What is the Benefit of Buying DVC Direct Versus Resale

What is the Benefit of Buying DVC Direct

The DVC Resale Experts blog has many articles to help you learn, plan and play. One of our most visited topics is the perks and benefits of Disney Vacation Club resale and direct and the differences between the two. It’s probably the main aspect many will want to consider in deciding whether to purchase resale DVC, direct from Disney or a little of both. So what is the benefit of buying DVC direct versus resale?

What is the Benefit of Buying DVC Direct Versus Resale?

Here’s What You’ll Gain Buying DVC Direct

Buying Disney Vacation Club directly from Disney ensures Members receive all the perks and extras that come with DVC. The amount currently needed to qualify for the blue Membership Card that comes with all the benefits is 150 points purchased directly from Disney. Note that Disney Vacation Club says Membership Extras are ‘incidental benefits subject to availability, change or termination and may require a fee.’ These perks may be exciting but they aren’t guaranteed, even if you purchase direct from Disney. For starters, DVC discounts are a highlight for many. The park ticket discount may have been the most exciting and valuable discount. The former Annual Pass structure has since been dismantled for both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. A new Annual Passholder system has been introduced with far less of a DVC discount benefit. There are also shopping, dining and recreation discounts with DVC. While these discounts aren’t available with resale DVC, many have comparable Disney discounts through their Disney Chase Visa card or Annual Pass. Member exclusive special events are an exciting perk with DVC that isn’t available with resale. These aren’t guaranteed, though, and attending often has other hoops to jump through like landing a spot or having a room reservation at the time of the event. Booking restrictions are the last thing to consider, especially with Disney’s Riviera Resort. Those who purchase resale DVC at Riviera can only book there and if you have any other Home Resort you can’t book Riviera with resale points. Resale DVC points aren’t eligible for booking Adventures by Disney or Disney Cruise Line. The math doesn’t usually make financial sense to book with these with points though. So overall, there is more flexibility with booking when you buy direct. If any of the above perks mentioned are a must for you, at least consider the resale savings before making a final decision.

Consider DVC Resale Prices

Disney Vacation Club makes annual stays at Deluxe Disney resorts much more affordable than booking them individually each year. With resale DVC, the savings are even more profound. It’s common for DVC contracts to cost thousands less on the resale DVC market. See DVC Average Resale Price 2021 for a look at last year’s per point prices overall. With Disney Vacation Club direct prices currently at $207 per point for both resorts Disney is actively selling, it’s hard to pass on how much money you save by buying resale DVC.

For an updated list of DVC benefits at any time, see this page highlighting perks included with buying direct and resale restrictions.

DVC Resale Experts

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