Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Membership Extras Will Soon Require 125 Point Direct Purchase

DVC Member Card

DVC Member Card

Rumors and misinformation constantly seem to be swirling around about Disney Vacation Club, however several insiders and DVC Guides have mentioned that DVC plans to raise the minimum purchase requirement to obtain “Membership Extras” to 125 points on October 1st.

The minimum purchase requirement, currently at 100 DVC points, has seen a steady increase in recent years. Buying DVC direct to get the benefits was first introduced by Disney Vacation Club in April 2016, although there was no minimum point requirement specified at that time. In early 2018 the minimum for Membership Extras was 75 points, then in September 2019 it increased to 100 points. These new policies were imposed on new members, as existing DVC members were grandfathered in as each new change was implemented.

Membership Extras include discounts on annual passes, dining and merchandise, as well as access to the Epcot member lounge and Moonlight Magic after-hours events. These extras are considered by many to not be worth the added cost of buying DVC direct from Disney, since it would take a lot of annual pass purchases or shopping and dining discounts to add up to the 30% to 50% saved when buying DVC resale.

It should be noted that most Moonlight Magic events were cancelled for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and no dates have been released by DVC for these events in the future. Disney has also suspended annual pass sales for the time being. Most shopping and dining discounts are still available and the Epcot member lounge has reopened.

At DVC Resale Experts, we’ve always recommended that if the Membership Extras are important to you, buy your minimum points direct to get the benefits, and buy the remainder through resale to save thousands of dollars. Make sure to buy your resale points first, as Disney will match your use year when you buy direct, giving you a wider array of resale contracts to choose from.

DVC has not yet announced an increase in their minimum purchase requirements, so at this point, this news is a rumor, although a very credible one.

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For more on DVC resale restrictions, and how they may or may not affect you, read:

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