DVC Raises Prices in February of 2022

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DVC Raises Prices in February of 2022

Disney’s timeshare just got more expensive. As of February 3rd, 2022 the two Disney Vacation Club resorts Disney is actively selling have gone up $6 per point in price. The price per point at Disney’s Riviera Resort at Walt Disney World Resort and Aulani in Hawaii went from $201 to $207 per point. Disney Vacation Club prices seem to raise every year or every few years so this isn’t too much of a surprise.

How much does DVC cost?

In our blog post Disney Disney Vacation Club Go On Sale? we take an in depth look at approximate pricing on 200 points at Aulani before and after this price raise and with and without the current incentive Disney is offering through March 2nd, 2022. Based on the most recent price increase, here are some of the estimated costs for direct vs. resale DVC points at Riviera, the other resort Disney is actively selling:

200 points at Riviera at full price is now about $41,400.

200 points at Riviera for a non member with the current incentive is about $39,800.

200 points at Riviera for a member with the current incentive is about $38,800.

This same point value at Riviera but for resale DVC points is a much better price. For comparison, a recent Riviera resale DVC listing here was up for $145 per point. At that rate:

200 points at Riviera for anyone buying resale DVC points is currently around $29,000.

It may come as a surprise that even at the newest Disney Vacation Club Resort, Riviera opened in December of 2019, resale DVC points still present the best value. Even with DVC direct incentives and promotions, DVC resale contracts always seem to have a better price.

These price increases come on the heels of sold out per point numbers going up recently via direct sales as well. As of January 20th, Disney’s Beach Club Villas rose from $245 to $265, Disney’s BoardWalk Villas rose from $210 to $230, Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort rose from $140 to $155 and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort rose from $125 to $140.

You can see more about resale DVC prices in our annual round up: DVC average resale price 2021. Check back for our recurring series featuring data on the monthly DVC average resale price for up to date information on the going rate for resale DVC points.

DVC Resale Experts has decades of experience selling DVC points. You can expect pixie dusted service from our team of former Disney Vacation Club Guides. Reach out for a free valuation of your DVC contract if you’re considering selling DVC points.

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