resort at Walt Disney World glows white in front of a night sky and over the dark Seven Seas Lagoon.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is a dreamy hotel located right next to Magic Kingdom. With that kind of location comes incredible views of the Seven Seas Lagoon, other iconic resorts and even Cinderella Castle. Can you watch fireworks from the Grand Floridian? You absolutely can! This is just another fantastic feature that makes The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort an excellent home resort selection. There are some places that are better to watch the fireworks from than others. Read on for the best viewing spots at the Grand Floridian, where you can and can’t hear the nighttime spectacular music and more.

Magic Kingdom fireworks from Grand Floridian boat launch

Can You See Fireworks From The Grand Floridian?

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa has some of the best firework views at Walt Disney World Resort. The top viewing spots are the these first two. There is a dock on the Seven Seas Lagoon where guests can board a boat to go to Magic Kingdom. This dock also has a viewing deck. You can see Magic Kingdom really nicely from here anytime but at night, it’s an excellent firework viewing spot. Probably the best outside of the park. There are speakers here and the music is played in sync with the show. Any time you can watch fireworks over water, give it a try. It’s truly spectacular with the reflections. This dock is right next to Narcoossee‘s and we will get to that location in a minute.

A fan favorite spot to watch the fireworks from at the Grand Floridian is the marina. This is right outside of the quick service restaurant Gasparilla Island Grill. There is quite a bit of seating and there’s also a nice area with some large steps you can sit on. The view over the water is lovely and you can see the biggest of fireworks along with smaller ones that surround the castle.

Can you see the fireworks from the walkway between Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Magic Kingdom Park? To be honest, it’s not a great view. On the walkway when you’ve just exited Magic Kingdom and you’re still very close to the park, the fireworks will probably be blocked by the tall trees. As you get a little closer to the resort buildings, you’ll be able to see more.

If you’re actually staying at the resort and not just visiting for dining, one of the more unique places to watch fireworks is from the Courtyard Pool. This one is next to the Big Pine Key building which is home to additional Disney Vacation Club rooms as of 2022. This pool is also directly behind the main lobby. You can actually see fireworks when you’re swimming! It’s pretty neat. They go off between palm trees in between the two buildings that are the closer to Magic Kingdom. You can just relax and swim while getting a really different view. 

Grand Floridian firework view from marina

Does the Grand Floridian Resort Have Firework View Rooms?

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa does have firework view rooms available for both guests renting rooms with cash and those booking The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort with DVC points. The Disney Vacation Club room style with theme park views available is called a Resort Studio. This is a new room style, only at the Grand, and not to be confused with the Deluxe Studios in the original DVC building. Side note: For more information on the difference between these two rooms see Grand Floridian DVC Deluxe Studio vs. Resort Studio.

There isn’t a great place to watch the fireworks from around the original Disney Vacation Club villas building here. Next to the Beach Pool, the shore faces the middle of the Lagoon so it isn’t the right direction for fireworks. If you’re staying in a villa that’s on a higher floor, there’s always a chance that you can see the really big firework product that goes off up high.

Grand Floridian firework views from near outside of cafe

Can You See Fireworks From Grand Floridian Restaurants?

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa has some of the top dining options at Walt Disney World Resort. You will be able to find a few restaurants with firework views here. Some that are better than others. If you want a really fabulous firework view with dinner, the place to go is Narcoossee‘s. It’s right on the water and has a viewing area outside but you can also see the fireworks from the many windows inside the restaurant. Narcoossee’s plays the show music inside and outside.

There is an interesting floor plan detail at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort that gives two restaurants the exact same layout and location, just on different floors. The first floor restaurant off of the main lobby is the Grand Floridian Café. Just above it on the second floor is Cítricos. These are both long thin restaurants with the far end having a sort of rounded room. It almost feels like a grand bay window. If you look online, nothing says that these restaurants have firework views. Most of the seats in them do not. However, if you are sitting in the end rounded room, especially near the window, you’ll actually have a lovely view of the marina outside where the fireworks are overhead. The views from here are best when it’s a perimeter firework show like those at the Halloween parties, the Christmas parties, Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. The photo here shows the view from just outside the Grand Floridian Café. There are some trees but you can definitely see fireworks from a few tables at this restaurant. Cítricos, being on the second floor, has an even better firework view from this part of the restaurant. However, neither of these restaurants play the firework show music.

Victoria and Albert’s is also on the second floor just off of the main lobby. There is absolutely no firework view from this restaurant as it’s an interior space with no windows. I’m going to go ahead and say that Gasparilla Island Grill has the best firework view of any quick service restaurant. It sits right on the marina where you can see the castle, small fireworks above it and, of course, the biggest product high in the sky.

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