What Are Resale DVC Points?

Resale DVC Points

Is Walt Disney World your favorite place to take a vacation? If you love the sweet smells of Main Street U.S.A., have a t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it and can name the countries of World Showcase, you’re in the right place. There are signs, kiosks, desks and other forms of media around Disney parks and resorts advertising the magical timeshare Disney Vacation Club. You’re sure to see something about it like a ‘stay magical’ or ‘vacations you never outgrow’ sign at least once on your visit to any Disney Destination. Maybe you’ve never looked into it. I wasn’t familiar with DVC at all until I became a Walt Disney World annual passholder and started visiting every week. Well if you love Disney World, Disney Parks, Disney Resorts, especially the Deluxe kind, or Disney Cruise Line then Disney Vacation Club is worth learning about. Many fans buy a DVC membership from Disney because they love the idea of having points they can spend to book vacations every year. Maybe you have looked into it but the price seemed out of reach at the time. Might I introduce you to resale DVC points? It might come as a surprise that you do not have to buy Disney Vacation Club from Disney to become a member. So what are Resale DVC Points?

What Are Resale DVC Points?

When you buy a Disney Vacation Club contract you decide which resort you would like to be your home resort, the number of points you want and pick a use year which is actually the month you get your new points annually. Over time some Disney Vacation Club members decide they want to sell their membership. These contracts and points are then referred to as resale DVC points.

When you buy resale DVC points versus buying direct from Disney, there is more flexibility in inventory. People decide to sell DVC points every day putting many point values and use year options on the resale market. Disney Vacation Club, on the other hand, has a limited inventory and often works to accomplish their sales goals rather than catering to your specific wants or needs when you buy direct. 

What’s nice about Disney Vacation Club as an investment is that people can often sell DVC points at little or no loss. DVC is not a traditional investment but unlike other timeshares it has a strong demand, continues to grow and stays valuable. Even through an economically unstable few years, Disney Vacation Club direct prices continued to rise. It’s not uncommon for people to use their points to vacation for years and then sell DVC membership with a profitable return as the value can go up as prices are raised.

Why Do People Sell DVC Points?

People sell Disney points for all kinds of different reasons. It’s not necessarily because they can no longer afford the dues, which can be minimal depending on how many points you have. Yes, sometimes life events happen that cause people to sell DVC points. However, members often change their mind about the amount of points they have. A family may have purchased a large contract with lots of points originally. Perhaps after the kids grow up they don’t go to Disney as much and would like to sell in order to buy a contract with fewer points. On the other hand, sometimes families grow and need more points to book bigger rooms and accommodate their family.

DVC members also decide to sell DVC membership because they want a different home resort. Members are able to book a few months earlier at their home resort than other resorts. Some of the more popular resorts are harder to book the closer it gets to your trip dates and reservations are most accessible to members who call that resort home.

Why Do People Buy Resale DVC Points?

When people are selling DVC points it means that the contract will be sold as resale DVC points and at a lower rate than if they were to be purchased through Disney directly. The lower cost is a major reason people buy resale DVC points. It might also be a better option for people who have specific needs or wants when it comes to point value, home resort or use year preferences. Members sell Disney points every day so the inventory is always updating.

If you’re interested in Disney Vacation Club it’s absolutely worth considering buying resale over direct. Members now need to buy 150 points directly from Disney in order to get all of the extra perks, many of which aren’t guaranteed like events in the parks. Even people who want to buy directly from Disney to make sure they get all the extra perks also buy resale DVC points. Once they have the number of points they need to get the benefits they can purchase resale DVC membership for the rest of their points at a better rate or at a different resort if they choose.

If you want to know why DVC is so popular you can read about why people love Disney Vacation Club.

Selling DVC timeshare or buying resale DVC points doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a licensed real estate broker like DVC Resale Experts you’re guided throughout the process and can ask a person all the questions you have along the way. For more information about buying resale DVC points or how to sell DVC points get in touch today. The team at DVC Resale Experts knows how to sell DVC membership and provide the pixie dusted level of service found at Disney. Reach out via the live chat feature on the site, by email at info@DVCResaleExperts.com or by phone at (844)(382-3267).

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at Info@DVCResaleExperts.com.
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