DVC Direct Prices vs Resale Early 2022

DVC Direct Prices vs Resale Early 2022

DVC direct prices vs resale is always a hot topic. The savings with resale can be absolutely incredible but it really depends on the resort, amount of points and some other fine details. Let’s look over some per point prices from early 2022. Note Disney Vacation Club can raise direct prices at any time and resale prices often fluctuate slightly from month to month. The DVC resale prices shared below are based on DVC Resale Experts most recent available data from the company’s own sales. The following is a snapshot of this moment, including estimates and averages, and exact prices should be inquired about at the time of potential purchase.

DVC Direct Prices vs Resale Early 2022

First off, the best way to see potential DVC resale prices is to take a look at the going rates of our resale DVC listings. This is a real time look at what contracts are listed for. If you don’t see what you’re looking for you can join the DVC Resale Expert Wish List to be notified as soon as a particular contract becomes available. You may notice contracts with fewer points sometimes cost more per point and contracts with a higher point value cost less per point. This isn’t a hard rule but a common observation. Keep in mind the number of resale points you plan to purchase may cause the per point price to be slightly different than what you see below.

DVC Direct Prices vs Resale Early 2022

Resort Direct Price Average Resale Price Early 2022 Resale Savings %
Animal Kingdom $200 $131 35%
Aulani $207 $120 42%
Bay Lake Tower $245 $157 36%
Beach Club $265 $160 40%
BoardWalk $230 $138 40%
Boulder Ridge $190 $116 39%
Copper Creek $225 $161 28%
Grand Californian $310 $273 12%
Grand Floridian $255 $184 28%
Hilton Head $155 $75 52%
Old Key West $200 $126 37%
Polynesian $250 $169 32%
Riviera $207 $147 29%
Saratoga Springs $200 $126 37%
Vero Beach $125 $72 42%

DVC Direct Prices vs Resale Savings Per Point

Resort Resale Savings Per Point Resale Savings Per 150 Points
Animal Kingdom $69 $10,350
Aulani $87 $13,050
Bay Lake Tower $88 $13,200
Beach Club $105 $15,750
BoardWalk $92 $13,800
Boulder Ridge $74 $11,100
Copper Creek $64 $9,600
Grand Californian $37 $5,500
Grand Floridian $71 $10,650
Hilton Head $80 $12,000
Old Key West $74 $11,100
Polynesian $81 $12,150
Riviera $60 $9,000
Saratoga Springs $74 $11,100
Vero Beach $53 $7,950

Check back here on the DVC Resale Experts blog for additional DVC direct prices vs resale content quarterly, when Disney raises direct prices, or for a year end recap. While resale doesn’t include all of the DVC discounts and extras, in many cases, the amount you save upfront far outweighs those in financial value. For more information about Disney Vacation Club pricing, we also write the following monthly and annual series: DVC Average Resale Price March 2022 and DVC Average Resale Price 2021.

DVC Resale Experts

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team that specializes in resale DVC. You can count on the Experts for helpful insight and pixie dusted service from first contact to closing on the contract. Get in touch today for next steps on buying or selling DVC points.

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