What is Merry Menagerie at Animal Kingdom?


This holiday season Disney’s Animal Kingdom park is filled with extra nature magic. The special animal puppet, live music and seasonal decor experience Merry Menagerie has returned to the delight of guests. Merry Menagerie debuted in 2019 so if you didn’t make it to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the holiday season that year, this is a new and exciting experience to enjoy. After a year off in 2020, Merry Menagerie returned in 2021 and continues to surprise new audiences with the simple yet delightful atmosphere it creates.


Photo credit @sparklynicole


Photo credit @SparklyNicole

What is Merry Menagerie at Animal Kingdom?

Merry Menagerie is an atmospheric show experience in the Discovery Island area of Animal Kingdom in front of the Tree of Life. Live musicians and decorations on the surrounding shops are also part of Merry Menagerie, making it feel more like a land overlay. The puppets are noticeably operated by performers but that doesn’t lessen the charm in person. The animals have the cutest little movements as they blink and bop around. Some puppets, like the fox, have real artistry involved as the puppeteer controls most of their movements and truly brings them to life for park goers.


Photo credit @SparklyNicole


Photo credit @SparklyNicole

You can pet the Merry Menagerie animal puppets bringing another interesting element into the show. The puppets are all in a similar, whimsical color palette of whites with slight pastel blue, pink and purple accents. Some appear to be artistically created in natural type materials. Watching their adorable little movements around the park is just precious but when they interact with each other you’ll be reaching for your camera. 


Photo credit @SparklyNicole


Photo credit @SparklyNicole

Some of the bigger animal puppets include a large penguin, polar bear and reindeer. There are also smaller twin penguins, a single sibling penguin, a small fox, a floating seal named Harper and birds that fly around. They all come and go in a very natural flow so you never know who you’ll see. A great spot for viewing is on one of the concrete planter benches outside of the Island Mercantile shop. You’ll notice animal decorations on this shop exterior and Discovery Trading Company across the way. These beautifully crafted rooftop pieces are holiday decor and part of the Merry Menagerie experience in the same colors and visual style. 


Photo credit @SparklyNicole


Photo credit @SparklyNicole

Merry Menagerie Show Times

The Merry Menagerie show times are 9:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with another session from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It’s a very casual happening. Check the My Disney Experience app on your visit for accurate times. 


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Merry Menagerie Merchandise

If you love the show as much as I do there is some really cute merchandise themed to it. You can buy your own puppet! There was a polar bear plush and penguin plush available on my visit and, yes, the mouth really moves with your help. There was also a tumbler and sweater with a pretty yet subtle animal design featuring creatures from the show. 


Photo credit @SparklyNicole


Photo credit @SparklyNicole

It seems so simple but the music, decor and puppets come together to create a wintery, heartwarming environment. Guests get down around the animals to see them eye to eye and end up enjoying other people’s interactions with the puppets in the process. It’s the magical kind of experience that we’ve come to expect from Disney Live Entertainment. Animal Kingdom often closes earlier than the other parks so the day you visit might be a good one to watch fireworks from your DVC resort at night. Disney Vacation Club members who call Animal Kingdom Lodge home are so close to this magic. A quick bus ride back to Kidani Village and you can enjoy an amazing dinner with the bread service at Sanaa. Get in touch with DVC Resale Experts for more information on becoming a member through buying resale DVC points.


Photo credit @SparklyNicole

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