DVC Sales: Does Disney Vacation Club Go On Sale?

Does DVC Go On Sale

Mickey bars, Fantasyland, fireworks–oh my! It sounds like the best family vacation ever, right? All magic comes with a price. If you love to visit Walt Disney World or other Disney destinations you’re probably somewhat familiar with the Disney timeshare. Disney Vacation Club (DVC) uses a point based system where members financially commit to Disney […]

How Much are DVC Points Selling for on the Resale Market?

You may have heard that Disney Vacation Club costs less when you buy resale. So how much are DVC points actually selling for on the resale market? DVC Resale Experts seeks to inform potential buyers and sellers with helpful insight including data from our actual sales. There’s more than one way to keep up with […]

How Much Does Disney Vacation Club Cost?

Loungers by the sand bottom pool at Disney's Beach Club Resort Disney Vacation Club hotel

If you’re thinking about becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member, one big question is sure to come to mind. How much does Disney Vacation Club cost? The cost of DVC can vary greatly based on the resort you choose as your home resort and the amount of points you choose to buy. Perhaps the biggest factor in […]

How Much is Disney Vacation Club?

Patchwork style castle art with fireworks against a wood looking wall

So you love Disney vacations. Whether it’s delightful dishes like the ‘Ohana noodles bringing you back or a ride on one of your favorites like Soarin’, Disney Vacation Club might be something to consider. The Disney timeshare is a point based vacation ownership opportunity. Members purchase the amount of points they think will suit their […]

Which is the Least Expensive DVC Resort?

Disney Vacation Club per point prices continue to rise over time. Because of this, resale DVC point prices ultimately continue to rise over time as well though the numbers often fluctuate from month to month. In order to get the best possible rate on DVC you might be thinking, which is the least expensive DVC […]

Disney Dining Card Deal Compared to Disney Vacation Club

Fuschia roses in a vase in front of a crisp white entry way at Disney's BoardWalk Resort

It’s a new year which, for many people, means time for annual vacation planning! It can be exciting to research the possibilities and look for the best deals. The thing about any Disney vacation deal is that it’s always at the timing of the company. You may have seen that there’s a new Disney dining […]

How Much Does a Disney Vacation Cost?

Top half of train station building at Disney theme park Magic Kingdom

​​Disney has become a household name over the last hundred years. Way back when, Walt Disney had a dream to create a place where families could go to have fun together. He and his brother Roy worked together and created many beloved and wholesome films. Those movies, among other classics, then became the inspiration for […]

Disneyland Tickets 2022

Disneyland Tickets 2022

It’s the land of little pink castles, rides in space and fairytale princesses. It’s Disneyland! And if it’s time for you to visit, you might be wondering how Disneyland tickets work nowadays. There are a few more details to be aware of when it comes to planning your visit to the happiest place on earth. […]

How Much is the Disney Timeshare?

Disney Vacation Club has a flexible, point-based system where Members are allotted an annual point value. When purchasing a contract, you choose the number of points based on the number of nights you want to stay each year and the size of the accommodations you’d like to stay in. Members stay magical year after year […]

DVC Average Resale Price August 2022

It’s time for another DVC average resale price update! This time we’re taking a look at the DVC average resale per point prices for the month of August 2022. These prices are based on DVC Resale Experts sales and data. For all resorts combined, the DVC average resale price for August 2022 was around $139 […]