Disney Suspends Annual Passes

Disney Suspends Annual Passes

Disney Suspends Annual Passes

This holiday season, last minute holiday shopping will definitely be easier than last minute Disney booking. Planning a trip to Disney around the holidays is already not the most “sugar plum” experience, with figuring out family schedules, and now to add another layer- Disney is currently suspending their annual passes and not even Rudolph’s nose can help us see when the sales will resume.

The Official Disney site is very unclear and doesn’t have a ton of information on the topic. When you click annual pass sales, it has a message about how “the magic is calling and now is the time to buy a pass.”Then you scroll down and it says “New Sales of Select Annual Passes Currently Paused.”

There is an update button that then again mentions, “the magic of being an annual pass member”, then lists that three out of the four are currently unavailable. Confusing. 

It’s like that scene in Finding Nemo when the baby sea turtle is talking to Marlin and he doesn’t understand what he’s saying and replies, “it’s like he’s trying to speak to me, I know it.”

The Pirate Pass, Sorcerer Pass and the Incredi-pass are all currently on pause. The only pass that is available is the Pixie Pass, which is for Florida residents only and has block out dates for most of December. 

Not only are the annual passes paused, but Disney is limiting its Hopper Passes for most days surrounding the most magical time of the year. Currently as I write this, there is no availability for Magic Kingdom Park tickets from December 18th through the 31st.

As frustrating as this news may be for some of us, the big take away, once again is that people LOVE Disney, and that we can go to sleep with “visions of sugar plums and DVC points dancing in our heads” that we made the right call being a DVC member.

Fun Fact: DVC members always make the nice list.

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