How much are DVC Member Annual Passes?

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So much has changed at Disney Parks and DVC Member annual passes over the last few years. We’ve seen the annual pass system be completely redone. That’s true on both coasts. At Walt Disney World Resort, the annual pass system has new names for each tier. Over at Disneyland Resort, the entire annual pass offering as a whole changed names. It is now referred to as Magic Key.

Maybe you’re thinking about becoming a DVC Member. Perhaps you are just getting back to Disney Parks for the first time in a few years. Either way, we’ve got answers to frequently asked questions about DVC Member annual passes. Is there a special DVC Member annual pass? Can those who buy DVC resale get a discount on annual passes?

Before we jump in, note there is a real difference between Disneyland and Disney World annual passes. While both need park pass reservations to enter the parks, it’s seems to be much easier to get them at Disney World most days. Disneyland Magic Key holders may also have penalties if they are unable to make it after reserving a park pass reservation. The percentage of local visitors is always much greater at Disneyland than Disney World. This affects how annual passes work, giving more flexibility to those visiting the Orlando parks. There’s also much more room at Disney World, with two additional theme parks and a much larger overall capacity. It’s likely we will continue to see Walt Disney World Resort annual passes for sale more often than Disneyland Resort Magic Keys.

We are mostly covering Disney World DVC Member annual passes here.

DVC Member Annual Passes: How much do DVC Members pay for annual passes?

After the parks reopened, many DVC Members were left without the ability to buy annual passes as sales were still paused for everyone. You could visit Disney World, booking with points, but could only buy regular tickets, not annual passes. This left many Members to experience Disney without the parks, trying out resort only stays or heading down the road to Universal Orlando Resort parks.

First we have to cover that the annual pass program completely changed in 2021. As passes were renewed, the new tiers became the only options to choose from. Pass types include the Disney Pixie Dust Pass and the Disney Pirate Pass, both of which are only offered to Florida Residents, the Disney Sorcerer Pass which is available to Florida Residents and Disney Vacation Club Members and the Disney Incredi-Pass which is open to everyone.

Are year passes available at Disney?

For years, annual passes could only be renewed at Disney as sales for new passes were paused during the pandemic and after reopening. The lowest tier pass with many blockout dates, the Disney Pixie Dust Pass, was available to Floridians for a while. In 2023, all annual pass sales opened up to everyone again. As of October 2023, all Disney World annual passes are still for sale.

Do DVC Members get discounts on annual passes?

Over the years, DVC Members have been offered different kinds of discounts on Disney theme park tickets and annual passes. In the past, DVC Member ticket or annual pass deals have included a certain amount or percentage off. With the new annual pass plan, a monetary discount may or may not be available.

Instead, eligible Disney Vacation Club Members are given access as a benefit to a pass for just them and Florida Residents. A Member of the planDisney panel puts it this way: “DVC Members have access to the Disney Sorcerer Pass, which is a deeply discounted Annual Pass option exclusively for DVC Members and Florida residents.”

The Disney Vacation Club website also say this but provides no further information: “In addition, eligible Disney Vacation Club Members receive a discount on the purchase of a Disney Sorcerer Pass (when available).”

The Disney Sorcerer Pass is priced at $999 plus tax.

For the most up to date information, inquire with Disney directly at your time of purchase.

Do DVC resale Members get a discount on annual passes?

There has been some confusion about whether resale Members can purchase a DVC Member Disney Sorcerer pass. This kind of discount on DVC Member annual passes is different than it was in the past. Basically, the discount is that you have access to buying a certain pass that is also for Florida residents. So is it just for DVC Members who are eligible Members since it’s only access to a DVC pass and not an actual discount?

The official Disney word on this is the following: “To purchase the Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Vacation Club Members must be eligible for Membership Extras.” This means DVC resale Members are not eligible for the DVC Member Sorcerer pass. We know there are many Floridians who are DVC Members. Those who are Florida Residents will still be able to purchase this annual pass and any others for those who live in the sunshine state.

Can DVC Members buy annual passes anytime?

Disney shared that the DVC Member annual pass will be available more often than other kinds. If pass sales end up going on pause again, it’s likely that the DVC Sorcerer Pass will stay available. Another scenario is that it could come back sooner than others.

DVC Resale Experts Can Help

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FAQs DVC Member Annual Passes

Can DVC Members buy annual passes for family?

For those who visit the parks often, annual passes can be the best ticket option. The official Disney Vacation Club website says: “As a Disney Vacation Club Member, you and your immediate family can purchase select passes at Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort.” This means a cousin who is joining you for a vacation isn’t eligible for a DVC Member annual pass. 

Can DVC Members buy annual passes for friends?

Unlike any other situation where being on a Disney room reservation grants you access to something, DVC Members can’t buy annual passes with a discount for friends. Even if they are staying with you on your points reservation, any DVC discounts on passes are not able to be used for friends.

Does Disney still sell the Premier Pass?

Disney no longer sells the Premier Pass which gave access to the parks at both Disney World and Disneyland. Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger says on a stockholder call that the pass will no longer be for sale. Why doesn’t Disney sell the Premier Pass anymore? Bob Iger says there wasn’t enough demand for the bicoastal Disney annual pass to justify the cost of operating the program.

Do you have to make park pass reservations with DVC Member annual passes?

Based on Disney’s wording about park pass reservation changes, we can assume everyone with an annual pass will still need to make a park reservation. Starting January 9th, 2024, those visiting with a date based ticket will not need to make reservations to go to the parks. Date based tickets include regular day tickets, multi day and park hoppers. Basically the standard ticket where you select the day you’re visiting when you purchase them. 

However, there is one change you should know about regarding DVC Member annual passes and park reservations. Disney is introducing good to go days in 2024. These are days annual passholders don’t need to make a reservation. However, any time you want to want to visit before 2:00 p.m., you still need to check to see if you need to make a reservation or not. 

Hopefully this will change soon and annual passholders won’t need to make park pass reservations anymore.

DVC Annual Pass Blockout Dates, Disney Sorcerer Pass Blockout Dates

The DVC Member annual pass does have blockout dates. In 2023, there are a few time periods blocked out. These include Disney World’s peak days. November 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th are blocked out because of Thanksgiving. All of December 20th, 2023 through January 3rd, 2024 is blocked out for Christmas, New Year’s and such. So far in 2024, the Disney Sorcerer Pass blockout dates are only shown through October. Everything is good except for those first few days of the year. We can anticipate Thanksgiving and Christmas time to have blockout dates again.

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