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Disney ROFR DVC Stats for December 2021

Disney ROFR DVC Stats for December 2021

In this post we’re taking a look at the Disney ROFR DVC Stats for December 2021 based on DVC Resale Experts own sales and data. As a reminder, ROFR stands for right of first refusal. In the Disney Vacation Club contracts, Disney is given the ROFR or the first pick to purchase a contract back when a Member wants to sell DVC points. This level of insight and detail regarding Disney ROFR activity can be extremely beneficial to potential resale DVC buyers. Why? When you’re putting a bid on a resale DVC contract you want it to be a good price but not so good that Disney decides to buy it instead. Disney ROFR isn’t as much of a concern for a seller. When Disney Vacation Club decides to buy a contract back instead of letting it be sold to a buyer, they pay the same price the buyer would have. These stats are interesting to look at to try and understand Disney’s plans for DVC and certain resorts. Here’s how December of 2021 went.

Disney ROFR DVC Stats for December 2021 

During this time period Disney chose to intercept and buy about 34% of sales. For the month of December 2021 the following resorts had Disney ROFR buy back transactions through DVC Resale Experts: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Bay Lake Tower, Beach Club, Boardwalk, Boulder Ridge, Copper Creek and Saratoga Springs.

Among some of the most bought back in Disney ROFR efforts were Bay Lake Tower with 50% of contracts going to Disney and Copper Creek with 40%. The Bay Lake Tower and Copper Creek high both came in at $155.00 per point. The most surprising of the Disney ROFR stats is Saratoga Springs. There seemed to be a spike in interest with about 70% of Saratoga Springs resale DVC contracts being bought back by Disney. For Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, there was a monthly high of $132.00 per point for Disney ROFR buy backs in December of 2021. 

The Disney ROFR DVC stats for December 2021 are just a month long picture of some of the company’s interests in inventory. We also have a ROFR DVC 2021 Annual Stats post with more data and thoughts to help with your magical vacation dreaming and planning. Information is key for confident decision making and we want to provide helpful insight. For specific answers regarding your contract and selling DVC points, get in touch today. DVC Resale Experts offers free valuations of DVC memberships and is always ready to offer pixie dusted service. If you want to buy DVC resale, visit our resources or see our DVC resale listings for a real time look into the current market.

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