Is Disney Vacation Club a Good Investment?

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Is Disney Vacation Club a Good Investment?

Disney Vacation Club is the most magical timeshare on earth but all magic comes with a price. From a large dollar amount up front to annual dues, DVC is a financial commitment. It’s also a lifestyle change, though, knowing you’re signing up to visit Disney destinations every year after you join and there are so many reasons why members love Disney Vacation Club. You can stay at deluxe resorts on annual Disney vacations, enjoy homey accommodations with kitchens and rooms and at a rate that, overall, is better than paying full price. Which leads us to is Disney Vacation Club a Good Investment?

Is Disney Vacation Club a Good Investment?

Before we jump in, let’s clarify how we’re looking at the word investment here. With a typical financial investment, you put money into something and hope for the desirable outcome of receiving a greater amount of money back. With Disney Vacation Club, you’re purchasing your future Disney vacations at today’s prices. It’s an investment in your vacation lifestyle, just not that kind of investment because at the end of your contract, you will have spent your money. 

So the real question we’re asking here is: Is Disney Vacation Club a good value? Now that we’ve established that a financial advisor will not diversify your portfolio by encouraging you to ‘invest’ in Disney Vacation Club, let’s discuss some ways it is a good spend for those who love to take annual Disney trips. You might actually be surprised just how good of a value Disney Vacation Club can be. See this linked article where DVC Resale Experts owner Theresa does the math and clearly calculates the value of Disney Vacation Club in depth. 

Disney Vacation Club vs. Other Timeshare Values

When compared to other timeshares, Disney Vacation Club holds up incredibly well. Though it’s not an actual investment, there are some instances where people may profit when selling DVC points. If you think about it, those who purchased Disney Vacation Club in the beginning, or even early on, purchased points at a much lower rate. The price per point often rises each year depending on the resort. While the annual dues are expected to go up slightly each year depending on a few different factors, what you originally paid for your points, of course, doesn’t go up. The price of Disney rooms for those paying with cash has also gone up consistently. So if you decide you want to sell DVC contract, you can absolutely find a buyer and you won’t accept as much of a loss as you would with other timeshares. Disney Vacation Club remains popular and sellable. So after weighing these few factors we can confidently say Disney Vacation Club is absolutely worth it for those who want to vacation at Disney every year and stay in deluxe accommodations. It’s an even better value when becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member by purchasing resale DVC points. When someone decides to sell Disney Vacation Club points, you can buy that contract for a lower rate than you would pay buying direct from Disney. DVC Resale Experts has a team of dedicated professionals who are former Disney Vacation Club Guides ready to assist you with pixie dusted service.

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