Do You Pay Commission When You are a Buyer Through DVC Resale?

Do You Pay Commission When You are a Buyer Through DVC Resale?

You’re thinking about it or.. you’ve decided it’s time. Buying Disney Vacation Club is a big deal and such an exciting event for so many fans of the magic. Like any enthusiastic consumer, you’re doing research. We’re here with answers and there’s more where these came from. There are some frequently asked questions regarding resale DVC costs like: do you pay commission when you are a buyer through DVC resale? How much are resale DVC closing costs? And who pays for resale DVC closing costs? We’ll tackle these common questions here in this post but also have an entire blog filled with facts, details and resources for those who want to buy DVC resale. 

Do You Pay Commission When You are a Buyer Through DVC Resale?

Let’s discuss the specifics of who pays what. Do you pay commission when you buy DVC resale? The short answer is no, the buyer does not pay commission for DVC resale. It’s just like residential real estate where the seller pays the commission and it can be subtracted from the profit of the sale. You might also be wondering how much a resale DVC commission might be. Contact DVC Resale Experts for the current commission rate but from time to time an 8.5% special commission rate is offered!

How much are resale DVC closing costs?

Another price question that comes up is how much are resale DVC closing costs? Disney Vacation Club resale closing costs vary the most based on these two factors: price of the sale and the state the Home Resort is located in. As an example, and because the bulk of Disney Vacation Club Resorts are located in Florida, we’ll look at what some closing costs might be for a resale DVC contract of a Walt Disney World based resort. For a DVC resale price of $10,000 the total estimated closing costs, emphasis on estimated, are $543. This includes things like a $50 search fee, $300 closing fee, $100 title fee, $23 recording fee and a $70 deed tax. Your Expert will help you with the exact details of the resale DVC contract you choose and the correct associated closing costs but the aforementioned is a basic number to start with.

Who pays for resale DVC closing costs?

Traditionally, the buyer pays the closing costs. However, like other things, it may be something you can negotiate with the seller. As a buyer, don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of closing costs. There are ways to make it work. DVC Resale Experts is happy to help meet the needs of buyers and sellers. 

A great place for those interested in more information on buying Disney Vacation Club resale is our Buy DVC Resale How To Guide. If you’re interested in resale DVC pricing and want to research per point prices, search this site for ‘DVC average resale’ and find our series based on our sales and data.

Talk to a DVC Resale Expert

For personalized answers to your specific questions, get in touch with an Expert today. DVC Resale Experts is an independent, licensed real estate broker that specializes in selling DVC resale. Whether you want to add on points, sell DVC points or become a Member, the Experts can help.

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