DVC Resale: What Does It Mean?

DVC Resale - What Does It Mean?

DVC Resale: What Does It Mean?

If you enjoy long walks down Sunset Boulevard to the Tower of Terror, then I’ve got a secret to talk to you about. Have you heard the best kept Disney secret? This phrase has been used to market Disney Vacation Club over the years. In other materials, Disney timeshare is also advertised as a way to stay magical year after year. This is the heart of what Disney Vacation Club, also called DVC, is. The point based Disney timeshare gives Members the opportunity to book stays at Deluxe resorts every year. DVC Members purchase a Membership, sometimes referred to as points, pay annual dues and are alloted the amount of points they purchase each year. Someone who purchased 100 points can book a stay of about a week or so annually, depending on the home resort they choose and the time of year they plan to travel. DVC can be pricey but, when you do the math, it works out to be a better deal than paying cash. There’s a way to save even more on Disney vacations and that’s by purchasing DVC resale. You may have heard the phrase DVC resale but what does it mean?

DVC Resale: What Does It Mean?

DVC resale is the term that refers to Disney Vacation Club Memberships that are being sold by someone other than Disney Vacation Club. If a Member no longer wants a DVC contract, they are able to sell it. Disney does not have a department that assists with these kinds of transactions so they are done independently. At any given time, there is an entire resale DVC market with listings you can peruse and submit an offer on. When it comes to using your points, resale is booked the same as if you bought direct. DVC Resale Experts is dedicated to helping people sell their DVC points and helping others buy resale DVC. Buyers and sellers can feel confident with a licensed real estate agent to consult.

DVC resale also means savings. When a Disney Vacation Club Member chooses to sell their contract, the price is often set way lower than Disney prices. DVC has maintained much of its value and many contracts have gone up in value over time as DVC direct prices continue to rise. Still, buying resale DVC instead of buying direct from Disney, can mean paying thousands less to stay at your favorite resort every year!

Resale is different than buying direct from Disney a few different ways. Not all of the DVC perks and Membership Extras are available with resale. For more information on that, see our post: What Benefits Do You Get From Buying DVC Resale? However, it’s likely you’ll get the best price available going the resale route and we recommend comparing costs so you can see for yourself.

DVC Resale Experts

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team of professionals that specialize in DVC resale. Our licensed real estate agents are former Disney Vacation Club Guides with decades of experience selling DVC points. You can relax knowing you’ll have someone experienced to guide you through the process, offer insight and answer any questions you may have about your contract. Get in touch today for more information or next steps on making a resale DVC purchase.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at Info@DVCResaleExperts.com.
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