Enchanted Rose Review and Photos: Grand Floridian Bar and Lounge

Entrance sign for Enchanted Rose bar and lounge at Disney with Enchanted Rose in gold cursive on a mirrored circle.

The Enchanted Rose Disney World bar and lounge is a must visit for those who love Beauty and the Beast. The aesthetic is fashioned after the 2017 live action film starring Emma Watson. It’s modern comfort with historic French castle inspiration and some Disney magic hidden in the bookshelves. The drink selection is extensive and there are quite a few rooms to choose from giving you aesthetic options. A trip to Enchanted Rose completes any Grand Floridian stay. Read on to plan your visit.

Inside the Enchanted Rose bar and lounge, the bar room has a dark blue-gray walls and ceiling with a bright gold, modern chandelier.
A massive golden colored chandelier fills the space above the bar in Enchanted Rose.
Inside one of the lounge rooms of Enchanted Rose, the tall windows line the walls, a hightop table has yellow chairs with a rose print on them.
Inside the Enchanted Rose, the mood changes from day to night.
A black Enchanted Rose menu cover with the bar and lounge name in gold script next to a rose coaster and a gold candle holder.
A black Enchanted Rose menu cover next to one of the bar and lounge’s rose coasters and a gold candle holder.

Enchanted Rose Beauty and the Beast Themed Bar and Lounge

Where is Enchanted Rose at Disney?

Enchanted Rose is located on the second floor of the main lobby of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. It’s in the back of the lobby on the opposite side of the entrance. You do not need to be a guest of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa to visit Enchanted Rose. The Grand Floridian is accessible by bus, monorail and boat or walking path from Magic Kingdom. You typically need a restaurant reservation in order to park at a Disney resort.

When did Mizner’s Lounge close? What took over Mizner’s Lounge?

First, a little history of this space. Enchanted Rose took over the location of the former Mizner’s Lounge, and the gift shop next to it, in 2019. While Mizner’s Lounge supported the theme of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Enchanted Rose goes in a different direction. This new addition seems set on targeting the millennial generation and others that grew up with animated classics and wants to enjoy a nice beverage in a setting that feels themed yet polished.

A blue carpet features a design with swirls and a shadow that looks like Beast.
At Enchanted Rose, the carpet features a swirly blue and cream design and a silhouette of Beast’s face.

Does Enchanted Rose have food? Enchanted Rose Disney Menu

The food menu at Enchanted Rose is small with appetizers and small plates offered. The truffle fries are a popular menu item. The following Enchanted Rose food menu is from early 2024 and may change seasonally. Some menu items are not available until 5:00 p.m.

House-made Beef Jerky $8.00
Warm Marinated Olives $9.00
Guajillo-spiced Mixed Nuts $6.00
Charcuterie – Duck Rillettes, Bresaola, Serrano Ham, Soppressata, Tomato Jam, Cornichons, Citrus Mustard, Pickled Carrots, Olive Crostini, Grissini $22.00
Artisanal Cheese Selection – Four Chef-selected Tasting Portions, Honeycomb, Quince Paste, Apricot Jam, Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Cranberry Bread $19.00
Croquettes – House-made Fennel Sausage, Tomato Sauce, Pecorino Romano $19.00
Seasonal Flatbread – Artichoke, Fig, Ricotta, Roasted Garlic, Watercress $18.00
Smoked Trout and Crab Dip Salmon Roe – Chive Oil, Sesame Seed Lavash $16.00
Baerii Sturgeon Caviar, Egg Yolk Spread, Crème Fraîche, Caper Berries, Toasted Brioche $120.00
House-made Truffle Fries Black Truffle – Aged Parmesan, Truffle Aïoli $14.50
Hummus, Tapenade, Smoked Paprika, Grilled Pita Bread $12.00

Truffle fries from Enchanted Rose pictured with sauce and surrounded by other appetizers out of focus.
The Enchanted Rose menu features appetizers and small plates like the House-made Truffle Fries, Black Truffle, Aged Parmesan and Truffle Aïoli pictured here.

Enchanted Rose has a seasonal flatbread on the menu.

A seasonal flatbread from Enchanted Rose at the Grand Floridian topped with cheese and greens.
A seasonal flatbread from Enchanted Rose at the Grand Floridian topped with cheese and greens.

Croquettes are on the menu at Enchanted Rose as well.

Enchanted Rose croquettes in a bowl with red sauce and topped with cheese and a green garnish.
Enchanted Rose croquettes in a bowl with tomato sauce, topped with pecorino romano and a green garnish.

Can you order from Citricos menu at Enchanted Rose?

I’ve heard in the past that you could order from Citricos menu at Enchanted Rose but that’s not always true. It will depend on the day, how busy it is, if there is a dietary concern or other factors. If the Enchanted Rose menu doesn’t have what you want, I wouldn’t count on other options there. Citricos does have its own bar and lounge that’s first come, first served. If you want better food options, that’s the best choice. Enchanted Rose offers some small plates but you can order from the main restaurant menu at the Citricos bar and lounge.

Enchanted Rose Drinks

The wine selections at Enchanted Rose are intentional with offerings like those from Silverado, a vineyard founded and formerly owned by Ron and Diane Miller, Walt Disney’s daughter, and her mother, Lillian Disney.

A glass of red wine sits on a table next to a white coaster with a red rose illustration on it and a gold glowing candle holder next to it.
You can choose from a large selection of drinks at Enchanted Rose.
a look inside the wine menu at Enchanted Rose
The Enchanted Rose wine selections are referred to as the wine library.
A golden cocktail in a glass sits on a gray table.
The Enchanted Rose bar and lounge offers some unique cocktails named within the venue’s theme.
Enchanted Rose Island Rose drink in a glass with a pineapple on top.
The Island Rose is a tropical drink on the menu at Enchanted Rose.
A refrigerated wine dispenser with multiple bottles in it and glasses on top.
Chilled wine at Enchanted Rose.
Enchanted Rose glass of orange juice on a marble style table with a rose coaster under it.
Enchanted Rose is kid friendly and serves non-alcoholic beverages like orange juice and soda.

Do you need reservations at Enchanted Rose?

You do not need reservations to visit Enchanted Rose. It is a walkup venue. This is a popular bar and lounge at Disney though so there may be a wait to get in.

A baroque style white fireplace with candles in place of fire and a black swirly gate in front of them.
The setting combines modern style seating with Beauty and the Beast inspired art, prints and antiques with a splash of baroque furnishings.

Enchanted Rose Hours

Enchanted Rose is open from 3:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. each day. It opens with a limited snack menu from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a more full appetizer menu served from 5:00pm – 10:00pm.

A white baroque style ceiling detail.
Remember to look up to take in all of the details. Disney is good at the little things and Enchanted Rose feels fancy thanks to the little touches like this baroque style ceiling feature.

Beauty and the Beast Characters in Enchanted Rose

an ornate clock character sits on a bookshelf next to antique books
Part of the fun of visiting Enchanted Rose is spotting the Beauty and the Beast characters in the space. This Cogsworth clock is on the bookshelf on the right if you’re facing the windows, about halfway up on the right side.
A bookshelf with the live action Lumiere on the top shelf.
You can find the Lumiere character from the live action Beauty and the Beast film on the bookshelf on the left if you are facing the windows. Lumiere is up top.
Mrs. Potts tea pot sitting on a dark bookshelf.
Mrs. Potts is another character you can find at Enchanted Rose. She is on the bookshelf on the right if you are facing the windows and on the left side of it.

Are kids allowed in the Enchanted Rose?

Yes, kids are allowed at Enchanted Rose at the Grand Floridian. It is a bar and lounge but there are many different restaurant style seating set ups in the space.

Modern, velvet seating in gem tones in front of a window at the Grand Floridian Enchanted Rose bar and lounge.
Modern, velvet seating in gem tones in front of a window at the Grand Floridian Enchanted Rose bar and lounge.

Can you see fireworks from Enchanted Rose?

Enchanted Rose is not an ideal firework viewing spot. However, you may be able to spot some fireworks from a table by the window. This bar and lounge is first come, first served. You can request a certain room or table but it will be based on availability. While there is a lovely view outside, the patio faces the Polynesian and is the opposite direction of the Magic Kingdom fireworks. The best seats for firework viewing will be the few tables by the windows in the bar or the lounge room with the bookshelves. There is a resort building on the other side of the pool. This complicates the view a bit. You may be able to see some fireworks over the buildings if you’re facing the right direction.

We also have researched recommendations for the best places to watch the fireworks from the Grand Floridian.

The dark view of the Grand Floridian grounds outside Enchanted Rose.
The dark view of the Grand Floridian grounds outside Enchanted Rose. It may be possible to see fireworks over these buildings from some seats near the windows.

Grand Floridian Resort Bars

Other bar and lounge spaces at the Grand Floridian include two pool bars and the Citricos bar and lounge space in the front of the restaurant. We have a complete list of all of the bars and lounges at the Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Contemporary in our Disney monorail pub crawl guide.

A yellow seat with a rose print sits in front of a fireplace lit by candles.
The setting is elegant at Enchanted Rose with little touches like this candlelit fireplace and ornate mantle. Roses appear on the chair fabric print in a gold reminiscent of Belle’s ball gown.

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