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When you plan a Walt Disney World vacation, you want everything to be perfect. After all, Disney trips aren’t cheap.

So, every aspect of booking matters. Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t allow guests to book specific rooms, which can be a problem.

You may want to stay in the same room as last time or your honeymoon or whatever. 

Thankfully, the Disney Vacation Club booking tool will allow you to pick a room type and spend your points accordingly. 

Sometimes, that’s not enough, though. Here’s a guide on how to make a DVC room request. It should provide the tips you need to raise your odds of the perfect vacation.

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The My Disney Experience Method

Recent technological innovations have turned online check-in at Disney World into a simple process. 

You’ll use My Disney Experience (MDE) as a hub for your actions, but you’ll need a reservation first for this to work. I’ll presume you have one for all these tips.

When you log into your MDE account, look for the menu option that says Resort Hotel. It’ll include all the information you need.

You should choose the Link a Reservation option and then add your confirmation number, presuming it’s not already linked. 

From your main My Disney Experience page, you’ll now see your reservation as one of the top listings. 

Pay attention to the Start Check-In Now option. It’s your best friend when you have room requests. 

On your phone, you’ll pull up the app and look for Start Check-In. It’s under the words, “Want to Skip the Front Desk?”

Disney encourages guests to skip the hotel lobby and use online check-in during the pandemic. 

Fortunately, this doesn’t impact your needs any, as you can make room requests here, too. 

Making Room Location Requests

On the Vacation Info page, you’re looking for Room Location Requests. 

You can make two room requests, understanding that neither one is guaranteed.

Disney allows you to pick among these room requests:

  • Guest Requests Higher Floor
  • Guest Requests Lower Floor
  • Request Room Near Elevator
  • Near Transportation Preferred

You can also ask to have your room ready early and even prioritize it over other room requests.

I’ve found that this is handy when I have early flights into Orlando, as I hate having to drop my bags at Bell Services. I’d rather put them in my room immediately.

You should emphasize whichever room request matters most, as getting one is likely your best hope, especially during peak season. 

Note that you can request specific areas of a resort campus, too. 

For instance, I have an upcoming reservation for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. I’m staying at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. 

I can request a room at Miller’s Road, Old Turtle Pond Road, and so forth. 

However, this tip only applies to very knowledgeable DVC members who know the various resort campuses well. 

The Disney Vacation Club Methods

As I mentioned, you can get a room type through the Disney Vacation Club booking tool. The member console is surprisingly robust. 

Sadly, you cannot perform room requests, though. Understandably, you may want more from your DVC request. I have good news on this front. 

In some ways, Disney hasn’t updated procedures in many years. 

I mean, the hotels still accept faxes! That’s a fascinating backdoor attempt to address your room request. 

Given the paucity of faxes that people receive in the 2020s, your request would undoubtedly stand out. 

Alas, you’d rest your case on the hope that somebody’s checking the fax machine regularly. I…wouldn’t play those odds. 

Other DVC Room Request Strategies

Instead, I’d suggest that you take advantage of two differing Disney Vacation Club methods.

The first involves a phone call to DVC Member Services. 

Note that you technically don’t have to be a member to call. However, the agent on the other end will ask for your membership number before proceeding.

Disney’s gotten to the point where it discourages non-DVC members from using this service, even when they possess DVC reservations. 

If you’re not a member, I strongly suggest this reply when you get asked for your membership number. 

“I’m not a member, but could you please access this reservation number?”

Then, presuming the person is helpful – and since they work at Disney, they should be – they may take your room request and add it to the reservation.

DVC members can approach the problem more directly by providing their number and then asking for the DVC room request. 

The other possible step involves another form of DVC customer service. 

You may use the online DVCMember chat tool to speak with an agent. You can ask this individual to address your request.

Similarly, you can email DVC Member Services and plead your case at this link

I’d strongly recommend that you ask courteously and tug on the heartstrings if possible. 

The Old Standby

In the olden days, people couldn’t use their smartphones to use Disney online check-in. No such technology existed.

Back then, people had to something much less pleasant. They had to call the hotel’s front desk and ask for assistance!

Yes, I realize that sounds like the Dark Ages. However, Disney cast members have always demonstrated exceptional customer service.

Seriously, Disney hosts seminars and training classes regarding optimal customer service because it’s the best in the world in this field. 

Before the DVC request became a thing, you would call the hotel and ask someone at the front desk to hook you up with a room request. 

Since you were speaking to a friendly cast member, this individual did everything possible to honor your room request. 

Unexpectedly, that opportunity still exists today. It’s just much harder. 

When you call Disney on the phone, you’ll speak with a call center agent rather than someone at the hotel. 

Surprisingly, Disney promises to connect you to the hotel directly if you ask, though. Some enterprising folks have tracked down hotel desk phone numbers, too.

When you speak directly with the front desk clerk and plead your case, your odds of getting your wish go up significantly. 

Obviously, these cast members cannot guarantee anything, but they will make the extra effort on your behalf.

Also, remember when you’re staying for several days that you can always ask to move later. 

My brother does this every time he stays at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Besides, as a paying customer, you deserve to get what you want.

That’s the true appeal of Disney, right? It’s wish-fulfillment!

If you’re unhappy with your room when you check in, let the desk clerk know and request a room change when something better opens!

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at
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